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How do You Change Your Name in Roblox for Free

Roblox Name Change

Let’s learn the legit method about how you can change your name on roblox for free. Yes, it is possible to get new roblox name for yourself without losing 1000 robux.

It is obvious that sometimes we can make spelling mistakes in our names while registering for platforms like roblox. Or maybe we don’t like the name which we just registered.

It doesn’t mean that you need to give one thousand robux for the mistake you just did.

There is actually an efficient way to change your roblox name for entirely free.

But what if your roblox account is old one with lots of progress happened in it? In this case, check out the below mentioned step by step guide to change your name in roblox for free.

Also, try the below-mentioned method only if your account is newly created, and the progress you have made in your account is not that important for you.

How to Change Your Name in Roblox For Free Without Spending 1000 Robux?

See, if you are new to roblox and did not explore much in the roblox studio yet, then this method is only for you.

  1. Log out of your existing roblox account.
  2. Create a brand new email address to use for roblox.
  3. Then simply Create New Roblox Account with your desired name (username).

You may be thinking that this is not a proper solution to change your roblox name for free. But believe us, it is the only solution you can do if your roblox account is not too old or if you haven’t explored much with your roblox account.

Think about it, I mean if you can save your valuable money by not purchasing 1000 robux; isn’t it’s a great idea to switch your just created roblox account with the new one? (Also, try to cancel your old roblox account if possible.)

This method will surely save your robux which you will be investing in much important things rather than wasting them on just changing your roblox name.

If you are really short on robux then why not earn some free robux utilizing our guide which explains top 8 ways to get free robux in roblox.

I mean at the beginning of your roblox journey, I don’t think you will find the better idea than this one.

Overall, if you are ready to sacrifice your progress of the account, then and only then you should go with this working method to change your roblox name for free. Because, in this method, you are simply creating a new roblox account with your new name, and that’s it.

Keep in mind that you cannot import your old account roblox data into your new account. So, think twice before doing it with your account. However, for new roblox account holders, it is still an ideal way to change username for roblox account. Isn’t it?

How to Change Your Name on Roblox? A Free Guide

When it comes to saving your all the account progress, you should follow the standard process given on the Roblox’s official site for changing your username or just read the same given below.

  • Login with your existing roblox username and password which you are using currently.
  • On the top right side of your roblox dashboard, you will see a settings icon (can be recognized by the picture of a gear), click on it to go to your account settings.

Login to Roblox and Go to Settings

  • Now you can see your existing username with the hidden password in your account information section.
  • Now click on the Edit icon visible in front of your username to edit your roblox name.

Click to Edit Your Username

  • If your roblox account is not email verified, then you may see the email verification message asking you to verify your email first, before changing your name in the roblox.

Verify Your Email or Phone Number

  • Once you verified your email and phone number (if needed), then you can continue changing your roblox username. You can also use roblox password reset option available right below of the username of yours if you want to reset your password available with roblox. Keep your roblox password safe and don’t share it with anyone. There are lots of people use various roblox password guessing techniques to try to get access to your account.

Change Your Name

  • As I said before, this is a standard procedure to change your name in roblox, so you need to spend 1000 robux in order to change your name on roblox if you go through this method.

We know that it is not really necessary for roblox to charge that much robux for the little mistake in the name we did back in or to change the entire name with new one.

Users are too frustrated about this situation today; they cannot even change their simple roblox usernames, while it should have been like a piece of cake.

Even while searching for this issue online, I found some of the user reactions regarding this problem over the internet. Usually, they were not satisfied with this rule of spending robux.

Is it really that hard to change your roblox username for free once submitted?

Is it because they don’t want to miss this opportunity to get your valuable earned robux?

But if you really don’t want to spend the robux, then what would be the best option for you?

Don’t you worry; we know how to change your name in roblox for free. In fact, we have tried this one successfully.

Just follow the above mentioned methods to save 1000 robux while changing your roblox name.


So in our study, we found that you can change your roblox name for free in your roblox account. And the method we studied is 100% legit and working one.

However, we are totally agree that we cannot change a roblox name for an old account and keep the progress it has in it as it is without paying a name change fees to roblox.

It is impossible for anyone to change the username of the same roblox account without spending robux currency as name change fees.

So, the better (free) option for any new user is to simply register again in the roblox with his correct desired name and simply delete the old (which contains wrong/miss-typed username) roblox account.

Now that we know how to change our name in roblox for free, it is time to implement this method and tell your friends that you have a working method to change your roblox name for free.

Let your friends know how you change your name in roblox for free with a legit way.

If you found this information helpful, then please share it with your friends and help us grow our website. You can comment your thoughts on this article if you want. (We will feel better) Negative or Positive whatsoever, it means a lot to us.

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