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War Robots Cheats & Hacks Get Free Gold Silver

War Robots, designed by Pixonic, has such an outstanding and contrasting concept, that it has outreached all my expectations. It features a robust TPP (third-person perspective) shooter gameplay, in which 2 teams, each consisting of 6-players, would be made to fight a battle in any one of the 12 available maps.

All you’ve got to do is: shoot, damage and destroy other robots, along with collecting beacons. You get rating points for each battle, and based upon these points you are assigned several tiers of leagues.

But stand by, is qualifying leagues, and excelling in battles the only way for you to earn gold and silver in War Robots? Of course, there’s an option to buy them with real cash, but not everybody can afford such War Robots cheats right?

So let’s stop the haul right now! We’re gonna be sharing with you some easy-peasy and legit War Robots Cheats and Hacks to multiply your gold and silver earnings in the game, even if you’re an absolute beginner.

Top 5 War Robots Hacks & Cheats To Apply in Your Game


You will be assigned up to 5 tasks at a time, which can be viewed in the ‘Challenges’ section on the game’s landing page.

  • You can complete interesting targets, i.e. destroying a certain no. of bots.
  • By completing such small and tricky tasks, you can easily earn and collect huge amounts of additional gold and silver resources in the game. So, don’t forget to check out the ‘Challenges’ section on a daily basis.


It’s a fantabulous War Robots hack, especially for the beginners and rookies. They should build up their foundation in this game, by collecting enough amounts of gold and silver in their reserves by playing battles using ideal bots, equipped with the most brutal and effective weapons available to them.

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In every battle, the player from winning team causing the highest damage and the one collecting the most number of beacons will get 5 coins each. So, one of the best cheats for War Robots to earn more gold, is to fulfil both of these terms.

  • If you’re a total beginner, I’d suggest you fight with the basic bots like the Cossack, or Destrier. They’re easy to aim and fire with, and can deliver huge damages to the other robots if utilized proficiently and equipped with the ideal weaponry (such as the SURA F Piniata Rocket Launchers).
  • Try your best to win the maximum number of battles with this War Robots hack, unless you have enough resources to upgrade.
  • Once you have collected enough gold and silver resources, you should primarily aim at upgrading your weapons.
  • When you’ve got enough resources to buy new robots, do so. And, don’t forget to equip your best robot with the most lethal weapons. My personal favorite is the Gepard, equipped with Magnums.
  • I’d also guide you not to upgrade your robots higher than Level 1 (their original level), and to restrain all your weapons only up to Level 6.

This one among the cheats for War Robots is utilized to ensure that you are placed in a comparatively lower tier of battles, thus making it easier for you to farm good amounts of gold in the beginning. Upgrading above the mentioned limits would end up matchmaking you, against really difficult and strenuous opponents.


  • All your performance and ratings depend on the amount of damage you cause, and the number of beacons that you’ve collected in a battle. The ultimate War Robots hack to cause brutal damage to all your enemies includes two simple steps: (i) stay in cover behind the rocks and metal blocks while reloading your weapons;

(ii) Head out and unleash the maximum firepower on your enemies.

  • Also, do remember that the choice of weapons would serve you the most vital War Robots hack in winning a battle. For example, the rocket launchers such as the Piniatas are much more brutal and damage-causing when compared to many turrets.
  • Keep moving around in order to avert maximum damage, thus making it difficult for the opponents to aim and open fire on you.
  • Practice moving, along with aiming and firing your weapons at the same time. It’s the best and the most effective method to destroy large number of opponents in a battle. It will feel a little laborious at the very beginning, but trust me it’s the best method to destroy a large number of opponents.


It’s a really effective War Robots hack to save a whole bunch of time in a battle, thus adding up to your convenience.

  • You get a time period of 15s to choose a robot to play with. I suggest that you pre-plan a specific robot to fight with at first, just before starting the battle.
  • You could utilize these 10-15s in locating the nearest beacon, in order to jumpstart your performance. Without wasting time head out and collect the nearest beacons, while staying out of the enemies’ sight.
  • Start progressing towards the beacons situated in the middle of the map slowly and steadily, because that’s where most of the brawl happens. Be sure to have fully loaded your weapons before advancing.
  • Even if your enemies collect some of the beacons, you can get them back by destroying their robots.
  • Don’t blank fire throughout the game, as you’ll be wasting huge amounts of time in reloading.
  • In case of a 1v2, 1v3 or 1v4 battle, attempt to fire only while staying under cover, unless anyone of your team members respawns and helps you out of there.
  • In case you notice an enemy having a really brutal and harsh weapon, try demolishing him first of all.
  • Always peek on to your team’s dominance level, depicted by the blue meter on top of the screen. Stay more alert, if your dominance level seems to be dropping significantly.
  • Even after one of your robots gets destroyed, quickly select any of your other robots instead of lavishly spending time.


This is the last and the foremost War Robots hack that I’d like to propose, in order to earn more gold and silver resources, in a really short span of time. As it’s a 6v6 battle in War Robots, healthy teamwork appears to be the most valuable aspect of such a game.

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  • Maintain productive teamwork throughout a battle irrespective of the fact that there could be only one player receiving rewards worth the highest value.
  • Help and safeguard your team members, whenever they need your cover. In fact, it’s better to create a game strategy beforehand, in order to avoid confusion during the game.
  • In no circumstances, should you leave or exit the battle. This would negatively affect your ratings, and doing this too often can place penalties on your in-game account.

Does War Robots Hack Tool or Generator Actually Works?

I’d surely present a big no-no to these mods and generators since none of these turn out to be genuine. All such false War Robots cheats are developed to earn revenue by displaying ads and collecting surveys.

Disclaimer: – We do not recommend the use of any kind of war robots hack or cheats online tool which claims to give you unlimited gold and silver, Remember – There is no such thing as war robots unlimited gold generator and all of them are scams.

Also, in many cases, your account may get banned permanently for using unlawful cheats for War Robots battles.

If you desire to experience all the War Robots cheats and experience the best out of this game, give it adequate time and effort. As your skills become more proficient, it will become a piece of cake for you.

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