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Free Nintendo eShop Codes : Top 3 Ways Explained

nintendo eshop codes

Nintendo has a pedigree in creating games for the last century. Since the starting age of video gaming, Nintendo has proved its presence through blockbuster games.

At a later stage, Nintendo had invented their own gaming consoles. From 8Bit gaming console in 1985 to current Nintendo Wii Nintendo has won millions of gamer’s heart.

However, competition in the market has placed them currently into the 3rd position of gaming console. Following Microsoft and Sony’s footstep Nintendo has also introduced their eshop to get the games online.

There comes the handy use of Nintendo eshop codes which is the topic of our discussion. In this article, we will let you know about the Nintendo vouchers and codes as well as the legit way to get them.

Here is How to Get Free Nintendo eShop Codes using 100% Legit Ways!

We will explain here the best methods to get Nintendo eshop codes free of charge. In eShop or switch accounts, you are safe to utilize your Nintendo eShop code. For buying online games, you don’t need to share your credit card information, and Nintendo eshop gift codes will make your job confidentially and securely. These codes can also be given to your friends and family as a gift.

Method #1: MyNintendo

MyNintendo is a rewarding service that provides you with points on every game purchase. You need to connect your Nintendo Account with MyNintendo account to avail these offers. In MyNintendo you get two types of points, Gold and Platinum.

You can earn gold points on the purchase of games digitally from the Nintendo eshop. In the offer and deal section, you will find the games that are currently available for digital purchases. You can buy these games by paying gold points also.

Once you purchase these games and it is delivered in your account, you get up to 37 gold points minimum. The purchase gives you 5% of your Purchase amount.

Gold points can be used to buy further games or subscription. The equivalent amount of each Gold point is 1 cent. So, you require 999 points to bet a game worth 9.99$.

Currently, there are some offers on games on the Nintendo site to purchase by paying only 9.99$. This deals in the Nintendo store have started in March’19 and may not last for a long time. So if you have a plan to buy new games, it is the perfect time to explore that idea.

Apart from Gold, there are platinum points also that can be used in multiple purchases.

Following are some way to get platinum points from MyNintendo:

  1. Register in My Nintendo to get 100 platinum points
  2. Avail Newsletters from MyNintendo to get an initial bonus of 30 points and 10 points monthly.
  3. Linking your Google, Facebook or Twitter account, you can get 10 platinum points each
  4. Linking your Nintendo account with MyNintendo account, you get 100 platinum points
  5. Play super Mario Run daily to get 10 platinum points
  6. If you win Super Mario three times weekly, you will get 50 Platinum points
  7. Linking your Super Mario run account to your Nintendo account, you can get 100 points.
  8. Adding 1, 5 10 friends you earn 100 points each.
  9. As you cross World in Super Mario run you get 50 points each time.

The gold and platinum points are not forever. They come with an expiry date. Gold points expire in 12 months and Platinum points in 6 months.

Method #2: Online Giveaways in Social Media

In Current day, Social media is a secure connection to share anything. There are hundreds of gaming community related to Nintendo who creates discussion and contests.

You can get free unused Nintendo eshop codes by following the Social media sites. You might find some competition in Social media sites for winning these codes.

Method #3: Get paid to sites

There are few get paid to sites that require to perform online surveys, watching videos, subscribing newsletters and like works to perform. As you get through with the tasks, you can earn points that are redeemable to get Nintendo eshop codes.

If you search online, you get good sites that are providing such coupons.

Why do you require a Nintendo Gift Card?

Before we go at any other discussion, let us first make it clear what are these gift cards for in Nintendo. If you are a regular Nintendo user, you must know that the majority of the current games are paid versions.

You get to play the demos of these games in the Nintendo. But the full versions come after you purchase the game key. Also, there are multiplayer games that require a gamer id in Nintendo for playing it online.

Nintendo gift cards are used in these two areas to purchase. Following are the details of these two different cards.

Nintendo eShop

Nintendo eshop channel is the online distributor and marketplace for Nintendo games and features for various Nintendo consoles. It was introduced in June 2011, and it functions in a similar way like google play store.

Your complete purchases are logged in this area including your previous downloads. You can redownload your past purchases from eshop.

What is the function of Nintendo Eshop card codes?

Nintendo eShop gift card is equivalent to your actual money and to make it available as a credit in Nintendo account Nintendo eshop card codes are designed. The Nintendo eShop gift card carries a 12digit pin code to attach to your Nintendo account fund.

Usually, the Nintendo eShop Card is available as $10, $20, $35, $50 and you can attach it in seconds for your Nintendo eShop account.

Features of Nintendo eshop codes are as follows:

  • You can purchase digital games using Nintendo eShop code and then send them straight to your Nintendo consoles.
  • Downloads, demo, apps, streaming of videos, reviews on consumer ratings and further details on the new releases can also be enjoyed.
  • Your Nintendo account will have credits for purchasing anything with the Nintendo eShop Card, and you can buy from your Nintendo eShop without a credit card.
  • At no extra cost, you can have an AR Card character and the Photos with Mario application. You can also use unique character cards to play and to pose with Mario.


Guys, after tremendous research we have found the above information which gives you an idea about getting legitimate methods to earn Nintendo eshop codes.

We do not promote any particular site or app in this article but have advised you regarding the possible outcome of each way that is found suitable to get some freebies to support your gaming enthusiasm in Nintendo consoles.

Also, we have discussed all such sites that claim to give you some benefit in a short way through generators. Listen to our recommendation about these Scamming sites.

Even though our methods are a longer path, but they are legitimate and will not lead you to any problem.

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12 Best Streaming Services For 2019 : Watch Live Movies Online

best streaming service

Those days have gone when you have to tune in your TV to watch your favorite movies or serials. Many streaming services have been introduced in present time that may help you to watch your favorite stuff, all you need is a best streaming service.

In today’s era, having the best streaming services are vital as they play our favorite shows and movies on our demand. Day-by-day cable charges are touching the sky, and in this situation, streaming services give some relief by entertaining us in very less amount.

Because of our busy schedules, online streaming of movies and serials is the need of the time. We can watch web series and movies anywhere so that there is no need to come home by leaving your essential work to watch your favorite stuff.

These streaming services provide us with benefits like, instant playback, cheaper service, you can view only those stuff for what you have paid, demoralize content piracy, secure event coverage, and even parents can control over the stuff what their kids are watching online that might not be possible on TV.

Here, we are giving information about the movie streaming sites that may help you to choose the best one for you.

List of Best Streaming Services are as Follows

1. Netflix

Best Streaming Service

Netflix is an American media provider and seventh largest internet company by revenue in all over the world. By using or subscribing to Netflix, you can get command over movie streaming to watch your favorite ones. In compare to other movie streaming sites, Netflix is most popular.

Features of Netflix

  1. You can watch movies, documentaries, award-winning TV shows, and much more on internet connected device.
  2. It provides us with 30 days of a free trial.
  3. It comes with a month to month subscription so you can cancel it without any contract, cancellation charges and commitments.
  4. Provides us with three membership plans, i.e., Basic plan, standard plan, and premium plan so that you can choose as per your requirements.
  5. You can save data, alligator, and watch offline on train, tube or tractor.

One more additional feature is that it provides with DVD plan that can be subscribed only by US customers.

Drawbacks of Netflix

  1. It provides services based on your country.
  2. Limitation of brand new contents.
  3. Netflix is a bit expensive than other apps.
  4. Netflix has the old library they must have to work on it.


With 4.5 Stars out of 5, it becomes the best streaming service from Editors.

You can subscribe the Netflix from the official link given below.


Hulu is the platform that has something for everyone; it might be for kids, teenagers or elders no matter. You can watch shows, stream online movie sites anytime anywhere; it contains current episodes and original series.

Features of HULU

  1. You can get command over a robust library of movies and favorite TV shows.
  2. It contains more than 60 channels including entertainment, sports, and news.
  3. It provides us with quality original programming.

Drawbacks HULU

  1. Subscribers are not able to download contents to view offline.
  2. Contains lots of ads.

Related : – How to Watch Hulu Without Ads


Editor’s ratings to this best streaming service are 4 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe HULU from official subscription link given below.

3. Playstation VUE

online movie sites

Live TV, local news and live sports make this the best streaming service of the present time. Playstation console is not required so better to start TV now and experience extraordinary TV.

Features of Playstation VUE

  1. You can get access over 85+ channels and on demand without an annual contract.
  2. Personal DVR up to 10 profiles and stream up to 5 devices simultaneously without paying any extra cost.
  3. It gives five days free trials to access, core and Elite versions of this service.
  4. It has the highest level of customer satisfaction in the case of TV streaming.

Drawbacks of Playstation VUE

  1. Viacom channels are not present.
  2. It is equal to cable in case of charges.
  3. Strong broadband internet connection and compatible viewing device are needed.


4 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe Playstation VUE from official subscription link given below.

4. Amazon Prime Video

online movie watch

Amazon prime video allows you to watch prime movies online, complete TV shows and award-winning Prime originals as well. You can get access over blockbuster movies by subscribing to Amazon Prime membership.

Features of Amazon Prime Video

  1. You can get 30 days trial of the Amazon prime video.
  2. Get access over unlimited add free music and fast delivery on eligible items.
  3. Experience an online movie watch on big screens by plugging in the Amazon fire stick.
  4. Data usage can be controlled while downloading and watching videos.

Drawbacks of Amazon Prime Video

  1. No brand new videos even though you found it is rare.
  2. Contents of A la carte costs additional.
  3. You cannot operate this service with some platforms.


4 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe Amazon Prime video from official subscription link given below.

5. Sling TV

If you think that cable subscription is expensive, then Sling TV is the best streaming service to gives you the traditional experience of TV. Sling TV is ideal for the sports fans because this offers lots of ESPN sports channels including other channels like, NBC, BBN America, TBS, Food Network, CNN, Cartoon Network, etc. that makes your deal with Sling worth.

Features of Sling TV

  1. Affordable than cable connections.
  2. Sling TV offers the contents with wide breadth.
  3. Download your favorite tv shows, movies and later watch it on on various streaming supporting devices of your choice.

Drawbacks of Sling TV

  1. Cloud DVR does not support On-demand channels.
  2. It contains more piracy than any other of its competitor services.
  3. Sling TV is available only inside the US.


4 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe Sling TV from official subscription link given below.

6. YouTube TV

online streaming

If you are in search of cable-free live TV, then your search will stop at YouTube TV. It will give the best streaming service from 60+ channels, and that is also without a cable box. Just make sure that the service is available in your location before subscribing for YouTube TV.

Features of YouTube TV

  1. You can get unlimited cloud DVR storage by subscribing to this service.
  2. You can operate six accounts from a single membership.
  3. Records are kept for nine months, and streaming of content from anywhere in the US can be done.

Drawbacks of YouTube TV

  1. YouTube TV doesn’t support the Amazon fire.
  2. Channels like food network, HGTV, Discovery, TLC, OWN and much more are missing.


4 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe YouTube TV from official subscription link given below.

7. Crackle

best movie sites

If you are looking for a cheesy action movie streaming site, then Crackle is the choice for you. Sony owns the platform for broadcasting movies, TV shows, and original programming. Subscription and la carte fee do not apply to Crackle. Original shows like Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedian in cars getting coffee are excellent.

Features of Crackle

  1. Entertaining and full of laughter videos.
  2. Best movie sites can be accessed with good quality of videos.

Drawbacks of Crackle

  1. Frequent rotation of the videos.
  2. Contains lots of ads that may reduce the joy of entertainment.


Google Play rating is 3.7 stars out of 5.

You can subscribe Crackle from official subscription link given below.

8. Showtime

You can get access over the latest movies and exclusive hit series with Showtime. Showtime is ads-free service and has something for every mood. This is the American premium cable & satellite television network that gives assistance to its network subsidiaries of CBS Corporation.

Features of Showtime

  1. It shows the latest titles like Homeland, The chi, Ray Donovan, Billions, Shameless, Black Monday, and Kidding.
  2. This service also offers streaming for online movie watch and peoples will find something valuable to watch on Showtime.
  3. You can get access via a web browser over Android, Oculus Go, Xbox one, and iOS devices once you subscribed to Showtime.

Drawbacks of Showtime

  1. You can view offline by downloading your favorite stuff on your phone, but the limitation of resolution is disappointing 720p.
  2. You cannot create your personal profile that may create difficulties to manage per-user basis.


It has 3 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe Showtime from official subscription link given below.

9. HBO Now

movies online

HBO Now is a collection of new movies and this list of movies will updated every week. It has great brand new original content that includes West worlds and game of thrones. HBO is on-demand streaming service including genres like Drama, family, action, horror, comedy, romance and suspense. It also has older series like Deadwood, The Sopranos, six feet under, girls, curb your enthusiasm and The Wire.

Features of HBO Now

  1. You can get access over the library of top original shows and latest movies.
  2. HBO Now Performance and interface are excellent.
  3. It performs best in a combination of other streaming services that offer more diverse and extensive content.
  4. HBO has apps for Androids, PS4, Apple TV, iOS, etc.

Drawbacks of HBO Now

  1. It is expensive than any other streaming services.
  2. HDR and 4K content are not present.
  3. You cannot watch offline, and a web player requires flash.


Editor’s choice ratings to HBO Now are 3.5 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe HBO Now from official subscription link given below.

10. Starz

stream online movies

Starz is dedicated to video and movies, and shows like American gods, Boss, America to me, Outlander, Liberty City, counterparts and Survivor’s remorse are played on this service.

Features of Starz

  1. It is suitable for households as it allows operating four devices at the same time.
  2. Users can download serials & films from online movie sites in their device to watch offline that may be ideal for travelers.
  3. It contains more than 1200 streaming ready sites.

Drawbacks of Starz

  1. It contains limited accessibility options.
  2. Starz does not support 4K and HDR contents.
  3. Shows are not as popular as other services.
  4. Web interface and mobile apps sometimes stammer.


It has 3 stars out of 5.

You can subscribe Starz from official subscription link given below.

11. Philo

Philo is the combination of live shows and on-demand content and highly affordable too. You can get access over 40+ channels including BBC America, HGTV, Food Network, Animal Planet, AMC, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central and Travel Channels.

Features of Philo

  1. Philo has Easy to use interface.
  2. This allows users to save the overall catalog of on-demand viewing shows.
  3. You can operate up to three streams simultaneously.
  4. It has excellent performance and had a good app for iOS users.

Drawbacks of Philo

  1. Nothing included for sports buffs and very fewer news channels.
  2. It contains ads
  3. Offline playback is not supported by Philo.
  4. No apps for mobiles.


It has 3.5 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe Philo from official subscription link given below.

12. ESPN+

live streaming service

ESPN+ is popular for streaming everything related to sports and offers reputed and on-demand sports programming. This is the ideal service for those who want to stay updated with sports news. You can get command over this service through internet or ESPN app for Android and iOS.

Features of ESPN+

  1. The ESPN+ gives excellent performance on PCs and mobiles both.
  2. This service is cheaper than other sports services available in the market.
  3. It supports the five streams simultaneously.

Drawbacks of ESPN+

  1. It doesn’t include lead ship of ESPN shows like, First Take, NFL live, Pardon the Interruption, Around the Horn, Sport nation, Outside the lines and Sportcentre.
  2. Except Monday Night Football Streaming and a live NBA coverage, you can watch anything on ESPN+.


It has 3.5 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe ESPN+ from official subscription link given below.

Last Words

In today’s busy schedule Streaming services helps us to view our favorite movies and shows anytime anywhere that may help you to be updated about your favorite stuff.

There are lots of movie streaming sites available in the market but to choose the best streaming services from them is a difficult task for anyone.

The above list will help you to select the streaming services that are suitable for your requirements.

Well as always, don’t; forget to share your thoughts on this article and about streaming services mentioned in this list. If you know any other good services available update us with that. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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Free Google Play Codes : Top 10 Ways To Get Google Play Gift Cards Legally

free google play codes

If you are an Android user, then there is no sense of explaining to you about google play codes. But being an exclusive android user also if you haven’t come across with the requirement of any paid app then you might have some questions remaining in your mind about the purchasing capacity of the google play credits.

The Google Play Store is the house of millions of Android apps that are free to use. But also millions of apps are currently developed which has a free as well as a paid version. You will surely not be satisfied with the free version and wish to get the paid ones. There come the free google play codes handy.

So, what can you buy with google play redeem codes?

The android market brings a plethora of objects in your fist that was hard to get previously. All the paid apps, books films, music, newsstand apps, and games are a few of the items that can be purchased from the Google environment through this google currency credit.

The credit never gets expired as it is attached with your google account. You can use them for in-game currency in the most natural way.

You can purchase the google play redeem codes from google store itself spending your real money. But if we say that there are other means through which you can get these gift cards without spending a coin, you might get surprised and start searching the internet and invite confusion about the legitimacy of the methods.

Abstain from such searches and read this article. We are giving you the information that is absolutely legal and free to get the google play credits.

List of 10 Legit Ways To Get Free Google Play Codes & Gift Cards

Method #1: Give Zone

First giveaway site that is issuing hundreds of free google play codes is Give Zone. You can register into it and increase your chances by doing some work to win a google play gift card. To stay updated about the offers and draw, you can follow the site in social media.

You get the latest news of lucky giveaways daily from their page and can be the luckiest person to win the gift card.

Method #2: Cash Crate

A long-lasting app which is giving away rewards for performing specific tasks is Cash Crate. With its Android app you can earn direct cash which you can redeem through gift cards. Taking surveys, completing offers or playing games are some of the works that you have to do to get points.

So what are you waiting for? Download and get the free google play codes from Cash Crate.

Method #3: Junowallet

Junowallet is a favorite app among the Android users which features different sponsored apps and games to download. Once you perform such tasks, you can get rewards which you can use to get a free google play card.

The app features win mystery box for a short time. You get some additional benefit in referring the app to friends or in social media.

Method #4: AppNana

AppNana is another successful app for 400 points per day to log in. It’s a pretty straightforward application that allows you to gain nanas(points) only to download other apps and games. Nanas can even be earned to play your favorite games like Temple Run or to download the Twitter app.

You can also use the Nana award points in Google Play and get free google play credit. Another alternative to reimbursing your point is to use the AppNana Store’s gift cards for paid apps.

Method #5: Google Opinion Rewards

Generally, Google doesn’t require much of its spending on promotions. However, there is a method from google survey team to earn free google play card. Per survey you finish, you will immediately receive the credits up to $1.

As Google cultivates the surveys with third parties, most of them will differ from other GPT websites. Google Opinion Rewards apps for Android can be downloaded from Google Play and from the iOS app store.

Method #6: FreeMyApps

FreeMyApps is the most widely recognized app for downloading sponsored applications and games. FreeMyApps allows free google play codes to be obtained by discovering new apps on mobile devices.

You can earn points each time some of your followers installs their first app and became a partner and promoting more users to join FreeMyApps. By attracting friends towards the app and participating in social media contests, you can make more points.

Now, the unique characteristic that highlights the app is you can also find award points in FreeMyApps for watching YouTube videos.

Method #7: InstaGC

InstaGC is a fantastic site that provides straightforward jobs to earn free google play codes. Watching videos, attending surveys, shopping online or searching the web are the jobs you have to do to earn points.

Although similar to other sites the significant difference that you will find in instaGC is its instant response and easy to find jobs. The conversion ratio of the site is 10$ equivalent to 1000 points. You can redeem 10$, 15$ and 25$ cards.

If you want to use your gift card for google play music, you can do it directly via music cards available in this site.

Method #8: Ibotta

Ibotta is another app that delivers you cash back when shopping in nearby shops for food. After registering with the free app, you can browse the available offers.

There may be a few tasks to perform, and further proposals are received. Go to the shopping area and buy and pay for your required items.

The way to spend your cash back for a free Google play gift card is the manual receipt submission.

Method #9: Achievements

Achievements is another site that provides gift points for performing work on their website. There is some affiliate app available in the site.

On installation of these trusted apps, you get some points. There is research work associated with the website. If you take part in providing data or feedback for these research work you get points.

The site does not provide you with google play gift card, but you get it redeemed via PayPal or cash back which can be further used to get free google play codes.


We conclude our article here with the available legitimate solutions to obtain free google play codes. You might find similar articles on the internet stating many more options to get the codes for free.

We declare that we have visited 20 related sites and individually tested their solutions. Majority of the solutions we found are outdated. There might have been apps or websites providing Google Play codes at any particular time.

But when we tested them, we found those offers expired. Another type of sites found who recommend Google play sites that give you a discounted price. You will find a separate article about those sites, but here we have assured you to provide legit way without spending money.

As we state these sites are currently the way to get the google play code, but we cannot assure about their continuity. Grab them at the earliest time and vote cheers in our comment box.

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Free iTunes Gift Card : Top 3 Best Legit Methods To Earn Free iTunes Codes In 2019

free itunes gift card

When you are an apple user, you must know the importance of a free iTunes gift card. Any purchase from the iTunes store can be made through the iTunes gift card. Whether it is a song from iTunes music or a paid app from iTunes App Store you can redeem the iTunes codes and get these items.

However, you have to loosen up your wallet to get these codes from the Apple website. It would have been great if these codes could be found free online through some means.

Yes, you have heard your friends discussing some online store to get free iTunes gift card. But you might not be sure about it. Therefore you further dig into the subject a lot but found no comprehensive article that can solve your issue. Don’t worry we assure you that your search will end up in this article.

We take the burden to do all the research on your behalf and present you with the best possible way to get free iTunes codes through which you can enjoy in your iDevice.

Top 3 Legit Methods To Get Free iTunes Gift Card Codes In 2019

Method #1 Online Reward Sites

Genuinely speaking, getting an iTunes card is only possible if you purchase it from some store. But there are some means to earn free iTunes gift card codes for which you do not have to spend any hard cash. Be assured this is an entirely legit way.

Now as we said, you might not have to spend money behind it, but you have to perform some tasks according to those online sites. These sites are called online reward site, and the process it works is named get paid to or GPT. You must be worrying about which reward site you will visit to get iTunes codes free. To get the answer, continue to read the next section.

Here are the Top online reward sites to earn iTunes card for free:

1. Swagbucks

The famous in most site that works in the principle of getting paid to is Swagbucks. With unlimited options of earning swag rewards, the site gives various gift cards among which iTunes gift card is present. The working principle of swag Buck is the same as others, but this site is not dependent on surveys only which the other sites are.

Swagbucks give various other options to gain points. It has also referred benefit point’s which is a significant point earner. The different ways are through online shopping from certain stores. Swag bucks even provide points on purchase from Apple Store.

2. Grab points

Another alternative site that gives you free iTunes gift card is Grabpoints. Similarly, you can find different tasks on the website to complete. As you go on completing jobs, you count on earning points. Starting from the registration in the site you start receiving works to do.

Watching videos, taking part in surveys, doing the online task or downloading apps are a few of them what you do through this site. You can directly get iTunes gift card which you can redeem or gift to other friends.

3. ebonus gg is another site that provides you with a free iTunes gift card but in a different way. As you enter the site, you will find that there is location wise iTunes card displayed of varying value. Once you want to claim it redirects to specific websites for performing some job. Nonetheless, you can finally grab an iTunes gift card doing the job.

4. Prize Rebel

Prize revel is another similar site like prize points which gives you the opportunity through the same process. In this site also you will find surveys, watching advertisements or streaming sites as a part of the task. Once you complete them, you are rewarded with points which are redeemable in the form if iTunes card. Prize rebel is graded among the best survey sites which means you can get unlimited surveys to earn points.

The site works in a collaborative method as well and you get significant points as referring bonus. Prizerebel has iTunes codes starting from 5$. So once you earn points equivalent to 5$, you can redeem them and directly attach with your iTunes account. That’s how to get free iTunes codes for free.

5. Points Prizes

PointsPrizes is one of the best websites through which you can earn iTunes codes free. As the name says, you get rewarded with points for completing various tasks in this site. The works include performing the survey, watching video advertisements or signing up for different newsletters of companies.

Apart from that, there are daily bonuses for completing daily tasks. If you are from USA or UK, you need not worry about earning points. People logged in from these places are flooded with surveys. However, if you are from another location, still you can make through a daily task or video watching.

Points are added to your account once your tasks are complete. As you collect enough points to redeem you can convert the points to get a free iTunes code that is usable to the iTunes Store. For a 20$ code, you have to earn 3000 points. PointsPrizes promote legit companies, meaning you need not worry regarding any hush business.

Important Note:

So these are the top five sites that allow you to earn iTunes gift card by earning points. The process is entirely legal and genuine. However, there is a practical suggestion to avail the process. Create a separate email account and register in these sites through it.

The reason is once you log in these kinds of reward sites you will be flooded with emails newsletter and other promotional items. So it is better to keep them separate from your primary email id.

Method #2 Earn through Social Media

One reliable way to begin the journey is to follow gift card companies in social media. Nevertheless, you will need to know which one of these places offer easy points or gift cards in return for a subscription just by following their official page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

These companies also arrange competitions on their social media, and you may be rewarded with free iTunes gift card codes for re-tweeting or liking posts. Next, you can follow Twitter and Facebook deal hunters. These groups track many of the continuing deals and send their followers in closed community groups through their social media platform.

Also Read :- Top 5 Ways to Get Free PSN Codes Legally

Method #3 Earning cash back from apps

Many apps provide you cash back in terms of money or reward points after making purchases through them. You can use such cashback or points to get a free iTunes gift card. Following are a few examples:



Ibotta is a mobile app that provides you with cash back when shopping foods in your nearby stores. You will be credited in 48 hours to your account. You can browse the available offers after registering on the free app. A few tasks can be taken, and more offers can be received.

Go to the shopping section, buy your necessary items and pay. Manual receipt submission is the way you can redeem the cash back for a free iTunes gift card.



You get a $10 credit when you log into Ebates, which can be used to buy an iTunes gift card. Also, online cash back offers are available in Ebates consistently for brands of all kinds. You receive $25 on your account when referring to a friend.

Ebates also reveals continuous deals, convenient to your area. You can get a gift card with these credits.


Folks here comes to an end of our article. Now you have gathered enough information about the points as mentioned above which are tried and tested way to earn a free iTunes gift card without spending money.

All the sites mentioned in reward points are offering to gain iTunes cards at current times. Don’t blame us if you miss grabbing the opportunity.

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How To Use Hulu Without Ads? Best Ways To Remove Ads From Hulu

hulu without ads

Hulu is one of the top-rated streaming services that is known for providing high-rated media service. Generally, this service is firstly known for streaming TV serials including recent and past episodes from many series. Later, it became a perfect host for all types of media entertainment.

If you are a movie buff, then Hulu is the best choice for you. All media lovers may know about this service. But Hulu is the paid service, and its basic plan starts from the US $ 5.99/month, but this plan contains ads that may spoil or interrupt your entertainment experience. In this article, I will inform you about How to Use Hulu Without ads?

This article aims to introduce you with the best ways to remove ads from Hulu that make you watch all your favorite stuff without any disturbance of ads.

Top 7 Ways to Use Hulu Without Ads

1. Get Hulu’s Premium Subscription

Hulu Premium Subscription is one of the only 100% reliable and trustworthy methods of operating Hulu without ads. This premium subscription gives you the commercial-free experience of watching your favorite stuff. However, it might not be what you are expecting for; still, using a premium membership is what we can only prefer as a best solution to watch hulu streaming without advertisements.

Subscription to a premium pack of Hulu removes major of ads, and only the special ads will be played. The premium service cost the US $ 11.99 that you may feel a bit higher than it’s basic subscription. This method gives you the commercial free experience of watching your movies or TV series.

Here are the step-by-step ways to subscribe to Hulu Premium to block Hulu ads.

Step 1. Go to the and scroll down to the plans option

get hulu premium ad free

Step 2. Go for Hulu+Live TV option

ad free hulu

Step 3. Select Ad-free Plan i.e. Premium Plan

hulu without commercials

Step 4. Sign up and Pay. Enjoy your Hulu ad-free!!

no ads

2. Fast Forward Hulu Ads

You can fast forward the Hulu ads with the help of software named as Enounce MySpeed Software. This software helps you to decrease the waiting time of completing that particular add. This may be a good way rather than skipping or Adblock Hulu.

Enounce MySpeed software comes with the 7 day free trial. After the free trial, Enounce MySpeed software costs the US $ 29.99 for Windows and Mac platform based devices.

How to skip Hulu ads by using Enounce MySpeed Software?

Step 1. Go to link where you will see following webpage. Click on Free Trial.

how to skip hulu ads with enounce

Step 2. The free trial page will be displayed on your windows Screen fill all the details required and download the Enounce MySpeed Software and forward the ads.

how to skip ads on hulu using enounce myspeed

Step 3. Enjoy a free trial of 7 days for Enounce MySpeed Software that you can speed up to save time and slow down to learn.

free trial of enounce myspeed

3. How to block ads on Hulu by Using Ad Block Plus on Chrome

block hulu ads

As an open source browser extension, Ad Block Plus can be used on chrome as Hulu ad blocker for filtering the content and blocking of ads. But let me tell you, as per my knowledge Hulu earns the most through their ads servings, and they will not allow any ad blocker to block their ads with 100% success rate.

The Ad Block Plus may or can block certain hulu ads but not all of them. This ad blocker doesn’t remove ads from the screen but covers it with a blank screen. However, If you install Ad Block plus you can easily disable commercials and enjoy hassle-free streaming. Hulu does streaming of ads from its servers and ad blocker is designed to block ads from servers of the third party. So the 100% ad blocking in all hulu ads by any ad blocker is something we cannot expect at all.

Still you can try and use this method for Hulu adblock to remove ads that may interrupt your watching experience.

(NOTE: – Adblocker sometimes block the videos and won’t get played even if you disable it. It shows message something like “the video is unavailable due to unable to load messages from sponsors”. Turn of the ad-blocking software if you are using it. Even if you disable the Adblocking software and you are still unable to view the video then you must have to update recent version of you Adobe Flash.)

adblock hulu

4. Use of Two Hulu Program Simultaneously

Using the Hulu program simultaneously may help you to reduce the density of ads that may give you a pleasant experience of entertainment. Follow the steps given below to use this program at the same time for Hulu adblocks.

Step 1: –

Select the program that you want to stream & watch by using Hulu Streaming.

Step 2:-

Now open the Hulu in another tab and select the same program that you selected in the previous tab.

Step 3:-

Fully reduce the volume of video that is playing in the second tab and quick forward it earlier to first commercial add.

Step 4:-

Switch back to the first tab and enjoy watching your favorite show.

Step 5:-

Open the second tab and raise the volume if the current tab touches the first commercial add, also reverse to the opening commercial.

Step 6:-

As it was formerly shown the same commercial, the program will resume instantly from such end, therefore “skipping” the commercials.

Step 7:-

Switching between two tabs in backward and forward of programs of Hulu can make you able to watch your favorite serials without a single stop of these ugly 30 seconds commercials.

5. Reload the Page

You may all have a question about how to skip ads on Hulu? Then reloading the page is one of the quick and straightforward solutions to your problem. We are aware that any streaming service has revenue from ads, but too long ads during our stream are annoying and may spoil your mood and continuity of your entertainment. Follow the trick I am explaining here to skip long ads from Hulu.

Hulu’s revenue will be generated from commercials and page views; hence they will show short ads at the starting time of the program, and slowly they increase the time of the advertisements that may irritate you. If the ads are of 30 seconds, then you can bear it, but what if the same ads extend time up to 3-4 minutes, definitely it will be annoying.

The trick to skip the time consuming Ads

You can quickly press the reload button on the top of the page at the time you came across long ads. Once you reload the page securely, then you only have to watch two short ads of 2-4 seconds and 30 seconds respectively. Then your program will resume from the same point from where you reloaded the page. This may reduce the duration of long ads in short ones to give you and hassle-free entertainment experience.

Final Verdict

The tricks mentioned above are deeply researched and assure you that you can use Hulu without ads and help you to enjoy your choice of movies or TV serials without displaying annoying ads. Revenue of Hulu is entirely based on commercials. I have tried my best to provide you all with all the potential way to block ads on Hulu, but if you want my suggestion to remove ads, then you should go for a premium subscription to enjoy hassle-free entertainment.

Have you found this article useful? Do you know any other ways to block ads on Hulu? If so then what are you waiting for? We always welcome your thoughts and motivate us to do much better. Do share with us and stay tuned for more updated.

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Free Xbox Live Codes & Gift Cards : 9 Best Ways Explained

free xbox live codes

Xbox is a gaming platform of Windows exclusively for playing the world’s most acclaimed console games. With a wide range of game library, Xbox is the entertaining the gaming community. But as it says, playing games is not free nowadays and that suits to Xbox platform also. Apart from purchasing these games, you require Free Xbox Live Codes to play multiplayer games in this console. It is a premium membership called Xbox Live Gold membership.

What is the Cost of Xbox Live Gold Membership?

Currently, Xbox has three subscription plan that you can avail from their official website. The cost of these memberships are as follows:

  • $9.99 per month
  • $24.99 in every quarter or three months.
  • $59.99 per year

It costs a lot of money and spending that for gaming from your parent’s wallet is sometimes awkward. But without these Xbox live code, you will not gain the full advantages of Xbox games. Sometimes as you get the games, you get some live trial codes free of cost with the purchase. But what about the other time? Do we have a legitimate way to get these codes free?

In the current age, getting a free item is as difficult as climbing a mountain. But through our research, we have found some legitimate way to earn free xbox live gold codes.

In this article, we will share those methods with you. Also in the second part of the reading, we will be exposing the reality about thousands of the sites claiming free xbox live code generator which are obivous scam according to our test done with them.

So, Lets get started with our main topic.

Top 9 Legit Ways to Get Free Xbox Live Codes & Gift Cards in 2019

1. Search for Social Media Giveaway

In social media sites, there are various Xbox communities which shares the means to get active Xbox Live Free Codes. You can join these communities to get an up to date news about any opportunity to earn gift codes and use them in your Xbox account.

2. Get Complimentary Free Xbox Live Trial on Game Purchase

When you purchase certain games, you get a chance to win free Xbox live codes as a complimentary benefit. Depending on the game you may get access to the Xbox live from 48 hours to one full month. Games like Fifa, Halo offers 14 days to one month Xbox live codes.

So whenever you buy games, wait for the proper time and proper deal to get these offers as complementary.

3. Create Your New Xbox Account

As you create a new account and select gold membership you will get free Xbox live gold codes no surveys required in the way of 30 days trial. It is a quite simple method. Following the steps revealed below, you can get the Xbox Live trial for free for a month.

  1. Open a new Microsoft account. Use the Microsoft account to log in to the subscription page of Xbox.
  2. Choose the one-month gold subscription free trial and go to next.
  3. You will require one credit card number to verify yourself. However, be assured there will not be any deduction from your card until you spend one month and continue to the following month.
  4. Provide billing information to complete the process.

You will access gold membership by this Xbox live free trial codes. Only you have to remember that on the 29th day you have to cancel the subscription. Otherwise, you will be charged with the subscription fee.

4. Ask Family Members to Signup for Xbox Trials

Through the above method, you have got information to get free Xbox live codes for one month. Currently, Xbox allows creating three accounts in total to use in each console. So once you avail the free trial membership for one month create another two account and enjoy another two months for free. But you have to keep in mind about the following:

  1. The three accounts have to be completely separate with different email id.
  2. If you can use a different credit card details, it is better. Otherwise, use the same.
  3. Do not forget to close the subscription timely.
  4. Use the correct billing address associated with the credit card.

By asking your family members signing up for trial, you can get more trial codes if they are agree to share with you.

5. Look Out for Bonus on New Xbox Consoles

You should search the online websites for free Xbox live codes if you wish to buy a new Xbox console. Xbox Live Coupons on Xbox consoles are made available by Microsoft to boost sales from time to time. To obtain these kinds of offers, you have to search for big supermarkets and official Microsoft stores.

In the time of significant events like Christmas / Black Friday and New Year deals, Xbox Live coupons are bundled with new consoles.

Free Xbox Live Codes Generator – Beware of this Scam!!

We had said in the beginning that we would be discussing thousands of sites that claim to provide you free Xbox live gold codes no surveys. This code generation is one of the biggest scams. Do not stay in this delusion that anyone hacks the Microsoft database with their software to get the codes for you. Only once you pay for them, the codes are activated.

No way to generate codes is possible as they are all well encrypted.

We have tested them practically from various sites, and they are ways to make money. It is just a way to use black hat SEO tactics for website optimization. We imply that when you are clicking on the generate button, you see a semi-transparent code.

More and more clicks and bounce rate a website have, the more money the owner makes. So the person is getting money, and you get nothing in return.

Also, it requires to complete a survey to see the full code. In this way, your personal information is gathered. These data are used for marketing strategy in future.

Following is an Example of one such Generator.

free xbox live code generator

Step 1: I have been prompted to provide details

xbox code generator

Step 2: After providing details, I need to confirm them.

free xbox codes generator

Step 3: The process leads to human verification.

xbox generator

Here comes the most risky part of the process. I have been told to conduct a survey to provide some details or install some apps.

As I was unsure about the app whether they will bring some Trojan or not I stopped. But before I finished, I have made several clicks and stayed in the site for quite some time. These two data are then used for Marketing Purposes.

Guys, I will reveal the biggest hoax in this process now. The UID I used in step 2 does not exist at all. I did not provide my original data, and still, it made sure that I will get a 25$ gift card.

What more to say?


So here we conclude our article about the legit way of earning free Xbox live codes. As on date, these are the only full proof method to gain free codes for Xbox. Also, we request you to stay away from the hacks of free code generators and spread the truth among your friends.

If you come to know any other method in future, do not hesitate to share with us for updates to the community through our comment box.

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Top 10 iTunes Alternatives to Use In 2019

itunes alternatve

The word Alternative for iTunes comes in your mind with a question mark, because all we know that iTunes is the service that contains loads of music and media. But, we know that the iTunes service is from the Apple Store and can support only for iOS and Mac platform-based devices.

iTunes service is not for Android users, and they are always fond of iTunes alternative that can be used on their devices. Multiple alternatives can give us an experience like iTunes, but our busy schedule doesn’t allow us to scroll each one of them and decide which one is the best.

Here, in this article, I am listing the best alternatives to iTunes for those who are bored of using iTunes and want some better features than iTunes. So, take a look after these alternatives.

List of Top 10 Best iTunes Alternatives For 2019

1. Clementine

If you are looking for the modern music player, then Clementine is the best choice for you. Clementine is motivated by Amarok 1.4, concentrating on the quick and easy-to-use interface. You can search and play your favorite music by using Clementine.

Supporting Platform: –

Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Features of Clementine:-

  1. It has tabbed playlist, export and import M3U, PLS, ASX and XSPF.
  2. It gives us information about lyrics, photos and artist biographies.
  3. You can create a smart and dynamic playlist.
  4. It has CUE sheet support.
  5. It has visualizations from ProjectM.
  6. You can search and play songs uploaded to OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
  7. Clementine can be used to listen to internet radio from SKYfm,, Spotify, SomaFM, Magnatune and many more.
  8. You can copy music to your iPod, MTP, mass-storage USB Player and iPhone.
  9. It has a Queue manager.

2. PodTrans

PodTrans is next in the iTunes alternative that is designed to transfer iPod music files to PC or Mac. This is the reliable, simple and trustworthy software to iPod transfer.

Supporting Platforms: –

Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista, XP), Mac OS X (10, 11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8)

Features of PodTrans:-

  1. PodTrans is the best app to copy music from various sources like iTunes U, Podcast from iPod to iTunes/computer.
  2. Without using iTunes, you can add videos, iTunes U, Podcasts and music on your iPod.
  3. It rules your iPod music with two-way transfers, and quickly transfer them to the desktop, or inversely.
  4. It supports almost every type of media file and automatically organizes it on your iPod. All for free.

3. Waltr 2

Waltr 2 an alternative to iTunes is built on groundbreaking concepts and designs. It can let you connect you with your Apple device in a way that it feels marvelous connection. This software introduces Automatic content identification created for TV shows, movie, & Music.

Supporting Platforms: –

Mac OS and Windows

Features of Waltr 2:-

  1. It is Cableless software that helps it to connect with any high-speed WI-Fi to bring a new dimension to freedom.
  2. The new upgradation in Waltr 2 helps people connect with all the iPods that are released on or after 2001.
  3. You can easily run PDF and even EPUB file formats in Waltr 2.
  4. Without iTunes, you are able to drag and drop any Music, Ringtones, ePUB, videos, PDF & files within any Apple device.

4. MediaMonkey

Media Monkey is the best iTunes alternative for serious collectors that syncs between your device and PC. This app helps you to manage, navigate and sync extensive music collections.

Supporting Platforms:-

Windows (10, 8,7, Vista, XP), WINE (Linux), Android

Features of MediaMonkey:-

  1. MediaMonkey supports all audio file formats including popular format MP3.
  2. This software can easily operate with as much as 100,000+ media files without hanging up at all.
  3. It downloads music, podcasts, movies, and record CDs.
  4. Lyrics, album art, and other metadata can be looked up automatically and tagged intuitively.
  5. Party lover? No worries, Media Monkey has special party modes with Auto DJ option to take care of your party themes.
  6. It manages any audio video genres like Audiobooks, Classical, Home movies, Rock, classical, etc.

Download MediaMonkey App:-


5. MusicBee

MusicBee is an eventual music organizer because it helps to manage, run and search music files on your desktop. This alternative to iTunes enhances your music experience by supporting podcasts, SoundCloud integration, and web radio stations.

Supporting Platforms: –

Windows 7, 8, 10.

Features of MusicBee:-

  1. MusicBee helps to play your music the way you want because it is simple, quick and powerful.
  2. It has 10-band or 15-band equalizer and DSP effect that help to fine-tune the sound.
  3. It has beautiful Skins that help to customize your MusicBee according to your choice.
  4. You can sync your MusicBee with the device you are using.
  5. It is one of the most lightweight players and uses only 25-70 MB Ram including skins and add-ons and packs all of these under 10 MB.

6. Foober2000

Foober2000 becomes an iTunes alternative Windows can run from its varieties of all the latest versions of Windows. This is the advanced audio player application for the android, windows, and iOS-based devices.

Supporting Platforms: –

Windows XP-Sp2 or newer, Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista), windows server 2003, 2008 and 2012, Android and iOS.

Features of Foober2000:-

  1. Foober2000 supports audio formats like MP3, MP4, AAC, Opus, FLAC, WavPack, WAV, Musepack, Vorbis, and AIFF.
  2. This software can play songs without a single gap.
  3. It has replay game support-automatic playback management.
  4. Foober2000 supports downloading music from UPnP media servers and playback.
  5. Appearance can be personalized with skin files.

Download Foober2000 App:-



7. Musique

Musique has a crystal clear interface that allows you to run all the supported files in this software that can improve your listening experience on another level. This music server keeps you focused on the only thing that matters. This is the best music app for kids and other members of the family that may find other players too complicated and clumsy.

Supporting Platforms: –

Windows (7, 8, 10), MacOS, Debian & Ubuntu.

Features of Musique:-

  1. It is lightweight and starts very quickly, and extensive collections can be handled easily.
  2. It allows you to browse by artist photos, genres, folders, and album cover too.
  3. It’s deeply engaging info view can switch to while listening. Also, musique can show the general information about music files i.e. present track, artist name, and album.
  4. It supports almost all the audio formats including OGG, Musepack, Monkey’s Audio, True Audio, Flack, Vorbis, and WavPack.
  5. Like to listen FM? Musique can serve you Last FM too.
  6. This software can interpret into more than 20 languages that includes French, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian and German.
  7. Musique stores all of his data in its database, and it never modifies your files.

8. WinX MediaTrans

WinX Media Trans knows Windows Users better than iTunes. This is also known as the manager of iPhone/iPad. This is the easiest way to shift videos, music, and photos between iPad, iPhone, and Computer.

Supporting Platform: –


Features of the WinX MediaTrans:-

  1. It makes iPhone More vast and Boundless with Security.
  2. Backup & Sync media files between iPhone/iPad and PC
  3. Decimate File leak and includes unbreakable encryptions like 256-bit AES, Argon2, PBKDF2, RSA, 1024-bit.
  4. Helps to organize your iPhone Music and Playlist safely and effortlessly.
  5. It converts any video formats, like MKV, to iPhone/iPad automatically.
  6. HD videos with 1080p and 4K quality can be import/export between PC and iDevice, in batch.
  7. It is the world’s fastest photo transfer app that doesn’t require iTunes, Wi-Fi or iCloud.

9. Vox Media Player

Vox media player is another great iTunes alternative to Mac and iOS users. You can listen to music in the highest quality from various music sources.

Supporting Platforms: –

Mac, iOS

Features of Vox Media Player:-

  1. It supports all popular formats including Hi-Res ones.
  2. Vox Media Player is an all-in-one Audio player with all your favorite music sources.
  3. It has advanced audio features like Playback FX, gapless playback support, Stream music via Airplay, CarPlay support, etc.
  4. For premium subscribers, it provides unlimited music cloud storage for your music collections.
  5. It helps to organize music and has an easy way of transfer.

Download Vox Media Player App:-


10. DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone manager is a secure iOS organizer to move your iPhone data with the encryption method. Offline restoring of backed up data is possible with the help of DearMob iPhone Manager, it also selectively move & organize any file of iOS.

Supporting Platforms: –

Windows, Mac.

Features of DearMob iPhone Manager:-

  1. It has fast speed; even big files take only a few seconds.
  2. This app is the perfect tool to transfer photos, music & video files between iPhone, Computer and iPad.
  3. This app provides you with the secure and easy way to backup and restore whole iDevice data and enables you to switch quickly to the new device.

Final Words

After quality research we have sorted the above list of best iTunes alternatives that can give you a better experience and useful for those who are fond of this. We have tried to provide you with all the information related to alternatives of iTunes in a simple and easy-to-understand language.

In my opinion, I will suggest the Clementine media player as it full fills all my requirements. If you find the above information useful, then do share this with your group and share your thoughts on this article. Stay tuned with us for more details!!

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Top 10 Best Kodi Alternatives For 2019

kodi alternatives

Kodi is the free and open source media player that was formerly known as XBMC. Kodi provides access to streaming media contents. This media player slowly marks its impression on those who want to share contents around the home.

Peoples are in search of Kodi alternatives because of cracking down of illegal streaming goes on, and lots of add-ons of Kodi have been shut down because of some severe court cases.

Here, in this article, I am introducing you all with what other sources are available that you can use as Kodi replacement.

List of Top 10 Kodi Alternatives to use in 2019.

1. Plex

plex media player

Plex is the best alternative to Kodi that magically arrange your media library and allows you to stream them on any device. You can stream your choice of media on any screen, big or small all together with Plex.

Features of Plex:-

  1. Streaming of music from TIDAL that contains 59 million high-quality tracks and also 25000 music videos.
  2. Organize the media files and play them on any device in a beautiful & simple interface.
  3. You can watch your choice of web shows from different sources.
  4. On personalized recommendations, you can search for the podcast as well as for new media material.
  5. It provides you with trusted video news from 190 global publisher partners.
  6. Remote access and sharing is available.
  7. It provides security and privacy preferrably.
  8. You can control the big screen through Plex remote control.

Price of Plex:-

Free trial of 30 days after that you have to pay the US $ 4.99 every month.

Yearly charges are the US $ 39.99

Lifetime charges are the US $ 119.99.

2. MPTScheduler from Media Portal

MPTScheduler aka Media Portal is a free open source media player that is known for transforming your PC into an advanced multi-media center or home theater. You can use this Kodi replacement to listen music and radio, watch videos and DVDs or even schedule and record live TV. It is similar to a digital video recorder.

Features of Media Portal:-

  1. It is like TiVo but more, you can watch, schedule and record TV and that is also for free.
  2. Play DVDs, movies, videos, and blu-ray discs.
  3. You can create a slideshow, watch pictures or home videos.
  4. Media Portal provides you with the facility to check weather reports, news and more.
  5. You can control your HTPC by remote controller.
  6. You can stream media, TV, and Radio to any PC/HTPC connected to your network.

3. Emby


Emby helps you to combine all your photos, videos and music in one place to stream them on your device. No other alternative is as effective for accessing all your media from a single place and play them as your wish.

Features of Emby:-

  1. You can play your media files on any device because Emby automatically transforms your media on-the-fly.
  2. Emby helps you to arrange your media files in a way that they look fancy including related content suggestions with rich metadata.
  3. Private sharing of your media files with your friends and family is another great feature that Emby has.
  4. Easy control command over all family through its parental control.
  5. Watch live TV and manage your DVR.
  6. If you have installed cloud synch provider, then you can stream your cloud-synced media.

4. Universal Media Server

The Universal Media Server is not as good as Kodi but could be a Kodi alternative. This server can serve videos, photos, and audio to any DLNA-capable device. The universal media server is free and updated regularly and has more functional features than any other servers including paid servers as well.

Features of Universal Media Server:-

  1. This server supports almost all the essential operating systems like, versions for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.
  2. This server supports massive range of media formats.
  3. This server helps to stream audio, video and image formats with little or no configuration.

5. Infuse


Infuse is next in the list of apps like Kodi that helps to catch your video content. This server is surprisingly powerful because media content looks excellent and plays anything thrown at it. Overall this is an elegant video player that gives you the best listening experience.

Features of Infuse:-

  1. Infuse is powerful, super efficient playback engine that plays every video file including MP4, MKV, DVD and many more.
  2. You can play videos stored on Mac, NAS, PC and cloud services.
  3. Get organized automatically by using Infuse.
  4. Use cloud storage to keep all in sync.

6. Stremio

Stremio helps to arrange and watch movies, Live TV, series and video channels. This app offers features that are better than Kodi.

Features of Stremio:-

  1. Discover new contents with ease.
  2. You can see all f your video content on one screen.
  3. Stremio helps to organize your video library by type, alphabetical order based on latest use.
  4. You can keep a record of everything you watched.
  5. Enjoy video content on bigger screens.
  6. Watch videos from various sources.

7. Kokotime


Kokotime is next in the row of Kodi alternatives. This is the free, simple and beautifully designed media center that will allow you to watch all your choice of media content whether it may be movies or anything else.

Features of Kokotime:-

  1. It supports 3rd party add-ons.
  2. Make a list of local media and arrange them by genre, top rated, recently added.
  3. It has a file manager.
  4. It has chromecast support.
  5. You can resume your watch from where you left.
  6. Universal cast to let you cast any media to any device without an external device.
  7. Subtitles will load automatically with custom subtitle styling.

8. Popcorn Time

If you are a movie buff, then Popcorn time is the app for you that might be better than Kodi because it features all the new movies, trailers, upcoming movies, movie cast, and movie news. You can browse your favorite movies and click to watch by using this app.

Features of Popcorn Time:-

  1. You can explore breaking entertainment news.
  2. Everything related to movies you will get here such as movie trailers, movie reviews, movie gossips and so on.
  3. You will get 153 films based on the user’s review.
  4. This allows you to watch movies and TV serials as many times as you want there are no restrictions

9. JRiver


JRiver a Kodi alternative is a comprehensive media software and best choice for seamless audio, television, video, and images. Jriver is a well known platform recognised for providing solutions to network issues in media field.

Features of JRiver:-

  1. A perfect audio files can be explored.
  2. Plays videos effortlessly and that is also with the highest quality.
  3. You can enjoy media files anywhere, anytime and at any place.
  4. It controls everything with one thumb and five buttons.
  5. Edit, arrange and view your images.

10. OSMC

If you are in search of apps like Kodi, then OSMC is the best choice for you as it is an open source media center built for people and by people.

Features of OSMC:-

  1. Simple and easy to use design.
  2. Free and open source because it is built on great software with the same values.
  3. OSMC can play all major media formats from numerous different devices.

Wrapping Up

All the above list is for those who are looking for Kodi alternatives. Have you gone through the list? Does any alternative matches with your requirements from the list above? Please share your feedback with us as your feedbacks always inspire us to work more efficiently. Stay tuned with us for more informative articles.


How to Get iMessage on PC in 2019

imessage on pc

You might have used various messaging apps available in the market. Each has its characteristics, and you are using them with satisfaction. But what if I say that there is one messaging app that is the strongest among them. You might have the desire to grab it. Yes, Apple iMessage is another most popular app for messaging.

Now you must be confused and think that it cannot be accessed without an Apple device. Don’t worry we have a solution. In this article, we will explain how to use iMessage on pc. There are methods to use iMessage in your PC by following some simple steps. Our step by step details below will guide you through the complete process so that you can perform it without any hassle.

Features of having iMessage on pc

  • Service free of charge. You don’t have to pay a penny to use this app.
  • It’s one of the most straightforward and fastest iOS platform application.
  • With this app, you can send unlimited messages.
  • Share incredible videos and pictures with family and friends.
  • You can figure out whether or not the person you’re chatting with is typing.
  • SMS and iMessage texts are easily distinguished as iMessage texts appear in blue.

Top 5 ways to get iMessage on pc easily.

#1. Access iMessage using Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome remote desktop is an extension of google chrome that allows you to access another computer via the internet remotely. Using this extension, you can access iMessage installed in another Mac. Following is the step by step guide for how to get iMessage on pc using Chrome remote desktop:

Prerequisite of the process:

There is some prerequisite for the process to work. You need a PC and a Mac Both the device have to be securely connected on the internet all the time. In this method, we will be accessing iMessage via your MAC to your PC through the internet. So you have to follow these instructions for fully functional operation.

Step By Step Process to get iMessage by Chrome remote desktop.

Step 1. Download google chrome in both your PC and Mac.

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download google chrome

Step 2. Go to the Chrome settings and then extension. From there, open chrome web store.

Chrome Web Store

Step 3. Search for Chrome remote desktop and add the app to both of your PC & Mac.

add chrome remote desktop to chrome browser

Step 4. Launch the app in both the computer.

Launch Crome RD

Step 5. In this step, you have to download Chrome Remote Desktop Host installer in your Mac.

download host installer to get imessage on pc

Step 6. After this install the chrome remote desktop host in Mac.

install crd host

install crd hosts

Step 7. After the installation is successful, share your Mac to your PC through the security code and connect both the system.

share access code to access imessages on your pc

Step 8. Now you can access your Mac from your PC. So open your iMessage in your Mac and start using it through your PC access code.

how to get imessage on pc using chrome


Link of Google remote desktop

#2. Start using iMessage in your PC through iPadian2.

In the previous section, we have explained how you can use iMessage through Mac. But there may be a scenario that you do not possess any Mac. In this section, we will demonstrate that even if you do not have a Mac, still you can enjoy iMessage. You need to use one third-party program called iPadian.

iPadian is an application that allows you to get an iOS ecosystem in your Windows PC. You can access iMessage after installing it the PC. There is a free version available as well as a paid version. The paid version costs $20.00. So we recommend using the free version first before getting into the paid one.

Prerequisite of the process:

Let’s first see anything you need to install iMessage on PC. It is essential to arrange everything beforehand. All you need here is:-

  • You will require an active internet connection in your PC for downloading the necessary application to install iMessage.
  • Next is the iPadian app which you can download from their official website.

Step By Step Process to get iMessage by iPadian.

Step 1. First, you have to download the iPadian in your PC.


Step 2. Once downloading is complete, locate the program file and click to install it in your PC.


Step 3. You need to follow the wizard for a perfect installation.

download ipadian

Step 4. After Installation completion, launch the app in Windows PC.

install ipadian

Step 5. Once you open the iPadian, you will find the following screen with iMessage in it.

Open iPadian

Step 6. Click on the app and the following screen will come.

activate imessage

Step 7. Provide the Phone number and Name and start enjoying iMessage for PC.

Link of Official Website of iPadian

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So here we conclude our article with the best possible option to avail iMessage on pc. Among all the methods we find the easiest one is to avail through mirroring 360. Although the app requires a cost, that is worthy in terms of its full functionality and usefulness. You can try all the method instead and can serve your views below.

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Is IGG Games Safe? A Complete Review of IGG Games

Video Gaming is extremely addictive. Game players play games using various devices like Consoles, Computers or Mobile Phones. In either case, they achieve the satisfaction they need. There are numerous sites offering video games, some sell the games while others offer them for free.

However, those who trade in games will also offer some games for free as a marketing strategy. is a site that provides video games that are known as nonofficial releases.

There has been a great debate chattering since long about IGG Game’s legality. No one can exactly say that is igg games legal or not? Apart from offering great games, this site receives condemnation for its wired techniques of inserting advertisements in the games it is offering to its users.

These issues will make you ask, is igg games safe to use? Every gamer complains of minor problems on the website and in their games. However, this might sound normal with any free gaming site.

Is IGG Games Safe to Use? What Users Have To Say?

This Igg games review indicates that many people have tried the site, at least once. Some users have been using this site for many years without problems. A few have reported a feeling of guilt considering that the site offers nonofficial releases freely, and this is detrimental to the developers of the games.

Despite few hitches, the site comes in first 1500 popular sites in the gaming world globally. If you ignore the adware factor from the site, then it may considered as a safe to use website.

Variety of Games is a well-known nonofficial site that hosts numerous types of games on its portal. Currently, this site is facing considerable criticism for its additions in pirate releases. Despite the full range of games, they are all advert injected. Soon as a game is produced, the site will upload it on its website. You should note that the site offers free games.

By means of free games, is igg games legit?

Well, the answer to this question is totally depended on your location. It is just like torrenting. You know, downloading stuff from torrents is banned in some countries as the laws created by the government of that country do not allow to use torrent sites to their people.

The legality or safety concern associated with igg games is somehow similar to the torrent thing. In major countries like USA and in some European countries, it is not considered as a legal to use igg games but in most of the locations of the world, igg games is running very well and considered as a complete safe portal.

As I said, the answer to this question is totally depended on your location. However, the ratings to this website on the worlds gaming arena makes it a strong and well known gaming site.

All games and their releasing portals must to meet to these particular base standards. i.e. The game must work as advertised: it should not apply the digital rights management tools and no addition of unnecessary extras such as malwares, spyware or advertisements. Most nonofficial game releases follow this laid down standards. However, Igg-games has come under considerable criticism for not following the rules. Its games have advertisements in the form of intrusive logos.

If you are a free game lover, then igg games safe play is what you should look for. Igg games claims that having spent money to buy the games, is the only right to put an addition to the game that will make gamers recognize them. For each game from their site must start with an advertisement to market itself.

Shortcomings of IGG Games always includes some in-game extras of its own. It says this it is just to get recognition for distributing pirate games – re-distributing. The extras appear in the form of files that carry the advertisement for the site. In order for you to play your game, these files must be there in the game folder, otherwise the game will crash. You can’t delete them and play the game.

Many people describe these systems as a type of DRM. The addition of the network has made igg games get negative publicity because the pirate releases should not have any restrictions; an addition of a DRM restricts the gaming. For instance, the eternal castle that is distributed via steam had great reception by all gamers.

As a standard, it does not have any protection. However, igg-games have an addition to it. The staff at igg-games has added a custom code. The code is responsible in ensuring the adverts remain within the release. If you tamper with it, you will not be able to play your favorite game.

This is a problem with all other IGG-games. Reports indicate that those who launch complain about such issues, they are banned from the igg games platform. The importance of having the advertisement, as stated by the team is to ensure that the code is there to provide advertising for the site is not removed from their releases.

Any addition on a nonofficial release is meant to enhance the game not to distract it. If you mess with games that do not have DRMs, then you are going against the rules of the play. A particular site should not identify itself with a specific nonofficial video game. But, igg games has gone to the extent of protecting their content. Within their content, you might find other nefarious codes which has put their advertising watermark and logo in-games. They claim that advertising is meant to increase traffic to their site.

Risks of Piracy

It is evident that all the type of video game developers release fantastic games. These games might be expensive. This might tempt you to get the games the easiest and free way, that is piracy. Apart from ethical considerations, there are other risks associated with piracy. They include;

  • Piracy Might introduce your computer to malware: you know that piracy is the easiest way to get to malware, because, you are downloading from a site that you do not know much about. Getting the video game from a trustworthy site minimizes chances of getting viruses. According to a 2013 AVG study, 90 % of video games that were pirated were infected by malwares. This number is huge. However, small it might be, it is still dangerous.
  • Piracy might lead you to lose online privileges. Some companies do not take the aspect of piracy lightly. If you are discovered, you can be banned altogether. For instance, Microsoft banned about a million Xbox players for modifying their Xbox consoles. You’ll see warning indicating not to pirate or use other peoples content without permission.
  • The pirated game might not work on your device: some video game developers set standards for their games. They use digital rights management, a system that prevents any illegal or pirated copy from working at all, while others use the in-game copyright measures.

With such effects, is igg games legal? Being a pirate site, it is not legal though it offers legitimate games.


One thing is sure: at igg-games, you’ll get a wide range of games. However, put it in mind that it is a nonofficial site because it deals in nonofficial releases. The games you get from the site will display their adverts, which you cannot remove: removing the adware, will cause crashing of the game.

In this case, the general answer to this common question i.e. is igg games safe? we tried to answer it: as igg games are shady in nature, as a reviewer we will only recommend using real licensed games from real game developers. but still, if someone is willing to use igg games, then he/she may go with a powerful antivirus. This way you can play all the games listed without fear of any malware.

We advise you to always download games from official websites that have proper licenses. We do not recommend anyone to download pirated games at all just to save your money. Keep in mind that having a legit license to play games is always better.

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