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Creative Destruction Tips and Tricks on Faster Progress throughout the Game

creative destruction tips and tricks

Are you trying to winning in Creative Destruction game faster? Want to become the greatest player ever?

If yes, then in order to achieve all targets, one needs to follow master Tips and Cheats for Creative Destruction game.

Don’t panic; you don’t need to waste more time to find different tips as here we are going to mention all useful methods to progress.

Well, the primary key of Creative Destruction game depends upon, finding weapons, surviving till last and shooting all enemies.

Keep an eye on the storm

Aside from other online players, the game will also try to kill you with the safe zone as well as with storms.

The storm is an area outside the safe zone circle.  Going into storm reduces the health quickly, and you’ll get defeated. So try to get in a safe zone as much as possible to avoid storms or to survive in the game.

Aim for a landing spot that’s packed with buildings and houses

Landing on that spot, which is covered with building and houses helps the [players a lot. They can find lots of weapons and items in buildings or homes.

So always aim to land on-premises spot where you can find powerful weapons to kill all other 99 players.

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Go with teammates

Either playing in solo mode, you are suggested to play with teammates; it means in squad or duo mode.

In case when you knockdown by other players, you are able to get survive from teammates. It helps you to survive until the end and earn the final reward.

Play daily missions and events

Playing daily events and tasks help a player to train her or himself more. They can easily understand how to survive in the game and how to earn more rewards.

Don’t forget to finish daily missions and events to progress in the game faster.

Also completing daily tasks and activities offers different kinds of rewards, in-game currencies, besides bonuses to players.


In Creative Destruction Game, the map plays a vital role as from these players can find all things as well as their enemies. Every player must keep an eye on the map more.

One can see footprints or enemies when they come near him/her. Also, it is suggested for all users to find a specific building top where they can quickly shot all other enemies without getting crushed by them.

In-game currencies

Yes, like all other games, Creative Destruction also includes some kinds of currencies from which different tasks can be performed besides different game items can be purchased.

Maintaining all game currencies in right amount help users to play smoothly even progress in-the game faster like no one another can.

Well, there are three main kinds of currencies used in Creative Destruction namely-

  • Gold- the premium currency of the game
  • Diamonds- also a premium as well as the crucial currency of the game
  • Star coins- primary currency of the game.