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How to Watch Game of Thrones Season 8 for Free – Legal Ways to Stream GOT Online

watch game of thrones season 8 online for free

Game of Thrones is one of the best series till date and this epic fantasy series has returned with its 6 episodes of eighth and final season of the Game. At last the fans are going to find the fate of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and the rest of the Westerosi.
The final season of Game of Thrones portrays the climax of the series and as this web series is amazingly popular but paid to watch, many fans want to watch Game of Thrones season 8 free. There are multiple streaming services available that you can use to watch Game of Thrones online like HBO, Hulu, HotStar etc.

But, the sad part is that all these services are paid and this is the reason why fans are diverted to Game of Thrones torrents option. If you are also one of them who don’t want to spend money on watching this series, then you must go through this article to find out the legitimate ways to stream Game of Thrones without paying money. Yes! It is Legally Possible!

Here in this article, we are giving you information about the online streaming services which help those peoples who are thinking how to watch Game of Thrones for free.

Those who are not subscribed to cables or satellite services always in fond of best available ways to watch it. Well, we have listed the streaming services that allow you to view the most popular web series for free.

How to Watch Game of Thrones Season 8 for Free and Legally

As an HBO series, Game of Thrones is always preferable to watch on HBO itself. However, there are several other reputed online streaming services offering this web series to watch on very competitive rates. We will be describing the best method for you to watch it depending on your location worldwide.

Here is a list of some legal ways to watch game of thrones season 8 without investing a single dollar from your pocket.

1. HBO Go & HBO Now

how to watch game of thrones for free

HBO go, and HBO now are the best ways for Game of Thrones free online streaming. HBO Go is the standard version while on the other hand HBO Now is the prime app.

Free trials are the best way to stream Game of Thrones online. Here is the slight difference between both the streaming services that help you to choose the best one suited for you.

There is not much difference between HBO go and HBO now, but if you want to enjoy streaming ad-free then you should go for HBO Now.
Steps to Obtain Trial Version Of The HBO Now

  • First, you should open your HBO mobile application.
  • Then go into the menu and tap on the free trial tab.
  • Fill the form for creating your HBO Now account.
  • Now, you can sign into the HBO Now with your email id and password.
  • If you wish, you cancel the free trial subscription of HBO Now at any time.
Official Link for the trial version of HBO NOW

2. Hotstar

game of thrones online

Hotstar subscription service is best to watch GOT online free for the Indian users who are not willing to download VPN. Hotstar allows you to stream in HD with its premium subscription and you can take benefit of 3 days trial with its standard subscription. So be aware while using it for free.
Steps to obtain Trial version Of Hotstar

  • First, go to the Hotstar website then log in by using Hotstar account or Facebook account and click on a go premium and press the button for the free trial month.
  • Then add your details like name, last name, card details like CVV, expiry date etc.
  • Then select the plan and you are done with the subscription for the trial of the premium version.
  • Remember, you can cancel your trial period at any time without being charged for a single penny.
Trial Version Link For Hotstar


game of thrones free online streaming

Hulu Free trial- 30 days after that ad-free version costs the US $ 11.99/month and Basic version costs the US $ 5.99/month.

HBO trial Period- 7 days after that you have to pay the US $ 14.99/month.

If you want to watch the Game of Thrones free episodes, then Hulu is the best choice for you. You can view some of your favourite series with Hulu subscription.

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Steps to Obtain Trial Version Of The HULU

If you are worried about how to watch Game of Thrones free, then these step by step guide will help you to subscribe trial version of Hulu.

  • Go to the Hulu website and make a selection for your plan.
  • Then when you choose the plan, it will ask you for 1-month free trial click on the tab.
  • Then fill the form with details, or if you have a Facebook account, you can continue with it as well.
  • Use your email id and password to log in to the Hulu.
  • Now, you can enjoy the Hulu for free for 30 days.
Official Link for the trial version of HULU

4. Amazon Prime

how to watch game of thrones without hbo

Amazon Prime trial period: 30 days.

HBO trial Period: 7 days.

Price after a trial period: Amazon prime US $12.99/month and for HBO subscription US $ 14.99/month.

Amazon prime is the best option to watch Game of Thrones season 8 free. Only Amazon prime members can add HBO and more than 100 channels.

Steps to Obtain Trial Version Of Amazon Prime

If you don’t know how to watch Game of Thrones free on Amazon prime, then don’t worries go through the given steps below:

  • Go to the official Amazon website, or you can use Amazon app as well
  • Subscribe to HBO channel on Amazon Prime
  • Enter your Amazon maid id and password and enjoy the free trial days.

NOTE: Game of Thrones fans from Germany can also stream it on Amazon Prime.

Official Link for the trial version of Amazon Prime

4. PlayStation Vue

watch GOT online free

Trial Period: 7 Days

Cost after a trial period: US $ 44.99 up to 79.99 per month.

HBO subscription: US $ 14.99 per month.

PlayStation Vue is the online TV service and helps you to stream your favourite stuff. It is the best option to watch Game of Thrones season 8 free. It performs best with any android devices, Kodi, Roku, Google Chromecast, PlayStation 3 & 4, and iOS.

Steps to Obtain Trial Version of PlayStation Vue

  • You have to go to the PlayStation Vue official website, or you can even download the app from playstore or app store
  • Then sign in to your account using the PlayStation network.
  • After this, you will immediately land on the Playstation Vue home page with your favourite contain.
Official Link for the trial version of Playstation Vue

NOTE: PlayStation has the great DVR store unlimited episodes for 28 days on up to 500 programs, so it helps you in Game of Thrones download.

5. DirecTV Now

game of thrones free episodes

Trial period: 1 month after that you have to pay US $ 50 including HBO.

HBO trial Period: Doesn’t offer any trial period but you can pay a bit less amount through AT & T’s DirectTVNow

DirecTVNow is the best streaming service that offers more than 40 channels, including HBO for live streaming and also the contents demanded by you. No annual contract required you can pay monthly. It also has application support so you can watch your favourite stuff anytime anywhere.

NOTE: – At present DirecTVNow offering the US $ 15/month off for first 2 months. Just use promo code 15OFF2* (T&C Applied).

Steps to Obtain Trial Version Of DirectTV Now

  • Open your web browser and type this link in the address bar:
  • Now select your trial period plan and continue to checkout.
  • Enter your personal details in the form appeared next and submit.
  • Your trial period is On for free 7 days streaming.
Official Link for the trial version of DirectTV Now

How To Watch Game Of Thrones Without HBO TV Subscription?

The best way to watch Game of Thrones without HBO is HBO online without cable that only needs the internet connection. Without a cable TV subscription, you can get access to HBO online.

Whenever you got a puzzle about where to watch Game of Thrones for free then go through the above list, you will get all the solutions to your questions.

Where to watch Game of Thrones for free in different countries?


1. Foxtel Now

Foxtel now is the improved streaming service for Foxtel and simple way to watch Game of Thrones in Australia. It has covered 2 episodes out of 6 in its trial version, and you have to pay the US $ 25 to watch rest of 4.

2. NBN

NBN is the broadband internet service in Australia that offers almost 100 plans for watching Game of Thrones.


There are two options available to catch the Game of Thrones in Canada

  1. You can subscribe HBO with the help of any Network supplier.
  2. Another way is to make use of Crave TV to stream game of thrones by subscribing to the CraveTV+Movies+HBO package. It also offers a free subscription for one month to new users.

New Zealand

There are two options available that allow you to watch Game of Thrones season 8 in New Zealand on the same day as they released in the US

  • Sky premium entertainment channels will enable you to view Game of Thrones live on their SOHO channel, or you can even record it and watch it later.
  • The new episodes of games of Thrones can be streamed on Neon the same day it has been aired on HBO, but it is not done impulsively as the NEON has to wait for the episodes to be sent by HBO.

United Kingdom

There are 2 ways for the fans from the UK to watch Games of Thrones

  1. You can stream Game of Thrones from sky TV. You be aware before streaming it might be expensive and try to grab the best package to watch Game of Thrones.
  2. Now TV offers the 7-days trial pass that means you can watch the episode of Game of Thrones once it aired for free. After the trial period, you can subscribe to Now TV that offers 3 months subscription only for 17.99 pounds.

Can we Stream Game of Thrones on Netflix?

Netflix is a top-rated streaming service, but unfortunately, as of now you cannot stream Game of Thrones on Netflix.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Popularity Index

Game of Thrones is no doubt very popular series and if we try to measure its popularity, we have found the numbers that are telling themselves when the episodes goes on air in USA.

Wrapping Up

Finally, we are wrapping up with the methods of how to watch Game of Thrones season 8 for free. Go through the article and enjoy the free but legal techniques to watch Game of Thrones. Share your experience of using these services with us.

If you know any other methods through which you can watch Game of Thrones free, then do share it with us. Your feedback always welcomed by us.

Till then enjoy the world of entertainment!

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