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Golf Clash Cheats & Hacks For Free Gems Coins Legally

If you are a truly steadfast Golf admirer like me, and dream to score an ace or an albatross someday, I’d suggest that the game Golf Clash developed by Playdemic, will surely make you spoilt for choice. It’s an entirely naturalistic simulation of a real-life game of Golf against other players.

Now, the really fascinating trait of this game is that, you get awarded with coins, gems and other rewards, as much as you play on, and these rewards can be spent to fetch dozens of in-game purchases, such as clubs, balls, and chests from the in-game store.

The thrilling and persistent desire of its users, to stack up a bunch of coins, has brought this game into vogue significantly. This has eventually led to the genesis and manipulation of several Golf Clash Cheats which have altogether emerged as an easy and swift alternative to earning extra coins and gems in a very short span of time.

So, in this article, we are going to sharing with you; a bunch of admissible and legitimate Golf Clash Cheats, to earn additional coins, and in-game resources so that you can experience the true delight of the game.

6 Golf Clash Cheats & Hacks Legally Gain Free Gems Coins

1. Connect Your Facebook Account

Link your Facebook account with the game, and earn a FREE Platinum Chest which bonuses you with attractive items like Clubs, Balls and Gems. This one among all the Golf Clash tricks will come handy if you’ve good contacts with some of your Facebook friends interested in this game.

All you have to do is, visit the ‘Social Hub’ of the game, located in the bottom left part of the homepage. Just click on the ‘Connect to Facebook’ button in green, and login using your Facebook credentials.

*No need to worry about your data getting imparted, it’s totally safe.

And, there it is, you have your brand new Platinum Chest for free! But please, don’t forget to unlock the awarded chest as it takes a really long time to open.

2. Receive Free Gifts From Your Friends

The game offers a really compelling feature, and that is to invite any of your Facebook friends to send/receive in-game coins to/from them. It’s a really great Golf Clash hack to earn free coins especially if a lot of your friends are interested in such online multiplayer games.

  • You can gift your friends with coins, and also ask them to send you coins, through the Social Hub of the game.
  • You could challenge your friends over a game of golf, thus earning Golf Clash free coins.

3. Play Tours

If you desire to start off this game with a zestful spirit, and want to build and set up a vibrant record right from the beginning of your journey in this game, this one among all the Golf Clash Cheats is a terrific option for you.

In the 1 VS 1 mode of the game, you get to choose and play among 12 tours, each of them distinguishable in certain factors such as Entry Fee, Prizes and difficulty level. For Example, Tour 1 has an Entry Fee of 50 Coins, Prizes worth 100 Coins and 1 Clan Point.

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Also, for every 8 balls that you pin, you’ll be receiving an exclusive ‘Pin Chest’ with certain rewards.

Although, competing in the Tours may seem to be an uncertain and firm investment at the first place the prizes are worth much more value.

  • You’ll need to play more and possess a certain number of trophies to advance to the following Tour. The highest level tour has a net prize of about 20 million coins.
  • For every different tour, there is a certain limit to the number of trophies earned, in order to max out that tour; post which no more games can be played in that tour.
  • It is also fairly important for you to have a regular peek on the number of coins left, because if you spend all of your coins in a tour, which you’re not up to the mark for, you may have no more resources left to upgrade your clubs and balls.
  • I’d always suggest staking only a certain number of coins which you’ve earned as profits so that you always have a surplus of coins.

4. Upgrade Golf Bag Components

Although it may sound too trivial or futile to a lot of users, the clubs and golf-balls that you use can significantly uplift and boost your performance during the game. This golf clash hack will eventually make you win more games, and hence, you can obtain more resources.

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There are a number of clubs, based on different kinds of shots to be used for, such as Tee, Fairway and Out of the Rough Shots. It’s important that you choose the ideal club to play each category of shots, and with which you’re quite comfortable and familiar to.

  • Clubs have several facets which define their overall performance, such as Power, Accuracy, Top Spin, Back Spin, Curl and Ball Guide.
  • You can also compare your current club with another club by clicking the ‘Compare’ button while buying another club from the in-game Store.

Now, coming to upgrading golf balls, it proves to be deciding a really vital aspect of your game, as distinct golf-balls possess discrete features such as Wind Resistance, Sidespin and Power.

  • For beginners, I’d recommend the Basic ball, Marlin and Navigator, as they turn out to be really effective, and they don’t require much expertise to play with.
  • You can buy golf-balls in terms of Packs, at the cost of Gems.

But hold-up, do not invest too many coins in upgrades, such that you are left with too less coins to participate in tours.

5. Play More to Join & Create Clans

A really captivating feature of the game is that, you can join or even create your own clans. By using this one among the Golf Clash tricks, you can uplift both your performance and reputation in the game.

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A single Golf Clash Clan can comprise of up to 50 players. The members of a clan can: chat among themselves, create strategies, and fight in clan leagues together to earn Clan Rewards. Each member of a clan will have the Clan name and badge displayed on their profile.

  • To create/join a clan, you must have achieved the Rookie I Division of the Weekly Golf League. You need to play more and more games efficiently, in order to upgrade your rank to the Rookie I Division.
  • You can simply join any clan from the list displayed, or search and join a specific clan.
  • Clan rewards will be given to you in the form of perks and bonuses, such as Coins and Gems.

6. Log -In More Often to Earn Free Chests

I know, this is a really weird and nasty task to be implemented, but considering the outcome, anybody would be ready to administer this option, as it turns out to stand as the easiest of all the Golf Clash Cheats present here.

  • In every 4 hours, you can achieve a FREE Chest just by logging in to the Golf Clash’s homepage.
  • You can get Golf Clash free coins, along with Gems, Club Cards and other resources in these FREE Chests.

What are Golf Clash Generators? Are They Legit? Of course Not read ahead..

golf clash hack

With evolution, there comes a few drawbacks too, just as in the case of Golf Clash Generators.

There are dozens of apps and mods available on the Google Play Store and various websites, which claim to award you with unlimited coins, gems and other resources.

But little do we know at first, that it’s all a hoax, and an erroneous method used by numerous app developers to fool the internet users. They all seem to be vowing to give you Golf Clash Free Coins, using legal and working Golf Clash Cheats and tricks, but none of them ever do so, and can even result in your in-game account being banned permanently.

  • These apps insist the user to input their account details, which may get leaked and misused.
  • These unlawful Golf Clash cheats may conflict with Golf Clash’s policies. And lastly, it’s a general and undeniable fact that the game’s developers would never want their products to be misused, thus, they’ll surely mark you prohibited.

Just in case, you want to know the rationale of such illegal Golf Clash Cheats and hacks not working, it’s because Golf Clash is a fully online game, and it’s mandatory for you to be connected to the internet while playing this game. And all of the game’s servers on the internet, keep regulating and scanning every second, for any irregularity or contortion in the gameplay, thus ruling out any illegal Golf Clash hack.

Thus, considering all facts and certainty of these Golf Clash Cheats, I’d suggest that you use only legal, legit and trustworthy hacks and tricks to earn and enjoy all the resources in the game.

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