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Love Nikki Dress Up Queen Cheats & Hacks For Free Diamonds

Love Nikki dress up queen is an exciting game to play, it’s a mobile game developed by Suzhou Nikki Co. The game is played on a primary mobile platform like Android OS, and iOS.

In this article, I’ll guide you on how to receive Love Nikki dress up queen cheats and hacks for unlimited diamonds.

Short Introduction to the Game

The story begins in the year 672 King Sayet died leaving three special outfits known as his legacies. In garnering these treasures nations were on the verge of war; for this reason, an outfit contest was decided to determine its ownership.

So many stylist, models, and designers gathered at a city called Roerterdam on the border of Apple federation to display their best showpiece. This showpiece display lasted for nine days, and the contest was later named “The Nine-Day War.” At the end of the contest, the winners are young Princess Elle of the Pigeon Kingdom and a girl with a stylish pink hair.

They both went away with the final prize, Princess Elle took two out of the three legacy works, and the girl with stylish pink hair won the last legacy.

The pink hair lady who called herself “Hostess L” was never sighted again. After a long while, Princess Elle assumed the throne, gathering a group of ten elite stylists called the Iron roses and offered them a task to seize expensive clothes part across the land.

Queen Nanari of Lilith Kingdom summoned Nikki to solve the fate of her kingdom. The quest begins for Nikki as she travels across seven different nations with a different style to win stylish battles.

Features of the Game

This game has five main features, i.e., Enter the competition, Craft/Customize, Win arena mission, Associations, Complete Missions. Each allows you to form the player’s wardrobe collection, and it can be achieved quickly using love Nikki cheats. It also consists of a shop and a new type of currency, and the player is advised to use all of its currency to get all the clothes.

The game starts with Nikki (a player) and a computer-controlled opponent in a love Nikki walkthrough. The player requires to be dressed to meet mission requirements. The missions include two difficulties namely, Princess (hard) and Maiden (easy). Getting a high score on a mission unlocks extra rewards like Player XP, gold coins, diamonds, and unique mission clothes with new drop rates.

Each challenge has Chapters with numerous tasks and rewards given after the completion of each task. Mission clothing isn’t valuable and can hardly compete with any clothes collection, but they are necessary for further customization. Stamina is important to enter a mission. So in Love Nikki, it would be wearing a cute and lively outfit or wear a maid outfit. It has a beautiful UI design that leads the way over where to get specific items.

It contains clothing attributes such as rarity which defines the value of each clothes represented b hearts, attribute tags for theme tags like Gorgeous and straightforward, and an attribute ranks that ranks your outfit from B(the lowest) to SS( the highest).

The ranker your gear gets the better the clothes performance on specific mission requirement. Once the customization is done the battleground is drawn, and the game checks the clothes parameters of both the player and computer-controlled opponent. It sets the score if the mission requirement is achieved. At the end of the battle, the final score displays a grade starting from the lowest F to the highest S.

The player needs an S score to get fashionable clothes parts and to unlock bonus missions. Complex customization will require more star coins, diamonds to purchase items and this will require a lot of replays to achieve your goals. So let’s emphasize how to make Love Nikki Cheats.

The Read Love Nikki Dress Up Queen Cheats and Hacks

We will only be sharing real and working love Nikki hacks which you can get free in-game currency. In game currency consist of Star Coins, Diamond and Gold; they are achieved while partaking in a competition.

The Star Coins, Diamonds, association coins, crystal roses, jade, hourglass, crystal shoes, and Gold coins are useful in purchasing items for crafting or customizing an outfit for participating in missions.

Love Nikki cheats will focus on increasing your Diamonds, stamina, and more.

  • Always shoot for S scores – When playing a chapter on the game pay attention to the story challenge words. You can get this by selecting “Tips” menu at the top of your dress up the screen once the challenge has started. Once you have your keyword, you can search for items that match, if you have successfully done this in a couple of chapters. A Momo’s Reminders feature appears to present items momo recommends for getting an S score. If you follow these guidelines, you will get an S score because Momo fashion sense is always good. Momo’s reminder feature is available only in the Maiden mode of the game.
  • Repeat story to get drops – Every chapter features two clothing item or accessory drops. You can repeat a completed chapter if you need more accessories drops. It will give you more drop items, and it’s an excellent way to gain more unique resources.
  • Duplicate Outfits – Knowing how to get rid of the duplicate outfit is essential. As you collect more costumes to your collection, there’s a possibility that duplicate may arise. You can decompose them by selecting the decompose button, and this will help you decompose duplicate items and also offer you more crafting materials, coins, rings, eternal necklaces, and rebirth earrings. It also fills up your lost casket. When this is done, you will receive an exclusive clothing item that isn’t on any of the game stores. Some items don’t get automatically selected even if they have duplicates, make sure you decompose items that are automatically selected when you choose extra clothes button. It’s a reliable Love Nikki Cheats.
  • Crafting – Limited amount of resources will be given to you at the beginning of the game. So ensure not to craft or buy too many unnecessary items. Craft cost much and most times a lot of gold, diamonds and other materials are wasted. It’s best not to lose an item at the early stages of the game so it won’t be difficult while trying to purchase an item you can’t afford, but once you have completed all the chapters, you are free to dispose of anything you seem not necessary.
  • Daily logins rewards – Daily logins is one of the best ways to boost your in-game currency. You can claim 30 stamina during the day and 60 stamina at night, between the hours of 7 a.m. – 9 a.m. ET or 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. ET. You can also claim a daily prize of clothing, coins, and more. You can also use your fantasy ticket to buy an outfit in the room of mystery. Also, ensure you make use of your gift box in the voting screen to purchase outfit items.
  • Sharing – Using your facebook account can also give you rewards like stamina, diamonds, and more. With this, you will be able to purchase more items, recover saved game, share new outfits, share new screenshots, and also share your achievements. It has a controlled mechanism that allows you to share your daily quest at least three times a day and this is compulsory for getting more rewards.

This Love Nikki Dress up Queen Cheats is real and easy to obtain.

Avoid Love Nikki Online Hack Tools & Generators – They Are Fake!!

Most love Nikki codes and generators tools online are fake, and none of them works well.

Kindly never use them at any cost because most of them are spam and your personal information will be exposed.

Ensure you use only legal, proven and working love Nikki Cheats Walkthrough.

Conclusion :

So to conclude, We just want to let you know that there is no such things as love nikki hack tool which can generate you unlimited diamonds or other in game currency.

Just use the real and working legit cheats which are legal to use in the game and earn some free resources in the game. And as always if you want to play the game at the fullest. Then support the developer by purchasing in – game resources directly through Google play store or apple app store.

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