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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack & Cheats For Free Currency

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is an augmented-reality and location-based game, currently being developed by Niantic India, under Niantic Inc.

The game consists of you becoming either a witch, or a wizard, and roam around while collecting ‘foundables’, and fighting against the defenders of the Calamity, in order to protect and preserve the International Statue for Wizarding Secrecy. The game will also be having many characters from the original Harry Potter series, which you can even interact with.

Similar to the Pokedex in Pokemon GO, Harry Potter Wizards Unite has something called the Vault, which is used to store all your in-game belongings. The in-game currency is not yet known completely about, although some sources confirm it to be galleons. We’ve also found hints that the game will be containing in-game purchases through micro-transactions, and some of the in-game resources would be various potions and magic wands.

After collecting and manipulating data and information from various sources, we’ve finally come up with 5 best Harry Potter Wizards Unite cheats and tricks, to guide you in earning a whole lot of in-game resources, that too with minimal efforts.

Top 5 Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hacks & Cheats

Disclaimer: The development of this game is still in progress. The irrelevance of any Harry Potter Wizards Unite cheats, facts or points stated in this article with the original game is totally unintentional.


There are 3 special locations as marked on the map, that you’ve got to know about:

  • Inns – You can come here in order to collect magic energy, that’s used for all of your magical spells.
  • Greenhouses – Various ingredients used to create potions will be available at these spots.
  • Fortresses – Containing the highest number of foundables, these locations also have many powerful beasts, also known as cofoundables, for you to fight against.


I’d suggest that except these special spots, you should also be roaming around and exploring various places in the map. There are numerous ‘traces’ that you’d be finding, which are basically like the aftermath of magic spells. Depending on the intensity of the spells, the traces can be either big or just minute ones.

  • Traces lead us to the foundables and confoundables. In a few leaks, it has been observed that there will be a trace of Harry Potter (the foundable) having been trapped by a Dementor (the confoundable). Casting spells on such confoundables, and conquering the foundables can make you earn more rewards. It will also help level up your profile.


It’s important that you know where and how to unleash your magical powers in order to defeat the enemy. This is an ultimate Harry Potter Wizards Unite hack that we’ve studied in-depth, to conceive the tricks to earn legit resources in the game, as mentioned below:

  • Similar to Gyms in Pokemon GO, fortresses are places where we can challenge the beasts and other creatures defending the Calamity, in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. But it’s advisable to go there only with your team, as the cynical and fatalistic creatures present there will easily overpower even the best magical spells that you’ve learned. Imagine yourself facing a Death Eater on your very first day in the game. That sounds horrible right?
  • A ‘Duel’ is another form of battle that you may have with a dark wizard that you encounter. While playing Duels, it’s crucial to revert back and forth among attacking and defensive spells in the blink of an eye. During a spell fight, you need to practise concentrating on the spell patterns displayed on your screen.
  • If you suffer from too much damage caused by the opponent’s spells, you can use the potions that you have in your vault.

The game inflicts various penalties on your profile if too many of your spells end up being dross and useless.


The facts that you can completely customize and set-up your character and magic wands, have an official Task Force ID and choose your career, make this game dissimilar to many other augmented-reality games.

There will be three alternatives for you to choose your career from:

  1. An Auror (expert in fighting and restraining the Dark witches and wizards)
  2. A Magizoologist (trained in studying various magical creatures)
  3. A Professor (skilled in teaching magical spells)

Although, once you make your ideal choices at the beginning, it doesn’t make you bound to those throughout the game. But, as you progress with a certain profession, it will eventually become more laborious for you to start it all over again. Also choosing the perfect career is a really constructive step to make you learn things more passionately, thus making you win most of the spell fights in the future and earning you lots of rewards.

So these Harry Potter Wizards Unite cheats would help you to select the supreme career for yourself:

  • If your motive is to fight and revolt against the bad characters of the game, you could end up with learning to be an Auror. By becoming an Auror, you could be an auspicious member of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, under the Ministry of Magic.
  • But if you’re a fan of characters such as Newt Schmander, you can take up the subject of Magizoology without any concern.
  • If you like to teach magic spells to your fellow students and want to be like Prof. Kettleburn someday, then this is the foremost opportunity for you.


Once you’ve chosen an ideal career for yourself, the most strenuous task is to learn that profession and acquire the perfect set of skills for being at that position.

  • Complete every chapter, while learning all the crux points from it. It’ll be really hectic if you miss out on a spell, as you’ll have to travel all the way back to revisit that.
  • Give enough time to the game in order to make your skills more fruitful. Don’t rush too much while aiming to earn more resources effortlessly, and try to make yourself dedicated to the game as much as possible.

What About Harry Potter Unite Hack Tools And Generator? Are They Legit?

I’ve already noticed quite a few such apps and many unlawful and illicit Harry Potter Wizards Unite cheats being published on the internet, which claim to reward you with unlimited resources.

By incorporating such false assertions, you would not only squander a whole lot of time and energy but also these may get you permanently banned from the game if anyhow, the servers detect unusual modifications in your profile stats.

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