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There was a time when the photo has a simple definition i.e. Collection of Memories. Some days back capturing a photo with a correct angle was enough to post it on a social media. But, now a day’s editing of photo is even more important because you want your picture to look more attractive to others on social media.

Lunapic: an online photo editor becomes very helpful to all those social media heroes. Lunapic helps you to edit, upload, and share your photos easily. The best part of this software is that you can also edit your photos post sharing. Adding animations, filters and borders are most common edits we do normally in our pics and this online software is master in them.

The purpose of this article is to introduce you with the luna pic photo editor alternatives that are useful for you to make your photo perfect so that you can share it on social media in full swing.

List of 12 Lunapic Photo Editor Alternatives For You

1. Pixlr

Pixlr - free photo editor

Formerly known as Pixlr express, Pixlr is the app that offers you the fun and free photo editor just like lunapix. This app helps you to explore your creativity with the help of 2 million combinations of free effects, filters and overlays.

Features of Pixlr:-

  1. Photo collages creation with various kinds of choices for background, spacing and layout.
  2. Create a layer of multiple photos and put them together to get a unique look, using double exposure.
  3. You can stylize your photo to look like a pencil drawing, a poster, ink sketch and more.
  4. Post editing the quick and easy resizing of picture.
  5. You can give your photo a new look by choosing from various effects of the pool.
  6. Direct sharing of photos with friends on social media.

2. PicsArt


PicsArt editor allows you to create collages & memes by combining pictures to edit them. This is the second photo editor alternative to Lunapic. Pics art is all about making awesome pictures in a most fun loving way.

Features of PicsArt:-

  1. It has a collage maker and grids that allow you to make grid, template collage, freestyle arrangement college and style pic college.
  2. It contains 100s of tools to crop, clone, add text, cutouts, stretch & adjust curves.
  3. Free stickers, sticker makers and clipart.
  4. It has additional drawing tools and PicsArt camera.
  5. Photos remix and free to edit images.
  6. Creative contests and photo challenges make you learn new tricks of editing.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a photo editor that helps to crop, heal and recovering images. This app allows you to add a border, effect, and filter. This app is the powerful tool to make your photo the best.

Features of Adobe Photoshop Express:-

  1. It has photo editor to crop, rotate, flip and straighten your photos.
  2. A collage maker to create collage in seconds with its photo grid feature.
  3. Impressive features with sign in with Adobe Id like One-touch filters, noise reduction, defog and many more.

4. BeFunky


BeFunky is the luna pic editor alternative that allows you to make collage and editing of photos in a most fun loving way. BeFunky is simple and easy to use photo editor.

Features of BeFunky:-

  1. Dynamic and stunning photo collage maker.
  2. Tons of fonts for your photos are available.
  3. Edit your photos just with touch-ups that help to reduce red eyes, flash spot remover, teeth whitener and many more.
  4. Fantastic photo effects with powerful editing tools.
  5. Infinite shapes and patterns to overlay onto your photo.
  6. New goodies and stickers to choose from.

5. Pixlr-o-Matic

pixlr o matic

If you are looking for an app that gives a retro look to your photos, then Pixlr-o-Matic is the best choice for you. You can convert your snaps in fresh vintage look.

Features of Pixlr-o-Matic:-

  1. Fun-loving photo editing features.
  2. The best retro finishes for giving a vintage look to your snaps.


QGifer is similar to lunpic picture editor and a video-based animated GIF creator. This software supports Windows and Unix. Qgifer helps you to create a GIF file by extracting a particular clip from any video and convert it into GIF one.

Features of QGifer:-

  1. It is able to create a GIF file format from any video file format.
  2. QGifer is ecquiped with d1fcolor pallette editor to edit your files easily .
  3. It has cropping and filtering of photos.
  4. Text rendering and graphics insertion.

7. Polarr photo editor


Polarr photo editor is the best photo editor alternative that allows photo editing features for both the new and advanced photographers.

Features of Polarr photo editor:-

  1. It has layers and more than 10 blending modes.
  2. It has Inclusion of global adjustment feature.
  3. This app is customizable and works on all devices.

8. Fotor Photo Editor


Fotor Photo Editor is a powerful photo editor just like lunapix. This photo editor comes with photo filters, camera and photo grid. This app is an all-in-one photo editing platform that allows new and professional photographers give finishing touches to their shots.

Features of Fotor Photo Editor:-

  1. Fotor photo editor is an easy-to-use event at the time of professional picture processing.
  2. A broad range of filters and photo effects.
  3. It includes up to 10 customizable edit functions.
  4. The weekly update ensures a new design for every day of the week with new stickers, photo stitch, photo frames, fonts, borders for pictures

9. iPiccy

ipiccy is the perfect Ribbet alternative because everything you need to make your photo look beautiful you will get that with ipiccy. You can make collages, edit photos and create a design for your photo.

Features of iPiccy:-

  1. iPiccy is able to create more than 100 photo effects of a single picture using a professional photo enchancement tools. It also has lots of frames to choose from with facial retouching feature.
  2. It has an innovative collage maker with the number of templates and adjustment to make creating process easy and fun loving.
  3. With the help of dedicated graphic desinging tool in iPiccy, you are able to do all the designing and enhancements in your images like for example, adding text, vector masks, image overlays and stickers easily.

10. Ribbet Photo Editing Suit


Ribbet photo editing Suit proves itself a robust editing tool for choosing as an alternative to lunapic. You can enjoy the ease in photo editing with this photo editor. This photo editor is the complete package of remarkable tools and headlines everything whether it may be basic edits or professional touch-ups.

Features of Ribbet Photo Editing Suit:-

  1. It includes features like crop, exposure, resize, rotate; color and sharpness to give a new look to your photos.
  2. Import and export from the gallery, social media sites, Google Drive, Flickr and Dropbox.
  3. Ribbet is best suited for beginners and professional level photographers.
  4. Part of an image to another can be cloned or copied.

11. Sumopaint


Sumopaint was launched in the year 2008, and now it is the group of over 30 millions of users with great experience worldwide. Sumopaint is the funkiest way for editing the photo. With its unique features, it will be a great alternative photo editor for you.

Features of Sumopaint:-

  1. Sumopaint has the best shape tools and creates different shapes with its innovative shape creator.
  2. Get feedback to your publicly shared pictures through Sumopaint community.
  3. Its gravity feature helps to smooth the drawn lines to curves.
  4. It has brush gallery with 300 hundred brushes, and even you can create your own.
  5. You can use Sumopaint offline as well.
  6. This photo editor is always up-to-date with new tools, filters, and brushes.

12. Photopea

Photopea with its advanced editing tools becomes the competitor of Lunapic in the photo editing world. You can create new images or open existing files from your computer.

Features of Photopea:-

  1. Supported file formats include PSD, CDR, XCF and Sketch.
  2. Photopea has the clean user interface with different kind of tools and same keyboard shortcuts as Photoshop.
  3. It has color editing tools, blend modes, adjustments for brightness, layers, filters and much more to design your photo attractively.

Final Words

The list mentioned above will not offer you all the features like Lunapic but may be the best choice as an alternative to it.

Have you gone through the list? If yes then share with us your thoughts on these alternatives. We always wait for your valuable feedback. Stay connected with us for more details. Till then enjoy the new world of photo editing!!

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