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Matchington Mansion Hack & Cheats Earn Free Coins

matchington mansion hack

Matchington Mansion works pretty well in developing you a virtual mansion, according to your wish, at the comfort of your palm. Even more interesting is the fact that you can do so by playing simple and straightforward puzzle matches!

The more you play, the more rewards will you receive, which are to be utilized in renovating the mansion of your dreams. But investing upon these ideas seem to cost a huge amount of coins and other in-game resources, which can take weeks to be collected. So our clear-cut motive in this article would be to provide you with the simplest and most effective Matchington Mansion hack to earn more resources.

8 Best Matchington Mansion Hacks & Cheats For Free Coins


The in-game character Antonio assists you with all your queries about how to refurbish your house in a better way. It will also be awarding you additional coins and lives for logging in every day.


As with most of the games, this Matchington Mansion hack would earn you up to 500 coins by just signing in to your Facebook profile through the game.

  • On the game’s landing page, you will get an option called ‘Log in to Facebook’. Click on that option and give your login credentials in order to activate the same.
  • You can see which of your Facebook friends are playing at the moment. You can also view their profile stats and compete with them.
  • Earn free lives by receiving gifts from your Facebook friends, which can be used later in the game.


Yes, you got that right! The lesser number of moves you play in a puzzle game, the more valuable coins and resources will you receive.

  • An undeniable Matchington Mansion hack is that the rewards you receive are irrespective of the total points you achieve in a match. So don’t focus on a greater number of moves.
  • Analyze and set a target for the minimum number of pillows, of each color, that you need in order to level up.
  • Implement the match-three feature in the puzzle, i.e. to match more than 3 tiles. This can earn you a ‘special tile’ which gets you a huge deal of pillows.
  • Always have a look at the counter on the left side of your screen, which displays the number of moves that you have left in a game. In case of a very few moves left, act more decisively and take ample time in choosing your ideal move.
  • Even if you end up demolishing all your moves, you can still pay 500 coins to restore 5 moves. Thus, it’s much better if you have already saved enough coins for this purpose.


As mentioned above, on matching at least 4 tiles, you can get a special tile. But it’s an extremely important aspect of the game for you to know about the most productive uses of the same.

We have mentioned all the types of power-ups, and how to use them:

  • Single firecracker – (i) received on matching 4 tiles in a square

(ii) blows a small explosion collection and clearing out very few

Tiles surrounding it.

  • Double firecracker – (i) it’s basically the spiced up version of a single firecracker and

can be received on matching 4 tiles.

(ii) swap it with a pillow to a certain direction and it collects out

an entire column/row.

(iii) double tapping it blows the firecracker, thus cleaning up

all the pillows around it.

  • Big Firecracker – (i) received on forming a T or L shaped match for the tiles.

(ii) creates the biggest explosion and swallows a large number of

pillows around it.

  • Rainbow – (i) received on matching 5 pillows together

(ii) swiping the Rainbow tile with that of a specific color would eliminate all

the other tiles of the same color from the board.

These power-ups/boosters are mainly used to get you out of any strenuous situation in a puzzle match.

Now that you’ve got a brief idea about all the special tiles, you need to learn the following Matchington Mansion hack to use them efficiently.

  • As you progress much into a puzzle match, it becomes increasingly difficult to collect power-ups by matching tiles. Thus, it’s important to preserve them until the match ends.
  • You need to choose your moves with the boosters smartly, so don’t use them too often. Instead, retry the game for as many times as possible. Using the firecrackers or rainbows should be the least prior steps to take.
  • Swiping any of these power-ups will create the strongest detonation, leaving you with huge reserves of pillows. Once again, use this feature only when you’re required to get out of an unwanted stage in the game, which is preventing you from winning.


Earning coins and renovating your mansion is a time consuming and hectic task to accomplish. But it’s the foremost Matchington Mansion hack to gain more experience in the game and win more rewards.

  • Attempt each game more than once to add up to your pillows and move up to the next level.
  • Don’t rush while using your stars. It’s important to renovate your mansion, but not to gamble all your resources over the same.


Matchington Mansion allows you to be social, and visit your friends’ mansion.

  • Analyze their standards of playing, and how frequently they upgrade each section of their house.
  • Click on the star symbol on the lower left side of your screen, followed by tapping on ‘Visit’.


  • After every puzzle match, you’ll get a star rating out of 3. Don’t forget to collect these stars in order to redeem them later.
  • These stars can earn you rewards when they’re collected up to a certain number. The rewards are mostly gold coins, which you can use in furnishing your mansion. You can also extend new rooms in your mansion using these coins.
  • Keep collecting more stars and as you progress in the game, you’ll be receiving better rewards by redeeming them from time to time.
  • As mentioned earlier, the lesser number of moves you incorporate in a single puzzle match, more will be the number of stars you earn.


You can look up for numerous decorative items and furniture, available through the in-game store. At some point, you may get confused about what upgrades you really need at the moment. So these Matchington Mansion cheats and tricks mentioned below will assist you in choosing the most prominent needs to fulfill:

  • Before making any purchases, go through a few other mansions. Many times we might find a much cheaper and better alternative to our purchase, with some other player. A huge deal of resources can be conserved hereafter.
  • Use coins to restore moves (when you’ve got none left), only when you’re totally confident about having capitalized the match.
  • Before entering any match, peek at the number of pillows left for you to collect in order to level up your profile in the game. There’s no need to expend coins on a game that’s least important to win.
  • Even if you lose a match, it’s advisable to try it out a good number of times, before using power-ups or coins to our help.

Apart from working on the Matchington Mansion cheats mentioned above, it’s utterly important for you to be calm and patient while playing this game. As it works out with most of the virtual-fantasy games, following your instincts is not always the most appropriate choice that you’ve got. Accordingly, you will also have to play with the utmost dedication to follow up with your rivals in this game.

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Township Hacks & Cheats to Get Free Coins Legitimately

township hack

Township, developed by Playrix, being one of the most popular city-building simulators (available on Android, iOS, MacOS and Flash), has an excellent in-game currency management system using coins. But as the resources are quite hard to be earned as a beginner, we would be stating the ideal Township hack to earn surplus coins daily, and enhance your in-game experience.

10 Best Township Hacks And Cheats To Use in 2019 (Only Legal Ways)


The game serves treasures for its regular players, as they can get a bunch of Township free coins every single day, just by logging in to the game.

Just log in to the game, and after a few seconds, you’ll observe a box pop up labelled as Daily Rewards. Click on the reward to claim it, and bam! You’ve got free coins without spending even a minute in the game.

The Daily Rewards are listed below: 

If you log in for more than 5 days, you’ll keep on receiving 1200 Township free cash every day after that, and trust me, even though it seems to be too low right now, you’ll find it extremely helpful during the intermediate stages of the game.

As you keep levelling up, the rewards from other sources degrade in their values. But Daily Rewards would remain the same even if you keep logging in for decades consecutively.

This Township hack works only when you log in every day, otherwise the rewards will be reset to Day 1 straight away.


 With this convenient Township hack, in every few hours, you can collect gifts from various parts of your township. These are offered by the local citizens to you for keeping them happy from time-to-time.

These gifts can be collected by clicking on the balloon symbol on top of several locations in your town.

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To receive these gifts using such Township cheats, you must work hard and maintain your city, in order to make the people satisfied through your services.

Keep logging in more often to collect gifts, as you can get 100-200 coins worth of rewards in just 1 hour, and sometimes even more, depending on the total population of your town.


Yes, you heard that right. With this Township hack, you can win additional coins by participating in Regatta races &  leagues every day.

To claim your rewards, go to the Regatta house in your city. The symbol of a trophy displayed above it shows that you’ve attained a good position in the race and are eligible for a reward.

It displays your Co-op score along with your Co-op position in the Regatta race.

You can also view your overall position in the race, and try to improvise according to it.


 A good and easy Township hack for earning additional coins and experience points is to help your friends by donating excess resources. You have 2 types of friends in this game: (i) Common friends; and (ii) Co-op friends.

 (i) Common friends – To gain coins from such friends, go to the list of common friends –  Choose any player, followed by clicking on his Train Station – Load the resources requested by him, by clicking on the respective boogie. That’s all, now you can have your free coins and experience points.

 (ii) Co-op friends – For donating to such friends, go to the Co-op community page – Check for any product request messages – Click on the ‘Help’ button in any such request message to donate.

 But, just as a precaution, check the required number of resources by clicking on the boogie once, and don’t try to show generosity by donating items that you lack in.


You can have a number of cafes in your town, through which you can sell the products that you grow in the farms, such as strawberries, coconuts, etc.

By putting up such items on sale, you can earn coins, experience points and hearts in the game.

You can gain thousands of coins as profit, by selling up to 8 products in your cafe.

The items may get sold quickly, thus it’s a great option to peek upon the cafe every now and then. Put up new products whenever you have them, at the earliest.

This is the perfect Township hack to earn the most amount of coins in the shortest span of time.


Features such as loading trains with materials have developed Township as much closer to the real-world scenario. Such an option is to ship your orders through aeroplanes and helicopters. The steps involved in this Township hack, have been mentioned below:

(i) Stock up various items by farming, or requesting from your co-op friends.

(ii) Load the products according to their respective orders into the aeroplane/helicopter.

  • For loading in an aeroplane, click on the little white button on bottom-right of the screen with a dedicated symbol. When all the boxes are loaded, send the aeroplane off by pressing the green button.
  • For shipping through a helicopter, just load the orders and send it to their respective consignees by clicking on their locations marked on the map.

There are several benefits of selling products through such cheats for Township:

  • Player may earn a large number of coins through a single order.
  • Receive experience points for free, which can help level up your profile.
  • You can increase your town’s business capitals by buying more number of helicopters and planes to deliver orders.


You have an option to sell off the smaller and unnecessary houses in your province, to plan and organise your town into a beautiful version of itself.

The steps to do so are:

(i) Enter the EDIT mode in the game.

(ii) Click on the house/decorative item that you wish to sell.

(iii) Very importantly, check the value for which the house is ready to be sold. Don’t sell the bigger in order to gain more coins, as it will spoil your city’s ambience.

(iii) Press the green ‘Sell’ button to confirm your transaction.

By selling these houses and decorations, you get certain benefits:

It will free up much of the unused space in your town and at the same time, will earn you the much-deserved coins.

Although it will cut down the population by a minimal extent, you can utilize the coins received from the sale, to upgrade another building and gain the population back again.

Bigger is the building that you sell, more will be the number of coins received. But try not to get rid of the higher tier buildings just for earning a few coins. This can demolish a large population of your city, and also there’s only loss in selling the bigger houses. Because the coins received by selling it would be hardly 1/3rd of the total price paid for upgrading it to that level.

What About Township Online Hack Tools And Generators?

Fact : – Being a fully cloud-based game, Township can’t be hacked through any method, to make it produce unlimited rewards. Hence, all such fake and false websites and apps published on the internet and claiming to provide unlimited free coins are hoax and does not work, They implement such engrossing titles and taglines for getting more views.

They will mostly display ads and collect reviews from you, or ask you to unlock offers by installing and signing up to various other fraud apps & websites.

Don’t provide any personal details to these scams, as your data is sold to marketing and advertising agencies.

Your account in the game may get banned for using such unlawful cheats for Township to earn more coins.

What Would I Suggest?

Please give sufficient time and efforts to the game in order to excel in it. There’s certainly no other shortcut to ‘winning’ the game in a really short time period. Implement only legit and useful Township cheats, as stated above in this article, to ace in the game!

Check out more tips and tricks to earn coins in the township in the following source

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Fortnite Beginners Guide

fortnite beginners guide

Fortnite is a stunning creation of Epic Games which was launched in 2017. It is an online battle game and has three versions, Spare the world campaign, the Battle Royale and Creative mode. The main purpose that the game serves is to free the world from the monsters who are stealing everything like the towns, cities and even families.

You are the one having potential to defeat the opponent therefore, you ought to take the command to take back everything by gathering alliance and other necessary assets. What’s more interesting, you and your squad must be the last one standing which makes the game even more challenging.

The game is acknowledged well by its 3D cartoon-style graphics though the target is common. Since you are the commander so planning wisely will allow and your group to remain alive.

There is in-game currency present in the game naming v bucks which stands for vidertech bucks or vinderbucks which can be used to purchase all in game items such as costumes, emotes, battle pass in battle royale and so many things, If you want to get free v bucks in fortnite then checkout our excellent article on Top 9 best ways to get free v bucks in fortnite.

It might seem easy to you to achieve but practically it is challenging since you are not alone leader in this game. Besides, other squads also have a same target, each having 99 teammates. Though working together can conveniently reducing the opponents but you must compete indirectly to score best of all.

Even the team of four individuals or 50 vs 50 squad modes might help you to achieve your target, still you have to be on the top.

Fortnite System Requirements

Fortnite is accessible on various platforms, however ensure your resources meet the basic necessities so it do not obstruct your entertainment. Look at the necessities underneath.

PC and Mac

If you have a PC or Mac, then downloading Epic Games takes a required amount of space. The Intel HD 4000 or Iris Pro 5200 GPU, a Core of i3, a CPU having a space of 2.4GHz, and a RAM of 4GB are the gadgets you require.

The suggested specs request all the more dominant equipment like you can get a Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 if you do not have  DX11 GPU with a 2GB VRAM, a Core i5,  CPU of 2.8GHz, and 8GB  RAM.

Fortnite additionally requires your machine to keep running in any event the Windows 7 or mac OS X Sierra (10.12.6) working frameworks. Note that your mac OS gadget should likewise bolster the Metal API. Additionally, Fortnite will occupy 20GB of disk space once you install it.

iPhone and iPad

If you want to download Fortnite on your iPhone or an iPad then the model must be the one of the list given below:

You can simply download the game from the iPad or iPhone’s application store. For detailed understanding just visit the website. However, remember that Fortnite does not run on iPod touch


Fortnite landed on Android some time back, yet you expected to agree to accept the beta and be endorsed before gaining admittance to the amusement. Epic Games has since evacuated that prerequisite and anybody with a perfect gadget can download and play the game.

Note that Fortnite is bypassing the Play Store of Google and is rather accessible as a download from the developer’s website. Ensure that any application you download must be from an authentic source, since this workaround opens your gadget to potential vulnerabilities.

Take a look at Epic’s rundown of perfect Android gadgets before getting also amped up for playing. The Essential PH-1, LG G6, OnePlus 6, and all Google Pixel models fits in the category of the devices in which you can install Fortnite.

Xbox and PlayStation

Any of the most recent Xbox One consoles can run Fortnite, including the Xbox One X$389.90 at Amazon. Due to early access in 2018, players who have registered in Xbox used to receive a Gold membership so as to play the Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode.

All models of the PlayStation 4 can run Fortnite. You don’t need to have membership of PS Plus to get entertained. As of late, Sony declared cross-play support for Fortnite on the PS4, after noteworthy player reaction against Sony’s underlying refusal to offer this ability. The component is presently in open beta, so players can utilize a similar record over all platforms.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo just makes one variant of the Switch and Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is certainly a notable Switch diversions you can download for the handheld support. Simply visit the Nintendo Store.

Epic Games has no designs to dispatch the PvE mode ‘Save the World’ on the platform.

If you are a newbie to the fortnite, then you need to learn more about the game modes of the fortnite, you can check them out here.

The Gameplay

Though this game does not follow any particular story but it still provides a challenging battleground for the players to quench the thirst of amusement. You have to gather alliances and the necessary assets that can help you to achieve your goal, stand till the end.

Numerous quests appear on the screen telling you the direction, you have to go. There is a great variety of weapons and heroes available for you to choose from.

Throughout the game you have to keep your eye on the situation, collect items, construct, search for weapons, beware of the approaching danger, increase your experience, find vehicles for convenient transportation, and group up with different people to ensure your security so you can achieve your destiny with ease.

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Clash Royale Hacks & Cheats For Free Gems Legally in Game

Hey! Hope you all are having a good time using your goblins to knock down your opponent’s towers. As we all know, Clash Royale has brought up immense success and prosperity to the world of virtual warfare. It’s really interesting how you can command all your troops with a single tap.

But you must be aware of the fact that to boost your performance in the game, you’ll need to earn a whole bunch of in-game resources such as cards and gems.

Of course, it’s truly a matter of your efforts and dedication towards the game, but why don’t we have look at some easy-peasy and short-term Clash Royale hacks to bank more supplies?

Top 8 Free Ways To Get Free Gems using Legit Clash Royale Hack


The game assigns you a set of milestones, which you need to accomplish, in order to receive exciting rewards.

  • The most likely aspect of Daily Achievements is that they are the most prominent methods to earn you Clash Royale free gems. And if you’re a beginner, it’s a master-key for you to help your performance grow in the future.
  • By completing these tasks, you also get Experience Points. These points are used to level up your profile in the game. On the game’s landing page, you can see a blue bar on the top-left side of your screen, which depicts the requirement for the next level and also your current progress.
  • Don’t forget to check your daily tasks as the first place on entering the game. Whatever tasks show up, work hard to fulfil its terms, to earn free gifts.


Before we go on to the mainstream Clash Royale hacks to win any game, we’d like to share with you some information regarding the types of troops in this game.

  • There are 4-types of troop cards present in this game, as mentioned below:

(i) Common: – found more often in the chests and the card shop

-Low to moderate damage levels

-Low self-defence levels

-Most famous troops: Minions, Barbarians & Goblins

(ii) Rare: -easily found are chests and the card shop

-Moderate damage levels

-Moderate self-defence levels

-Most famous troops: Giant, Wizard & Three Musketeers

(iii) Epic: -mostly found in higher tier chests, and on special days in the card shop

-High damage levels

-Moderate to high self-defence levels

-Most famous troops: Prince, Giant Skeleton, P.E.K.K.A. & Golem

(iii) Legendary: -rarely found in chests and the card shop

-Lethal damage levels

-High self-defence levels

-Most famous troops: Sparky, Ice Wizard & Lava Hound

Each of the troops requires different elixir to be deployed, and so it’s important to select the perfect combination of troop cards in your deck. Later in this article, we’ll be talking about several helpful tips to do so.


You may have a broad variety of troops, but that’s useless unless you upgrade their performance to the maximum threshold. Troops can be upgraded through their respective cards available in chests, and the card shop (bought with coins). For upgrading them, you’ll have to spend a sum of coins.

So here are some crucial Clash Royale hacks to boost the performance of your troops significantly:

  • Invest your resources in upgrading higher tier troops first. This will increase the overall damage of your side.
  • Don’t gamble all your resources over buying new cards, as you get a sufficient number of cards through playing battles and opening chests.


As we know that you require elixirs to deploy troops in a battle, and various troops need a different number of elixirs. So, it’s extremely vital to choose the ideal troops to conserve and maintain a good elixir count in the battle. So mentioned below, are some productive Clash Royale cheats to select the right troops and win more rewards:

  • It’s nice to keep your deck below 4 elixirs as it becomes really hard to refill the elixirs in between a battle.
  • If you’re a beginner and find it difficult to manage elixir count during a game, you can include an elixir extractor in your deck too.
  • Including a tower-based troop in your deck, can temporarily prevent tower-directed troops such as the Prince from damaging your towers.
  • At least one explosive-based troop such as rockets should be included in your deck, as if in case a large number of enemy troops gather near your tower, you can blow them up. It can also be used to cause instant damage to your opponent during the last phase of the battle.


  • There are various categories of chests present in the game, such as wooden, silver, magical and super-magical chests; and all of them vary on the value of their rewards.
  • These chests will contain huge amounts of coins and cards. Thus, it’s a major plus point of the game.
  • You can earn these by playing battles, and can also be bought from the card shop.
  • As they take a good amount of time to be claimed, it’s beneficial to put them to unlock only when you’re not active in the game, e.g. While sleeping. Always remember to unlock the bigger chests first.
  • You can only unlock one chest at a time, so it’s good to peek at its contents before unlocking it.


The in-game card store is an exciting source of common, rare and epic cards at really low prices.

  • The price of many high tier troops is slashed down to half on some special days. So remember to have a daily check.
  • You can also buy chests from the card store using gems.
  • In case if an emergency, you could also replenish your coins’ count by utilising your gems, as available in the in-game store.


The most straightforward process of earning crowns, chests and coins in Clash Royale, is to play the battles more often.

  • The number of battles that you win, earn you trophies. These trophies indicate a player’s overall performance in the game.
  • On reaching a certain number of trophies, you get upgraded to a higher arena.
  • Playing more matches also earn you experience points regularly. When you level up based on these points, the health of your towers also increase.
  • After most of the matches, you’ll be receiving a silver chest. Every time that you collect up to 10 coins, you will get a Crown Chest for free.
  • But it’s important to remember that losing a match also decreases our trophies’ count, so keep a regular check on it. Whenever you lose a stream of battles consecutively, don’t give it another try. Because if the count falls below the desired number for an arena, you’ll get downgraded to the lower arena again.


Clash Royale’s feature of joining a clan is the most interesting aspect of the game.

  • Join a clan with regular and hard-working players who want to build their foundation in the game.
  • Create new strategies, share replays and portray the true spirit of teamwork in order to uplift your clan’s rating and make it stand out from others.
  • Be nice and supportive to your clan members. Donate the cards that they request for if you have them in excess. In return, you can also request for the cards that you desperately need.
  • By donating cards, you’ll get awarded with coins. So whenever you have the excess of some cards, just donate it to your friends to earn additional coins.
  • Keep watching the gameplay of your clan members to learn new tricks and experiences from them.

Fact : – Never Ever Use Clash Royale Hack Tool Or Gems Generator : They Are Scams!!

clash royale cheats

There are numerous websites promoting this kind of an unlawful pursuit in the game. They claim to provide their users with unlimited Clash Royale free gems and coins in a matter of seconds. But they are all untrusted and unauthorized, as in no way have they ever been linked to the game’s original developers.

  • Do not share any important credentials in the app, as they are mostly traded with marketing agencies; thus putting your privacy at a huge stake.
  • Do not link your original game account to such illicit apps or websites, as it may lead to penalties being imposed on your profile.
  • Only use legitimate and trusted Clash Royale hacks, as mentioned above in this article, to get the maximum benefits in the game.

What is the Right Way to Earn Gems in Clash Royale?

I’d surely suggest that the most effective method to improve your expertise in the game, is to give it enough time and patience. This way, you can get completely familiarized with it in just a couple of weeks.

Incorporating illegal ways to generate unlimited coins and gems, will make your skills in the game, no better.

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Free v Bucks : 9 Best Ways To Get Free V Bucks in Fortnite

Fortnite is a virtual battle simulator published by the Epic Games in 2017. All the in-game purchases in Fortnite can be made with the help of micro-transactions, which are further based on v bucks (the in-game currency).

Although v bucks are available for being purchased with real money, they definitely seem to rip you off with their prices. The cost of 100 v bucks turns out to be $1, and if you’ve been playing the game for some time now, you might know that the starting price for top-notch skins is around 1500 v bucks. An investment of 15 bucks in the game right away, just after beginning to play, seems to be a really bad idea.

So, is there any legit and 100% working trick to earn free v bucks? In fact, yes there is, and today in this article, we’re gonna be mentioning 10 easy tips and tricks about how to get free v bucks in the game, even if you’re a complete beginner and want to establish your foundation in this game.

9 Real Free V Bucks Ways You Should Try in 2019


For all of those who didn’t know, Fortnite has 3 modes of battling: Save the World, Battle Royale and Creative.

  • For activating Save the World mode, if you’ve already purchased the Battle Royale version, you need to pay an additional amount worth $39.99. I know that’s quite a huge sum for the beginners, but that’ll be totally worth your money. Epic Games is also planning to release a fully free-to-play version of Save the World in 2019, so keep a regular check on it.
  • As I stated, the amount you spend in buying this version of the game would be worth its value, for many reasons. And one of those reasons is the Daily Rewards. Every day that you log in to Fortnite Save the World, you’ll be receiving rewards such as free v bucks and other resources.
  • At the game’s starting page, press ‘X’, and from the displayed menu, select ‘Daily Rewards’.
  • Daily Rewards are also available in Battle Royale version, but on purchasing Save the World version, which is available in a Founder’s Pack, you get additional v bucks under Daily Rewards, named as Founder’s Rewards.
  • In the Daily Rewards section, you also do receive some special Epic Rewards in regular intervals of a number of days. The days left is also displayed right there, so look at them to feel motivated and play the game daily. Here too, you get special benefits of Save the World version, as those with Founder’s Pack get an additional Epic Reward.
  • These Daily Rewards continue for a period of 1-year. After logging in consecutively for 365 days, you’ll get a total of 10000 free v bucks in your account. On the 365th day itself, you get 1000 v bucks as a reward.
  • As the days count increases, the value of the rewards also increases eventually. So don’t forget to miss logging in for a single day, as that can reset you all the way back to Day 1.
  • If you’re more interested in playing the Battle Royale version of the game, it’s advisable to log in to Save the World mode, each time you start Fortnite, just for once, in order to receive the rewards. And then, you can log out to continue with Battle Royale.
  • As you can see, the total rewards (10000 v bucks) cost worth $100 in the game. But you make an investment of just around 40 bucks to receive the full benefits.
  • If any website or app states that it will get free v bucks for you, and activate Save the World mode of the game at zero cost, it’s nothing but a trap. They’d be willing to provide you v bucks at extremely low prices such as 1000 v bucks for each dollar. But the moment you pay it off by entering your card details, and get into your game, you see that it was nothing but a horrible scam.


You will be assigned various missions, in-game objectives and challenges in the Quests section of the game.

  • These are really easy-to-do tasks, which take a matter of minutes, to gift you a bunch of free rewards such as v bucks.
  • Some of the Daily Quests can earn you up to 50 v bucks. Although that seems to be not a huge sum, but eventually as you keep stockpiling these rewards, you’ll be left out with thousands of v bucks, without even playing a single battle.
  • Every day, you’d be having 3 Daily Quests to be completed, so that maxes up to 150 v bucks.
  • Apart from the Daily Quests, you will have many other quests such as Main Quests, Hero Quests & Side Quests.
  • Side Quests and Main Quests can earn you up to 100 v bucks each.
  • There are various seasonal tournaments available in the Quests section which have a pool prize of hundreds of free v bucks. So don’t forget to pay a regular visit to the Quests section of the game.
  • If you don’t prefer a certain task or challenge, you can eliminate that from your Quests, and wait for fresh ones to appear on the next day.


In the Side Quests section, the most rewarding task is to upgrade your arena’s Stormshield Amplifiers.

  • You can upgrade only your arena’s stormshields, and not any others.
  • Installing Stormshield Amplifiers would give you 100 free v bucks every time that you do it.
  • Just go to Side Quests section of the Quests menu, and select the Stormshield expansion tasks from the list.
  • Every Stormshield levels up after reaching a rating of 10. You can get your current progress from the blue bar displayed on the left side of the screen while viewing a
  • Every time you level up a Stormshield, you will be getting a ton of skill/experience points in the game, thus boosting your profile’s overall performance rating.


Another exciting feature of Fortnite Save the World is a Collection Book. It is basically like a record of all the items that you put into it, because either you don’t need it anymore, or you just want to earn rewards from some old items that you’ve got in your locker.

  • You can collect Heroes, Survivors, Defenders and Schematics in your collection book.
  • Every item can be put only once in your Collection Book.
  • You can also choose to recruit back the items that you’ve put into your Collection Book, in case you need it.
  • If you’re an absolute beginner, I’d say no need to worry. All you need to do in order to get exciting rewards from the Collection Book is: open the packs that you had received after finishing battles, dismantle them and put them into your Collection Book straight away.
  • Every time you register an item in your Collection Book, you are awarded skill/experience points. The number of experience points received would depend upon the rarity and level of the items directly. E.g. registering Outstanders may give you more rewards as compared to
  • These experience points would be utilized in levelling up your Collection Book.
  • The most thrilling part of collecting more and more items in a Collection Book is that you get free v bucks every time you reach some specific levels.
  • You receive a total of 500 free v bucks on reaching levels 6, 26 and 91. A sum of 1500 v bucks is really huge based upon the perspective of a beginner in Fortnite.
  • So, do remember to sort out all the unimportant cards in your locker. And add them into your Collection Book to receive thousands of free v bucks in the game.


Another exclusive trick to get free Fortnite v bucks is to buy the Battle Passes for each and every season. Although they’re not completely free, they can be obtained using v bucks, without spending any real money.

  • For the beginners, I’d always suggest choosing the option to continue with the free Battle Pass that you get on signing up to the game. Because, a premium Battle Pass costs around 950 v bucks (~ $9 if bought from the store directly), and obviously not everyone can afford that at the beginning. The major drawback to the free Battle Pass is that you won’t be receiving the maximum value of rewards, as received by a premium user of the same.
  • Now, if you think you’ve got enough v bucks to buy the Battle Pass and still have a minimum of 100 v bucks in the balance, I’d suggest you buy it straight away.
  • The amount of rewards obtained from reaching higher tiers in the Battle Pass section is tremendous. E.g. on reaching Tier 4, you get 100 v bucks, and on reaching Tier 100 you get a lump sum of 1500 free Fortnite v bucks. In fact, if you sum up the whole amount, it ends up being much more valuable as compared to the Battle Pass
  • The easiest way to level up your Tier is by playing more number of battles and earning more skill points.
  • Now, not only would you get free v bucks, but you will also be rewarded with numerous items and skins on reaching a new Tier, for absolutely free-of-cost.
  • Many websites claim to provide you Battle Passes using free v bucks generators, and in consideration of that, scam and seek private information from people.


If you like being fashionable in the game, and collect a lot of exclusive Fortnite skins (I really like the Marshmello one), checking the items shop every day is a vital step for you.

  • On several days, items and skins are available for huge discounts in the Items Store. g. I got many skins for less than 1500 v bucks.
  • For beginners, if skins seem to be too expensive, you can choose to buy lower budget cosmetic items (such as Gilders).


Fortnite is mostly based upon gaining expertise over the controls and having enough experience to win a battle in the right way.

  • Ask every one of your friends who play Fortnite, whether they’re on a lower or a higher level than you, for their battle strategies.
  • Also, ask them perfect ways to manage v bucks in the game.


  • Investing your v bucks in unnecessary items and products can at some point, make you feel as if you’re worthless, and can’t earn enough through the battles.
  • It’s completely normal to have a desire to buy each and every trending skin that people are crazy about. But spending your hard-earned resources in such diminutive wishes is surely not a great option, for both the beginners and the experienced ones in the game.
  • Gambling thousands of your v bucks take a few seconds of time, but gaining back all of them can take months. So always manage to spend your v bucks in a conservative manner.
  • There’s no such way, like free v bucks generators or mods, that earn you unlimited resources for free. So don’t be desperate to try them out either.


The price of v bucks in Fortnite starts at around a dollar for every hundred of them.

  • The total value of all items in Fortnite sums up to about a 100,000 v bucks, worth a $1000 in real-life.
  • Many players get too desperate to buy v bucks quickly in order to buy their favourite skins and items from the in-game store. But I’d suggest that you progress in the game, with the bare minimum requirements that you need to have in order to face the level of competition in your

Do Not Use Free V Bucks Generators or Mods

Since Fortnite consists of a fully online, cloud-based gameplay, it’s merely impossible to hack the game for giving you unlimited resources, without being noticed by the servers of Epic Games (the developers). So all these people who publish content online regarding how to get free v bucks, are untrusted and unauthorized to distribute such false content on the internet.

  • The main motive of such illicit apps and websites (e.g. free v bucks generator, free unlimited v bucks, etc) is to display ads, collect surveys and earn revenue from doing so.
  • Please do not mention any of your private and confidential information in such sources. This data collected from such sources is generally sold to marketing and analytical agencies, which may lead to a huge data breach.
  • A bunch of articles and videos on the internet, such as free v bucks no survey, free v bucks no human verification, are generally named so because they want to attract a bigger audience for trying their unlawful hacks.
  • Incorporating such illegitimate methods to earn free v bucks can lead to your in-game account getting banned, and every bit of your hard-earned reputation getting wasted.


Thus, my last suggestion to all the aspirants for trying to become a professional in Fortnite would be to settle great levels of dedication and determination into the game. As much as you proceed into the game, stay more engrossed and give your best to win every battle with glory.

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack & Cheats For Free Currency

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is an augmented-reality and location-based game, currently being developed by Niantic India, under Niantic Inc.

The game consists of you becoming either a witch, or a wizard, and roam around while collecting ‘foundables’, and fighting against the defenders of the Calamity, in order to protect and preserve the International Statue for Wizarding Secrecy. The game will also be having many characters from the original Harry Potter series, which you can even interact with.

Similar to the Pokedex in Pokemon GO, Harry Potter Wizards Unite has something called the Vault, which is used to store all your in-game belongings. The in-game currency is not yet known completely about, although some sources confirm it to be galleons. We’ve also found hints that the game will be containing in-game purchases through micro-transactions, and some of the in-game resources would be various potions and magic wands.

After collecting and manipulating data and information from various sources, we’ve finally come up with 5 best Harry Potter Wizards Unite cheats and tricks, to guide you in earning a whole lot of in-game resources, that too with minimal efforts.

Top 5 Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hacks & Cheats

Disclaimer: The development of this game is still in progress. The irrelevance of any Harry Potter Wizards Unite cheats, facts or points stated in this article with the original game is totally unintentional.


There are 3 special locations as marked on the map, that you’ve got to know about:

  • Inns – You can come here in order to collect magic energy, that’s used for all of your magical spells.
  • Greenhouses – Various ingredients used to create potions will be available at these spots.
  • Fortresses – Containing the highest number of foundables, these locations also have many powerful beasts, also known as cofoundables, for you to fight against.


I’d suggest that except these special spots, you should also be roaming around and exploring various places in the map. There are numerous ‘traces’ that you’d be finding, which are basically like the aftermath of magic spells. Depending on the intensity of the spells, the traces can be either big or just minute ones.

  • Traces lead us to the foundables and confoundables. In a few leaks, it has been observed that there will be a trace of Harry Potter (the foundable) having been trapped by a Dementor (the confoundable). Casting spells on such confoundables, and conquering the foundables can make you earn more rewards. It will also help level up your profile.


It’s important that you know where and how to unleash your magical powers in order to defeat the enemy. This is an ultimate Harry Potter Wizards Unite hack that we’ve studied in-depth, to conceive the tricks to earn legit resources in the game, as mentioned below:

  • Similar to Gyms in Pokemon GO, fortresses are places where we can challenge the beasts and other creatures defending the Calamity, in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. But it’s advisable to go there only with your team, as the cynical and fatalistic creatures present there will easily overpower even the best magical spells that you’ve learned. Imagine yourself facing a Death Eater on your very first day in the game. That sounds horrible right?
  • A ‘Duel’ is another form of battle that you may have with a dark wizard that you encounter. While playing Duels, it’s crucial to revert back and forth among attacking and defensive spells in the blink of an eye. During a spell fight, you need to practise concentrating on the spell patterns displayed on your screen.
  • If you suffer from too much damage caused by the opponent’s spells, you can use the potions that you have in your vault.

The game inflicts various penalties on your profile if too many of your spells end up being dross and useless.


The facts that you can completely customize and set-up your character and magic wands, have an official Task Force ID and choose your career, make this game dissimilar to many other augmented-reality games.

There will be three alternatives for you to choose your career from:

  1. An Auror (expert in fighting and restraining the Dark witches and wizards)
  2. A Magizoologist (trained in studying various magical creatures)
  3. A Professor (skilled in teaching magical spells)

Although, once you make your ideal choices at the beginning, it doesn’t make you bound to those throughout the game. But, as you progress with a certain profession, it will eventually become more laborious for you to start it all over again. Also choosing the perfect career is a really constructive step to make you learn things more passionately, thus making you win most of the spell fights in the future and earning you lots of rewards.

So these Harry Potter Wizards Unite cheats would help you to select the supreme career for yourself:

  • If your motive is to fight and revolt against the bad characters of the game, you could end up with learning to be an Auror. By becoming an Auror, you could be an auspicious member of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, under the Ministry of Magic.
  • But if you’re a fan of characters such as Newt Schmander, you can take up the subject of Magizoology without any concern.
  • If you like to teach magic spells to your fellow students and want to be like Prof. Kettleburn someday, then this is the foremost opportunity for you.


Once you’ve chosen an ideal career for yourself, the most strenuous task is to learn that profession and acquire the perfect set of skills for being at that position.

  • Complete every chapter, while learning all the crux points from it. It’ll be really hectic if you miss out on a spell, as you’ll have to travel all the way back to revisit that.
  • Give enough time to the game in order to make your skills more fruitful. Don’t rush too much while aiming to earn more resources effortlessly, and try to make yourself dedicated to the game as much as possible.

What About Harry Potter Unite Hack Tools And Generator? Are They Legit?

I’ve already noticed quite a few such apps and many unlawful and illicit Harry Potter Wizards Unite cheats being published on the internet, which claim to reward you with unlimited resources.

By incorporating such false assertions, you would not only squander a whole lot of time and energy but also these may get you permanently banned from the game if anyhow, the servers detect unusual modifications in your profile stats.

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War Robots Cheats & Hacks Get Free Gold Silver

War Robots, designed by Pixonic, has such an outstanding and contrasting concept, that it has outreached all my expectations. It features a robust TPP (third-person perspective) shooter gameplay, in which 2 teams, each consisting of 6-players, would be made to fight a battle in any one of the 12 available maps.

All you’ve got to do is: shoot, damage and destroy other robots, along with collecting beacons. You get rating points for each battle, and based upon these points you are assigned several tiers of leagues.

But stand by, is qualifying leagues, and excelling in battles the only way for you to earn gold and silver in War Robots? Of course, there’s an option to buy them with real cash, but not everybody can afford such War Robots cheats right?

So let’s stop the haul right now! We’re gonna be sharing with you some easy-peasy and legit War Robots Cheats and Hacks to multiply your gold and silver earnings in the game, even if you’re an absolute beginner.

Top 5 War Robots Hacks & Cheats To Apply in Your Game


You will be assigned up to 5 tasks at a time, which can be viewed in the ‘Challenges’ section on the game’s landing page.

  • You can complete interesting targets, i.e. destroying a certain no. of bots.
  • By completing such small and tricky tasks, you can easily earn and collect huge amounts of additional gold and silver resources in the game. So, don’t forget to check out the ‘Challenges’ section on a daily basis.


It’s a fantabulous War Robots hack, especially for the beginners and rookies. They should build up their foundation in this game, by collecting enough amounts of gold and silver in their reserves by playing battles using ideal bots, equipped with the most brutal and effective weapons available to them.

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In every battle, the player from winning team causing the highest damage and the one collecting the most number of beacons will get 5 coins each. So, one of the best cheats for War Robots to earn more gold, is to fulfil both of these terms.

  • If you’re a total beginner, I’d suggest you fight with the basic bots like the Cossack, or Destrier. They’re easy to aim and fire with, and can deliver huge damages to the other robots if utilized proficiently and equipped with the ideal weaponry (such as the SURA F Piniata Rocket Launchers).
  • Try your best to win the maximum number of battles with this War Robots hack, unless you have enough resources to upgrade.
  • Once you have collected enough gold and silver resources, you should primarily aim at upgrading your weapons.
  • When you’ve got enough resources to buy new robots, do so. And, don’t forget to equip your best robot with the most lethal weapons. My personal favorite is the Gepard, equipped with Magnums.
  • I’d also guide you not to upgrade your robots higher than Level 1 (their original level), and to restrain all your weapons only up to Level 6.

This one among the cheats for War Robots is utilized to ensure that you are placed in a comparatively lower tier of battles, thus making it easier for you to farm good amounts of gold in the beginning. Upgrading above the mentioned limits would end up matchmaking you, against really difficult and strenuous opponents.


  • All your performance and ratings depend on the amount of damage you cause, and the number of beacons that you’ve collected in a battle. The ultimate War Robots hack to cause brutal damage to all your enemies includes two simple steps: (i) stay in cover behind the rocks and metal blocks while reloading your weapons;

(ii) Head out and unleash the maximum firepower on your enemies.

  • Also, do remember that the choice of weapons would serve you the most vital War Robots hack in winning a battle. For example, the rocket launchers such as the Piniatas are much more brutal and damage-causing when compared to many turrets.
  • Keep moving around in order to avert maximum damage, thus making it difficult for the opponents to aim and open fire on you.
  • Practice moving, along with aiming and firing your weapons at the same time. It’s the best and the most effective method to destroy large number of opponents in a battle. It will feel a little laborious at the very beginning, but trust me it’s the best method to destroy a large number of opponents.


It’s a really effective War Robots hack to save a whole bunch of time in a battle, thus adding up to your convenience.

  • You get a time period of 15s to choose a robot to play with. I suggest that you pre-plan a specific robot to fight with at first, just before starting the battle.
  • You could utilize these 10-15s in locating the nearest beacon, in order to jumpstart your performance. Without wasting time head out and collect the nearest beacons, while staying out of the enemies’ sight.
  • Start progressing towards the beacons situated in the middle of the map slowly and steadily, because that’s where most of the brawl happens. Be sure to have fully loaded your weapons before advancing.
  • Even if your enemies collect some of the beacons, you can get them back by destroying their robots.
  • Don’t blank fire throughout the game, as you’ll be wasting huge amounts of time in reloading.
  • In case of a 1v2, 1v3 or 1v4 battle, attempt to fire only while staying under cover, unless anyone of your team members respawns and helps you out of there.
  • In case you notice an enemy having a really brutal and harsh weapon, try demolishing him first of all.
  • Always peek on to your team’s dominance level, depicted by the blue meter on top of the screen. Stay more alert, if your dominance level seems to be dropping significantly.
  • Even after one of your robots gets destroyed, quickly select any of your other robots instead of lavishly spending time.


This is the last and the foremost War Robots hack that I’d like to propose, in order to earn more gold and silver resources, in a really short span of time. As it’s a 6v6 battle in War Robots, healthy teamwork appears to be the most valuable aspect of such a game.

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  • Maintain productive teamwork throughout a battle irrespective of the fact that there could be only one player receiving rewards worth the highest value.
  • Help and safeguard your team members, whenever they need your cover. In fact, it’s better to create a game strategy beforehand, in order to avoid confusion during the game.
  • In no circumstances, should you leave or exit the battle. This would negatively affect your ratings, and doing this too often can place penalties on your in-game account.

Does War Robots Hack Tool or Generator Actually Works?

I’d surely present a big no-no to these mods and generators since none of these turn out to be genuine. All such false War Robots cheats are developed to earn revenue by displaying ads and collecting surveys.

Disclaimer: – We do not recommend the use of any kind of war robots hack or cheats online tool which claims to give you unlimited gold and silver, Remember – There is no such thing as war robots unlimited gold generator and all of them are scams.

Also, in many cases, your account may get banned permanently for using unlawful cheats for War Robots battles.

If you desire to experience all the War Robots cheats and experience the best out of this game, give it adequate time and effort. As your skills become more proficient, it will become a piece of cake for you.

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Love Nikki Dress Up Queen Cheats & Hacks For Free Diamonds

Love Nikki dress up queen is an exciting game to play, it’s a mobile game developed by Suzhou Nikki Co. The game is played on a primary mobile platform like Android OS, and iOS.

In this article, I’ll guide you on how to receive Love Nikki dress up queen cheats and hacks for unlimited diamonds.

Short Introduction to the Game

The story begins in the year 672 King Sayet died leaving three special outfits known as his legacies. In garnering these treasures nations were on the verge of war; for this reason, an outfit contest was decided to determine its ownership.

So many stylist, models, and designers gathered at a city called Roerterdam on the border of Apple federation to display their best showpiece. This showpiece display lasted for nine days, and the contest was later named “The Nine-Day War.” At the end of the contest, the winners are young Princess Elle of the Pigeon Kingdom and a girl with a stylish pink hair.

They both went away with the final prize, Princess Elle took two out of the three legacy works, and the girl with stylish pink hair won the last legacy.

The pink hair lady who called herself “Hostess L” was never sighted again. After a long while, Princess Elle assumed the throne, gathering a group of ten elite stylists called the Iron roses and offered them a task to seize expensive clothes part across the land.

Queen Nanari of Lilith Kingdom summoned Nikki to solve the fate of her kingdom. The quest begins for Nikki as she travels across seven different nations with a different style to win stylish battles.

Features of the Game

This game has five main features, i.e., Enter the competition, Craft/Customize, Win arena mission, Associations, Complete Missions. Each allows you to form the player’s wardrobe collection, and it can be achieved quickly using love Nikki cheats. It also consists of a shop and a new type of currency, and the player is advised to use all of its currency to get all the clothes.

The game starts with Nikki (a player) and a computer-controlled opponent in a love Nikki walkthrough. The player requires to be dressed to meet mission requirements. The missions include two difficulties namely, Princess (hard) and Maiden (easy). Getting a high score on a mission unlocks extra rewards like Player XP, gold coins, diamonds, and unique mission clothes with new drop rates.

Each challenge has Chapters with numerous tasks and rewards given after the completion of each task. Mission clothing isn’t valuable and can hardly compete with any clothes collection, but they are necessary for further customization. Stamina is important to enter a mission. So in Love Nikki, it would be wearing a cute and lively outfit or wear a maid outfit. It has a beautiful UI design that leads the way over where to get specific items.

It contains clothing attributes such as rarity which defines the value of each clothes represented b hearts, attribute tags for theme tags like Gorgeous and straightforward, and an attribute ranks that ranks your outfit from B(the lowest) to SS( the highest).

The ranker your gear gets the better the clothes performance on specific mission requirement. Once the customization is done the battleground is drawn, and the game checks the clothes parameters of both the player and computer-controlled opponent. It sets the score if the mission requirement is achieved. At the end of the battle, the final score displays a grade starting from the lowest F to the highest S.

The player needs an S score to get fashionable clothes parts and to unlock bonus missions. Complex customization will require more star coins, diamonds to purchase items and this will require a lot of replays to achieve your goals. So let’s emphasize how to make Love Nikki Cheats.

The Read Love Nikki Dress Up Queen Cheats and Hacks

We will only be sharing real and working love Nikki hacks which you can get free in-game currency. In game currency consist of Star Coins, Diamond and Gold; they are achieved while partaking in a competition.

The Star Coins, Diamonds, association coins, crystal roses, jade, hourglass, crystal shoes, and Gold coins are useful in purchasing items for crafting or customizing an outfit for participating in missions.

Love Nikki cheats will focus on increasing your Diamonds, stamina, and more.

  • Always shoot for S scores – When playing a chapter on the game pay attention to the story challenge words. You can get this by selecting “Tips” menu at the top of your dress up the screen once the challenge has started. Once you have your keyword, you can search for items that match, if you have successfully done this in a couple of chapters. A Momo’s Reminders feature appears to present items momo recommends for getting an S score. If you follow these guidelines, you will get an S score because Momo fashion sense is always good. Momo’s reminder feature is available only in the Maiden mode of the game.
  • Repeat story to get drops – Every chapter features two clothing item or accessory drops. You can repeat a completed chapter if you need more accessories drops. It will give you more drop items, and it’s an excellent way to gain more unique resources.
  • Duplicate Outfits – Knowing how to get rid of the duplicate outfit is essential. As you collect more costumes to your collection, there’s a possibility that duplicate may arise. You can decompose them by selecting the decompose button, and this will help you decompose duplicate items and also offer you more crafting materials, coins, rings, eternal necklaces, and rebirth earrings. It also fills up your lost casket. When this is done, you will receive an exclusive clothing item that isn’t on any of the game stores. Some items don’t get automatically selected even if they have duplicates, make sure you decompose items that are automatically selected when you choose extra clothes button. It’s a reliable Love Nikki Cheats.
  • Crafting – Limited amount of resources will be given to you at the beginning of the game. So ensure not to craft or buy too many unnecessary items. Craft cost much and most times a lot of gold, diamonds and other materials are wasted. It’s best not to lose an item at the early stages of the game so it won’t be difficult while trying to purchase an item you can’t afford, but once you have completed all the chapters, you are free to dispose of anything you seem not necessary.
  • Daily logins rewards – Daily logins is one of the best ways to boost your in-game currency. You can claim 30 stamina during the day and 60 stamina at night, between the hours of 7 a.m. – 9 a.m. ET or 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. ET. You can also claim a daily prize of clothing, coins, and more. You can also use your fantasy ticket to buy an outfit in the room of mystery. Also, ensure you make use of your gift box in the voting screen to purchase outfit items.
  • Sharing – Using your facebook account can also give you rewards like stamina, diamonds, and more. With this, you will be able to purchase more items, recover saved game, share new outfits, share new screenshots, and also share your achievements. It has a controlled mechanism that allows you to share your daily quest at least three times a day and this is compulsory for getting more rewards.

This Love Nikki Dress up Queen Cheats is real and easy to obtain.

Avoid Love Nikki Online Hack Tools & Generators – They Are Fake!!

Most love Nikki codes and generators tools online are fake, and none of them works well.

Kindly never use them at any cost because most of them are spam and your personal information will be exposed.

Ensure you use only legal, proven and working love Nikki Cheats Walkthrough.

Conclusion :

So to conclude, We just want to let you know that there is no such things as love nikki hack tool which can generate you unlimited diamonds or other in game currency.

Just use the real and working legit cheats which are legal to use in the game and earn some free resources in the game. And as always if you want to play the game at the fullest. Then support the developer by purchasing in – game resources directly through Google play store or apple app store.

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Golf Clash Cheats & Hacks For Free Gems Coins Legally

If you are a truly steadfast Golf admirer like me, and dream to score an ace or an albatross someday, I’d suggest that the game Golf Clash developed by Playdemic, will surely make you spoilt for choice. It’s an entirely naturalistic simulation of a real-life game of Golf against other players.

Now, the really fascinating trait of this game is that, you get awarded with coins, gems and other rewards, as much as you play on, and these rewards can be spent to fetch dozens of in-game purchases, such as clubs, balls, and chests from the in-game store.

The thrilling and persistent desire of its users, to stack up a bunch of coins, has brought this game into vogue significantly. This has eventually led to the genesis and manipulation of several Golf Clash Cheats which have altogether emerged as an easy and swift alternative to earning extra coins and gems in a very short span of time.

So, in this article, we are going to sharing with you; a bunch of admissible and legitimate Golf Clash Cheats, to earn additional coins, and in-game resources so that you can experience the true delight of the game.

6 Golf Clash Cheats & Hacks Legally Gain Free Gems Coins

1. Connect Your Facebook Account

Link your Facebook account with the game, and earn a FREE Platinum Chest which bonuses you with attractive items like Clubs, Balls and Gems. This one among all the Golf Clash tricks will come handy if you’ve good contacts with some of your Facebook friends interested in this game.

All you have to do is, visit the ‘Social Hub’ of the game, located in the bottom left part of the homepage. Just click on the ‘Connect to Facebook’ button in green, and login using your Facebook credentials.

*No need to worry about your data getting imparted, it’s totally safe.

And, there it is, you have your brand new Platinum Chest for free! But please, don’t forget to unlock the awarded chest as it takes a really long time to open.

2. Receive Free Gifts From Your Friends

The game offers a really compelling feature, and that is to invite any of your Facebook friends to send/receive in-game coins to/from them. It’s a really great Golf Clash hack to earn free coins especially if a lot of your friends are interested in such online multiplayer games.

  • You can gift your friends with coins, and also ask them to send you coins, through the Social Hub of the game.
  • You could challenge your friends over a game of golf, thus earning Golf Clash free coins.

3. Play Tours

If you desire to start off this game with a zestful spirit, and want to build and set up a vibrant record right from the beginning of your journey in this game, this one among all the Golf Clash Cheats is a terrific option for you.

In the 1 VS 1 mode of the game, you get to choose and play among 12 tours, each of them distinguishable in certain factors such as Entry Fee, Prizes and difficulty level. For Example, Tour 1 has an Entry Fee of 50 Coins, Prizes worth 100 Coins and 1 Clan Point.

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Also, for every 8 balls that you pin, you’ll be receiving an exclusive ‘Pin Chest’ with certain rewards.

Although, competing in the Tours may seem to be an uncertain and firm investment at the first place the prizes are worth much more value.

  • You’ll need to play more and possess a certain number of trophies to advance to the following Tour. The highest level tour has a net prize of about 20 million coins.
  • For every different tour, there is a certain limit to the number of trophies earned, in order to max out that tour; post which no more games can be played in that tour.
  • It is also fairly important for you to have a regular peek on the number of coins left, because if you spend all of your coins in a tour, which you’re not up to the mark for, you may have no more resources left to upgrade your clubs and balls.
  • I’d always suggest staking only a certain number of coins which you’ve earned as profits so that you always have a surplus of coins.

4. Upgrade Golf Bag Components

Although it may sound too trivial or futile to a lot of users, the clubs and golf-balls that you use can significantly uplift and boost your performance during the game. This golf clash hack will eventually make you win more games, and hence, you can obtain more resources.

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There are a number of clubs, based on different kinds of shots to be used for, such as Tee, Fairway and Out of the Rough Shots. It’s important that you choose the ideal club to play each category of shots, and with which you’re quite comfortable and familiar to.

  • Clubs have several facets which define their overall performance, such as Power, Accuracy, Top Spin, Back Spin, Curl and Ball Guide.
  • You can also compare your current club with another club by clicking the ‘Compare’ button while buying another club from the in-game Store.

Now, coming to upgrading golf balls, it proves to be deciding a really vital aspect of your game, as distinct golf-balls possess discrete features such as Wind Resistance, Sidespin and Power.

  • For beginners, I’d recommend the Basic ball, Marlin and Navigator, as they turn out to be really effective, and they don’t require much expertise to play with.
  • You can buy golf-balls in terms of Packs, at the cost of Gems.

But hold-up, do not invest too many coins in upgrades, such that you are left with too less coins to participate in tours.

5. Play More to Join & Create Clans

A really captivating feature of the game is that, you can join or even create your own clans. By using this one among the Golf Clash tricks, you can uplift both your performance and reputation in the game.

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A single Golf Clash Clan can comprise of up to 50 players. The members of a clan can: chat among themselves, create strategies, and fight in clan leagues together to earn Clan Rewards. Each member of a clan will have the Clan name and badge displayed on their profile.

  • To create/join a clan, you must have achieved the Rookie I Division of the Weekly Golf League. You need to play more and more games efficiently, in order to upgrade your rank to the Rookie I Division.
  • You can simply join any clan from the list displayed, or search and join a specific clan.
  • Clan rewards will be given to you in the form of perks and bonuses, such as Coins and Gems.

6. Log -In More Often to Earn Free Chests

I know, this is a really weird and nasty task to be implemented, but considering the outcome, anybody would be ready to administer this option, as it turns out to stand as the easiest of all the Golf Clash Cheats present here.

  • In every 4 hours, you can achieve a FREE Chest just by logging in to the Golf Clash’s homepage.
  • You can get Golf Clash free coins, along with Gems, Club Cards and other resources in these FREE Chests.

What are Golf Clash Generators? Are They Legit? Of course Not read ahead..

golf clash hack

With evolution, there comes a few drawbacks too, just as in the case of Golf Clash Generators.

There are dozens of apps and mods available on the Google Play Store and various websites, which claim to award you with unlimited coins, gems and other resources.

But little do we know at first, that it’s all a hoax, and an erroneous method used by numerous app developers to fool the internet users. They all seem to be vowing to give you Golf Clash Free Coins, using legal and working Golf Clash Cheats and tricks, but none of them ever do so, and can even result in your in-game account being banned permanently.

  • These apps insist the user to input their account details, which may get leaked and misused.
  • These unlawful Golf Clash cheats may conflict with Golf Clash’s policies. And lastly, it’s a general and undeniable fact that the game’s developers would never want their products to be misused, thus, they’ll surely mark you prohibited.

Just in case, you want to know the rationale of such illegal Golf Clash Cheats and hacks not working, it’s because Golf Clash is a fully online game, and it’s mandatory for you to be connected to the internet while playing this game. And all of the game’s servers on the internet, keep regulating and scanning every second, for any irregularity or contortion in the gameplay, thus ruling out any illegal Golf Clash hack.

Thus, considering all facts and certainty of these Golf Clash Cheats, I’d suggest that you use only legal, legit and trustworthy hacks and tricks to earn and enjoy all the resources in the game.

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