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Kim Kardashian Hollywood Beginners Guide And Overview


Playing the game called Kim Kardashian Hollywood as beginner is not a easy task because in the beginning it becomes very complicated to understand the features.

Customizations and much other make-up stuff really make the gamers really confusion so all they need to do is choosing the best option.

Once you start playing the game then first thing that you need to do understand the gameplay and attaching your social networking account with the game. The million dollar gameplay model of the KKH actually attracting million of users to it.

Consequently, it will allow you to start the tutorial and also play the first round of the game. Therefore, try to you pay attention on every small thing.

Furthermore, when you are going to play the game then you maybe on the lower ranking in the beginning, but after understanding the gameplay then chances of earning the popularity will automatically rise.

Once you decide to play the game then there are lots of features that you need to understand first and then play the gameplay.

In this article, I am going to help all those beginners those newly engaged with the game, so it will help them to become a dedicated player of the game and also best for taking the game.

Tips And Gameplay of Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Plethora kinds of features are available in the game called Kim Kardashian Hollywood so now you can easily decide that you should play the game into the mobile.

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Here are some great tips that will make your master of the Kim Kardashian Hollywood –

  1. Let me start from the customization option so it by using the option of customization, we can easily do the makeup and make a great start. You can easily change the look of the character according to your choice.
  2. Instead of this, you can easily pay attention on the outfits that will be really valuable for you so try buying them for using them in the game for the characters.
  3. Cash is considered as the most important currency of the game so you need to collect them as possible as you can. Along with the cash you can easily buy the clothing, homes, furniture and many other things. Even you can go on the dates by using the cash.
  4. As like the cash, stars are also other hard currency of the game Kim Kardashian Hollywood. Therefore, you can use them in the place of Cash for buying the clothing, home, furniture, pets, energy and many other things. Even you can please people when thing go wrong or for best outcomes for certain actions.
  5. There are some achievements that you will find in the game so complete them for getting some currencies.

Finally, we have mentioned everything important about the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game so get ready to start playing the game and make your model best and that will automatically rule on the red carpet. Moreover, you can also find lots more about this game that is not everything mentioned here.

Read and follow all the tips and tricks that you can find on so that you will be ready to dope in the game.

It would be the best way to rule on the carpet and you should earn the start by rating on the big movies and developing the high co star relationship.