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Episode Choose Your Story Review of the Game

episode choose your story game review

Would you like to use your free time to play a game that lets you read and play countless stories?

If so, then think about playing Episode: Choose your game for history. It’s a fun and enjoyable game for several players, as everybody can choose to read or watch something or other.

Exciting Game-play

The Episode game contains an extensive collection of different stories, both on IOS and Android platforms.

Thousands of stories, such as adventures, romances, action, etc., are to be seen in the play. Each story has several episodes that can slowly be unlocked.

In every series, you have some choices to make to advance the plot. Such decisions can be simple, such as deciding to wear a dress for a party or difficult choices such as choosing a guy for a date.

You have to make these choices carefully because a single mistake could change the whole story.

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Hack for the Game

It’s a sort of game because you have nothing to win or lose in the game. There are several choices each story has to make wisely, or only Episode Hack can be used.

The path-breaking effects on the tale will be your preference. Therefore, a single decision you make could change the entire story.


Gems are the primary currency that is needed to purchase different items, for example, gaming character costumes, etc. You must work hard in the game to earn Gems.

Get weekly rewards in the form of gems every day by logging. Many players buy gems from real money. There is another way to opt gems legally in the game which you can call a great episode free gems hack that is working.

In the Episode game, there are countless stories, and every story is made up of various chapters or episodes.

Nevertheless, it only unlocks and reads the first few episodes. You will have to open the rest of the episodes by spending passes if you want to continue reading the story.

And you can’t advance with the plot without passes. Passes are, therefore, an essential task in the game. You can win passes as bonuses when you sign up to the game every two hours.

Socializing your story

A significant aspect of the game is that by publishing your stories you can demonstrate your imagination to the world.

So, you should make use of this excellent opportunity if you enjoy writing stories. Once your story is posted, countless gamers must read it so that you can ensure that exciting stories are written that are free of error.

It’s essential to check the stories that already became common in Episodes, so you get a rough idea of the trending type of stories.

Another way to understand the collective history of the game is to visit the Facebook page of the game developer.

The synchronization of your game

Through clicking on the Settings menu, you can sync your gaming account with social networking sites, such as Twitter. It helps you to connect with millions of players worldwide.

On each story in the FB gaming section, many gamers share their opinions. You may decide if you want to play the game or pick another by reading their thoughts.