Los Movies : Top 8 Best Alternatives to LosMovies

Over a long time, Los Movies were one of the favourite websites for online streaming of the film. One need not have a premium subscription to watch videos from Losmovies. Unlike other websites, this website used to stream from its content instead of redirecting to another host site. Also, the films on this website are of high-quality HD content.

However, the other side of the coin is you cannot enjoy a seamless transmission unless you have an internet of higher bandwidth. Due to this or another reason, Los movies has seen a downfall of traffic. You may be one of that user who is searching for an alternative of this website.

In this article, we will provide material about some of the other sites which can be your new choice instead of Los movies.

Here is the complete list of Top 8 Los Movies Alternatives

8 Best Alternatives & Similar Sites Like LosMovies

1. Movie4K

losmovies alternativeOne of the alternate sites which are quite similar to losmovies.cc is Movie 4K. The section provides an option to watch online or download the latest movies for free. You will find all the most recent videos with high quality in Movie4k.

The best part of the site is its full search option. From their vast library, you can search for videos by Genre, release year or quality. This option provides the viewer with the flexibility to watch a continuous film based on its internet speed by selecting the content of that quality.

This website streams adult content also if you are older than 18 years. All these features have made the site an excellent alternative to the lost movies.

2. Vodly

vodlyFormerly named as 1Channel, another website like www Losmovies is Vodly. When you land to its home page, you will find only two option of the film as “Just Added” and featured.

However, that may be a cause of dislike for the newbies.

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For the regular user, they have a good search option. The advantage of the website is its description box which gives a good range of movies to choose from.

3. FMovies

fmoviesFMovies is an outstanding website to avail the latest movies for free. The home page is quite exciting and gives the most recent updates through flash slideshows.

When you point your mouse on a movie thumbnail, it shows a synopsis of the storyline as well as the genre, cast, and country of the movie.

This makes the viewer easy to select their choice. Like other movie site FMovies also has seamless streaming. Another feature that will amaze you is its light off option. Once you are all set, you can click on this option which makes the UI dark apart from the movie screen, which gives a feel of watching a movie in the theater.

4. Movie25.me

movie25meAnother platform of a huge range of movies to directly watch online or download is the Movie25. The site has an outstanding collection of the good quality movie which makes the website as an alternate of the www losmovies.

However, this website does not upload movies directly but redirects to a third party website to watch from their content.

Another best part of the website is when you watch a movie you can find similar movies from their recommended movies. All these have made Movie25 as an alternate of Losmovies.cc.

5. StreamDOR

streamdorStreamDOR is another other movie watching website which has an extensive collection of classic movies. So if you care about the classics of the decade, you will land on this website and enjoy their HD contents continuously.

Apart from the film they are famous for their collection of documentaries.

You can also change your taste from movie to street music and cartoons on this website. Given this wide range of option to the viewer, this can be considered as one of choice for an alternate of Los movies.

6. Xmovies8

xmovies8Xmovies8 is an alternate movie site which is famous for its easy to go interface.

In the landing page, you can find the display of the movies of their selection.

Which are quite extensive to choose from Another two categories are favourite movies and latest movies which cater to all the requirement of an average user.




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So if you are selective in watching films and prefer only the favourite video or latest ones, then Xmovies8 is your choice of an alternate of los movie.

7. House Movie

housemovieWhen you know the name of the movie and only trying to find a website to watch the same, then HOUSE MOVIE is your place. In the home page, you discover the search engine of movies which redirects you to your typed video watching page.

Like another website, this also has all the contents transmitted continuously. But one unique thing for this website is its articles. You can have materials and discussions on that through this page.

Another unique function for this website is Random movie which shows a movie randomly chosen from their database based on your searches. All these features make this another alternate of los movie.

8. Vumoo

vumooVumoo is another easy and simple website of watching and downloading options of movies. Unlike another site, this website has an alphabetic search option which makes easy to watch movies. However, the collection of cinemas are not the latest one but a little older.

But its HD quality and continuous streaming have made it a place in this list. Apart from movie Vumoo has a good collection of TV shows also which can be a good taste changer.


Watching Movies and TV shows online have gained the latest trend with the introduction of some big giants like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime in the entertainment industry.

All these websites require a subscription fee for watching their contents. But watching the movies for free through these websites has made the movie watching popular and accessible.

Be it Los movies or any alternative from the above list you can watch the film for free, and that makes a difference. So if you belong to movie buff category, you can choose any of the above websites.

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