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RoCitizens Codes – Get Free Money and Items {100% Working 2019}

rocitizens cheats codes 2019

Find only Working RoCitizens Codes for 2019 which will help you getting free money as well as various items in the game. RoCitizens [Gas Station] is a roblox game created by “Firebrand1”. In this game, users can get socialize with all other in-game citizens and do some interesting tasks in the game.
The quest system allows users to collect multiple resources in the game by completing in-game tasks in order to move-on in RoCitizens, customize their home with furniture, and do jobs in the town and much more fun tasks.

The game currency help users getting what they want in a game very instantly. Users can buy this game currency from in-game purchases by using Robux. However, another option to get free money in RoCitizens is waiting for an active and working RoCitizens code.

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RoCitizens Code

The game developer issue some codes to game players as a gift from him and that is called RoCitizens Codes. These codes can be used to grab some free money and items in the game by redeeming them.

Everyone in this game needs more in-game money to play it better.

Fortunately, RoCitizens Codes will help you collecting some amount of money and items for free in the game to get started with.

The creator himself (JB_Firebrand) shared these codes on his twitter handle from time to time and helped gamers collecting some initial resources in the early stages of the game.

These Rocitizens Codes 2018-2019 are 100% working and tested by us in the game. Please bear in mind that you can use these money codes for rocitizens only once in the game.

If you used them twice, they will surely not work for you. Please find below mentioned working RoCitizens Codes.
Some Working RoCitizens Codes For 2019

How to Use RoCitizens Codes?

To use RoCitizens Codes, just go to your game’s home screen where you will see “Shop” icon on the bottom left side of the screen. A new window will open, choose the last option from new window called “Codes” click on the codes and enter one.

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RoCitizens Game is really impressive and have won millions of hearts with its exciting gameplay. Creating such a game is not a task of overnight, it needs dedication to code for various important things in game like graphics, and user interface.

Another important thing to keep in mind while making a game; is music and audio effect of your game. A game with better music and tiny audio effects will always benefit to popularity of any game. We will shortly be introducing a roblox music codes library to our readers where thousands of music codes will be available for roblox users to try on.

Our roblox music codes library will be there to help you choose the best music for your game within few clicks only. Make sure to check out our library of more than 100k variety of audio list for your game.

If we missed any new codes and you know them, then please help to find new codes for this game by adding them in the comments section below and we will update our list along with Your Name and a thank you text on this blog.

Your contribution to this list will help lots of needy peoples to get free money and items in this game and they will also thank you for your contribution.

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King of Avalon Gift Codes : List of All Old and New KOA Gift Codes Found Online Till 2019

King of Avalon Gift Codes

King of Avalon is the adventurous battle field game published by Century Game for Android and iOS users. With more than 50,000,000 downloads and player from 150 different countries, the game has been immensely popular.

As the game is about war, so you must have to make friends to battle with opponents throughout the world. There are various king of Avalon gift codes available that you can use for getting resources in this game.

Here I will introduce you with the list of gift codes that I have found on various places on the internet including Official Facebook Page of King of Avalon game. But before we proceed further let me introduce you with the game first.

The game is about the battle so grab your armor. Build your dragon force with the help of quests and nourish your dragons to lift Excalibur and become the unbeatable king.

You have to build a strong foundation for your empire to survive in dragon fire war zone. The war depends on the coordination between you and your alliance. Build an edge over your enemies by developing and mastering extra-ordinary combat skills.

The purpose of this article is to give information about the list of king of Avalon codes and how to redeem king of Avalon gift codes to get different resources.

What are the King of Avalon Gift Codes & How to get them?

King of Avalon is the strategy base addictive game and popular in the USA. There are number of ways through which you can get resources for the game.

One of the ways is to purchase them by spending money or there are cheat codes given by the developers to players as a reward for contributing in the improvements of the game.

King of Avalon gift codes are nothing but the ways to get rewards in this game.

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There are three ways to get KOA Gift Codes:

  1. The game developers will ask you for the suggestions for fixing bugs, bad translation or glitches in the game. If users help them with the same, then there is a chance to get personalized koa gift code for user account.
  2. There are gift envelopes in the game which can be obtained through alliance packages and the packages can be purchased in-game but only from Friday to Sunday. As a reminder, the envelope will allow you to obtain an item from inventory and send it one of your friends.
  3. And the last but not least, you can get king of Avalon new gift codes from rally improvements.

As the game has decided to revamp it for making your dragon more powerful. Presently only the leader dragon and talents would have been influenced the march. Since 2.2 dragon’s abilities and research, lord equipment’s and talent points of every lord is involved in the rally will influence the overall results.

Here are all the old and latest king of avalon redeem codes that have shared by either game itself or users who earned them by contributing in the game and later shared it on social media or on forums.

So go through the list of codes found this game.

Disclaimer: – We do not take responsibility for the authenticity and workability of the codes that we have mentioned below.

We only mentioned all the King of Avalon gift codes that we found from the various sources i.e., Official King of Avalon Facebook Page, User Generated Reddit Forum Posts, and from Official Game Forum Posts.

Hence we cannot guarantee on the workability of these codes in any way.

List of King of Avalon Gift Codes Shared On Various Places over the Internet

1. koa7575

This is one of the King of Avalon new gift code which is shared by a reddit user espectro11 on 6th July 2018. As per the user, by using this code you can get the following rewards.

2. koa5050

This koa new gift code is shared by reddit user gregyounguk on 6th July 2018. By using this code you could get the following rewards.

3. koa628

This king of Avalon new gift code is shared by and also on Youtube Channel called sweet yum yums. You will get the following goodies.

4. koa66666666

This gift code is shared on the KOA’s official Facebook page and is available only for the players with stronghold levels between 15-20 and for those who didn’t log-in to the game since the 19th December 2017.

5. koa88888888

This koa gift code is shared by the developers of the game on their Facebook official page and is available to use for the players with stronghold level 21 or above and for those who didn’t log in the game since 19th December 2017.


This king of Avalon new gift code is shared by a king of Avalon forum user Clasher Mike on 29th May 2017. By using this, you will get one SH1 stronghold box, and once you grab the 5, 10, 15, 20..

7. koa2019

This is the latest king of Avalon new gift code that has been shared on Youtube channel “PREDATOR 252” and by using this gift code, you will get following rewards.

Wrapping Up

Overall, what we can say is that King of Avalon is a strategy game where you rule over a tiny kingdom that is growing in small proportions and becomes a great empire. But this is not easy to go through the above list of the king of Avalon gift codes and make use of them for getting more resources in your game and helps to make your gameplay better.

Have you found the list useful? Do you know any other workable gift codes? If yes, then please do share with us because we always wait for your valuable feedback.

Stay Connected for More details. Till then, enjoy gaming!

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Call of Duty Mobile Hack : Top 5 Legit Cheats to Earn Free COD Point & Credits

call of duty mobile hack

The Call of duty is a very popular game and guess what! This game is now available for mobiles as well. At present, the game is in the Beta stage, but it is going to launch all over the world for Android and iOS later in this year.

This game is under development by Tencent’s TIMI studio in association with Activision Publishing. As the game is in beta testing, but some users have started to share the details of the gameplay of this battlefield action game.

Every battlefield game requires sufficient knowledge of legal cheats and tricks and so as call of duty too. Here we tried to explain some of the call of duty mobile hack and tricks that will be useful to play the game. Before we proceed further let us take a look at the game.

Call of duty is fighting across the classical multiplayer maps and play fan-favorite modes as you aim to be excellent in the world of this game. In this game, you will play different iconic maps and modes from throughout the game.

As you go on in the game, you will unlock the ideal outfits, characters, scorestreaks, pieces of gear and weapons from the game world that can be utilized for personalizing the loadouts.

The most important part of the game is monetization because without the resources you cannot play and win this game. The main currency in this game is COD points and credit points. Here I am providing you all with the real and legit call of duty mobile cheats that make your gameplay better. So let’s take a look.

List of 5 Legit Call of Duty Mobile Hack And Cheats To Earn COD Points And Credit

1. Level Up as soon as Possible

call of duty mobile credits hack

This is most crucial Call of Duty mobile COD points hack. Because you will get COD points with each passing level. As you level up you will unlock many of the resources like you will get HS 2126 deck of spades which is a good playing card theme Shot gun. You will get something interesting with each passing level and even if you are getting boring stuff don’t forget that you are building the experience credit Cod point.

2. Buy a Battle Pass

Buying a battle pass is the most important hack for Call of duty mobile free COD points. As the game is in beta so Activision is providing you with the 5000 Call of duty points that can be used for in-game purchases. You must have to use these COD points wisely. There are two types of battle card first one Premium battle pass, and the second one is battle pass tiers, that you can be used to rank up.

Purchasing the Call of duty mobile free battle pass solves almost all your problems. This battle pass can be used to unlock some things at the time of leveling up. This game has the battle pass mission that helps you to level up and obtain more contents across the game.

Having this battle pass helps you to generate Call of duty mobile free credits and points, which is the free currency every level. The battle pass is nothing but credits; so every level you get a free credit which is nice. After every 100 points, there is daily and weekly personal challenges, and all those things that help you to unlock the useful stuff throughout the game.

3. Daily Login Rewards

legit cheats for call of duty mobile

Call of duty mobile daily log in reward is one of the valuable Call of duty mobile cheats. The game will surprise you with the tremendous rewards for those players who used to log in to the game regularly. If you log in to the game for a week, then your rewards are a big one.

This is the best Call of duty free credits hack because these rewards may contain 10 credits to character skins to new weapon rarities. You can play as a ghost, and that is the first huge thing you get in the premium tier.

4. Ranked Matches

At present, there are three patterns of play in Call of duty mobile and that are Match, Rank Match, and Private match. Well, this method is considered as the great COD mobile hack because the most natural play will be there in the match, on the other hand, ranked matches provide you with the ability to obtain weapons, level up across season, and bonus XP.

5. Try To Go on 30 killstreak As Early As Possible

call of duty mobile tips and tricks

Now, this is one of the useful COD mobile cheats because as soon as the player goes on 30 killstreak the nuclear bomb button will be activated and the player can press that button to remove the full opponent team. Just keep in mind that this removal of opponents doesn’t mean that the game has ended.

The game is in beta and going to release soon and try to use the above-mentioned Call of duty mobile hack tools to make your gameplay better.

Newly announced Game Modes in Call of Duty: Mobile

Five modes have been introduced newly in Call of duty mobile

  • Free for all
  • Frontline
  • Team detachment
  • Hardpoint
  • Dominations

Note: Free for all mode supports up to 8 players and rest of the modes support up to 10 players.

Newly declared Multiplayer maps in Call of Duty: Mobile

There are 5 new maps that are revealed by Call of Duty Mobile.

  • Crossfire:- Tiny dessert village
  • Standoff:- China and Kyrgyzstan border town
  • Crash:-Downed ocean night in a desert town.
  • Killhouse: – It has speedball kind storeroom interior.
  • Firing range: – Army practice facility.

Pre-registration is Open!

As I have already informed all of you that, Call of duty mobile is under development and presently the pre-registration is open in particular countries like Europe, North America, South America, and some other regions.

But you can sign up for pre-registration from playstore and app store to get all the latest information about the game.

Final Verdict

Finally, we are wrapping up with all the legit Call of duty mobile hacks and cheats. As the game is in beta testing in India and it will start regional beta testing in Australia soon. We have covered all the possible hacks and cheats that can be used to generate the resources, and we will keep updating you with more information.

Go through the above list and share your valuable feedback with us. Your feedback always motivate us to improve our work. Stay tuned with us for more details. Till then, Happy Gaming!

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How to Trade on Roblox for All Items : Step By Step Tutorial for 2019

roblox trading guide explained

Most of the Roblox users don’t know how to trade on roblox properly. Even if they know, they still get dumped by other users while trading with rare and valuable items.

Usually, roblox users or traders don’t offer the right value for your items, no matter how rare or limited edition items you have.

The same thing happens when you offer someone a good deal with your items and/or with robux, most of the users decline your offer even if it’s beneficial for them.

Why do they do it?

It’s simple, they just want even higher benefit from your offer.

Then how to sell your items on roblox with a decent deal?

In this article below, we will study a lot about how to deal with such users and get the right trading options as per your expectations against the items or robux you are offering them.

For now, let’s just focus on learning how to trade on roblox effectively using the step by step guide for roblox roblox trading along with respective roblox pictures.

Before moving ahead to roblox how to trade guide, we must understand that there are 2 phases of proper trading in the roblox game. Those are;

  • Optimizing Your Account for Trading.
  • Actual Roblox Trading.

In the first phase of the trading, you need to optimize your account and prepare to be ready for roblox trade. While in the second phase, will see how actual roblox trading works.

Phase 1. Optimizing Your Account for Trading

1. Get Access to Builders Club Membership

In order to be able to trade in roblox, you need to enroll for Builders Club Membership. The Builders Club Membership not only provide you all types of access in the roblox but it is also the most affordable tool to have easy robux today in 2019. As seen in the roblox picture below, you can be a member of BC by paying as cheap as $5.95 a month.

If you are an Outrageous Member in the roblox, then you are not only getting free items on roblox but also eligible for various roblox gifts you will receive by time to time from roblox community.

how to trade in roblox

2. Enable Trading Option from Your Roblox Account

Once you are done with selecting and opting the best membership for you, it is now time to enable the trading option for your account in roblox r. Just login to your roblox account >> Account Settings >> Privacy Tab >> (If you are already a builders club member), then you will find “Trade Accessibility” option >> Set this setting to “Open to Trade” and you are good to go.

enable trading in roblox

3. Try To Get Rare & Limited Edition Items

After enabling the Trade Option from your roblox account, it is now time to invest in some rare and valuable items. In the catalog section of the game, you will find all the items listed for you to buy in the game.

There are millions of items available from roblox free items to paid items. You have to check for the rarest of the rare and limited edition items for your inventory. Do not worry, finding rare items in roblox may be tricky but not an impossible task. It is because roblox catalog list updates very frequently, so everybody who is in the hunt for such rare items automatically gets chance to grab one instantly.

The only thing you need to consider while grabbing a rare or limited edition item is to buy it as soon as you see it. Because there are millions of users are simultaneously online and hunting for the same thing that you want (rare or valuable items) it becomes very hard to act quickly and buy an item for you.

The Trick

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to sit in front of the items window and wait hours for getting a rare item. Instead, you can make use of some premium plugins that will notify you whenever there is an obtainable rare item available for you to buy.

One of such premium plugin is called Roblox +.

Remember, there are also several scam copies of this plugin made by others so choose only real, and legit plugin for you. Always check for reviews, download count and ratings before buying it. You can use Roblox+ in your chrome browser as an extension.

The more rare items in your inventory is equal to better the deal with minimum or no efforts. Now you just need to feed your inventory with lots of rare items along with some limited editions too.

inventory option in roblox

Phase 2. Actual Roblox Trading

4. Search Users on Roblox to Trade With

After optimizing your roblox account and collecting the desired number of rare items, you are now good to go for trade as well as to earn some robux by using trade option. Now all you need to do is just go to the Roblox Homepage and search for BC Members/Your Friends with whom you can trade. Also, the trading can only be possible when both the buyer and sellers are respective members of builder’s club membership and both are open to trade with the buyer or seller is willing to include you in the trading parameters.

To start trading, go to users profile page >> click on “trade items” button. Remember, trading is not all about earning robux, there will time comes when you desperately need any item which is not available anywhere in the catalog, in this case, you can search out other users profile for the item and offer them a trade against the item you want from them.

searching traders in roblox

5. Access Trade Browser Window from Users Profile

Trade Browser Window is nothing but the path or road to initiate a trade or request an offer of trade to any user with whom you want to trade with.

Follow these steps to access trade browser window:

  1. Go to your Roblox Homepage and search for the particular User Profile in search bar.
  2. Now go to “More” option available in front of “Send Message” option in the user’s profile.
  3. Then go to “Trade Items” this option will lead you to the Trade Browser Window of the user where you are able to create or send a request of trade offer with the particular user.

trader browser window in roblox

6. Sending Your First Trade Request

You are flexible to initiate trade offers as you like. You can simply ask a user to “items against items” offer aka roblox exchange or if the seller is holding any item that is important for you, then you can also offer some extra robux along with your items to attract the seller in order to crack the trade in your favor.

Beware: If you are using robux in trading the items, then there will be 30% trade fee applicable for your transaction, and that will be including the total calculated number of robux amount.

send trading request

7. Operating the Trade Window

If everything goes well until this step, then the items of both buyers and the sellers should be visible in the trade window just like shown below in the picture of Roblox’s trade request. Now in this window, if you click on accept these item trading, they will immediately sent into the trade confirmation stage.

However, if you are not satisfied with the items in the trade, you have the ability to add remove these items (by just hovering your cursor on them.) before sending the request into confirmation stage.

Congratulations, now you know how to sell things on roblox for initial stages. Don’t forget to download our advanced tips and tricks from above on how to sell items on roblox on your conditions to get most out of every roblox trade deal.

trading window operating

8. Manage Your Trade Offers

Just like trading, managing your received trade offers are also very crucial as well as an important task when it comes to trade on your own conditions.

Here is how you can manage your trade offers:

  1. From your profile, go to your trade section.
  2. From trade section, you will see an option called Trade Type, click on it.
  3. Now you are on trade page. Here you can see the offers that other users have provided to you against the items available in your inventory.

Here, you get 3 options for each trade offers to make decisions.

  • Accept the trade
  • Counter the trade
  • Decline the trade

As far as the accepting and declining trade requests are concerned, we know what that means. However, countering the trade means you are not satisfied with the offer that user is giving you against your items, and you need more than what offered by the user.

In this situation, simply click on the counter button which will notify the user that you need more than s/he offered for this trade. Next time s/he may offer you more than previous which is a good trick you can use in these offers.

Each offer has the validity period of 4 days. That means you can accept, decline or counter the offer in 4 days until the offer is valid to trade.

Knowing the Worth of Your Items for Trading

It is very important for you to know the actual current worth of the items that you own in your inventory. Because there are lots of traders who will scam you by asking trade for any valuable item in very cheap rate. So it is better to know the worth of the item that you are trading for.

Well, calculating all the items for their Recent Average Price excluding the trade fees for your reasonable profit is very time consuming as well as not possible for regular trading.

In this case, one can easily look onto some roblox item valuation calculating websites available online. These websites will show you the exact current RAP of your item in seconds.

The most popular website is RbxRocks. You can try it for calculating the worth of your rare items before sending or accepting any trade request.

Additional Roblox Trading Tips, Guides & Rules You Should Know

Trading Tips and Tricks

1. Introduce Yourself Socially

It is very important to introduce yourself as a trader to the roblox community. Unless people don’t recognize you, they will never trust you when it comes to trading. Go socially, contribute to the roblox community, join groups, give your opinions and highlight yourself as a responsible roblox trader.

You need to create a good trader image of yourself slowly and patiently. The more you socialize, the more trading offers you start receiving. Introducing yourself to a trading community is the first and foremost important step in order to make your first trade happen so quickly and smoothly.

2. Selecting Items for Trade

As a trader, it is very important for you to choose and collect the right items always. There are millions of items being in trade on roblox on daily basis. Some of them are so popular that they are called as evergreen items and some of them becomes popular for short period.

The short time popular items are good to trade always, but keep it in mind that they will lose their popularity very soon; so it is better to get rid of them after sometimes if they did not got offered by anyone; as now they will become a liability to your inventory.

Try to collect those items only which are offered by very few sellers and have a lot of demand in the past (in the past means in last couple of months). These items are hard to find but you can study for such items using the collectibles section and charts and graphs given on the items page which will clear your path for making decision regarding that item.

There are also such items which are always trading in the market no matter how much they cost, but they are always essential in the market and they never get stuck in the inventory for so long. These items neither very costly nor very cheap, but they have a lot of potentials to keep you earning a little bit profit every time you buy and sell them in the active market.

3. Learn the Trading Art

Trading is an art and not everyone can do this just like that. You need to study a lot before offering someone of before accepting someone’s offer.

Try to read the item charts and transactions that happened in the past for that particular item and then recognize the demand and supply of that item in coming days.

You need unique trading mind to do the predictions about any item in roblox trading. It is neither that hard nor that easy. The one who can assume the demand and supply of any item, can win the whole deals in the roblox trading system.

4. Read Trader’s Mind

Whenever someone offers you trade against any of your item, immediately go and check that items statistics along with the past happened trades and the RAP. You can also check what sellers are offering for the same product, this will clear you the exact worth of that item according to the current situations and then you can properly think about the deal someone is offering you for the product he wants from you. If the deal is not as expected, simply counter the deal here, because the trader will not be going to have the same deal from other sellers at all.

How to Donate Robux in Roblox? Giving People Robux

Robux is a premium currency in roblox, and it can be purchased using real money. However, people can donate robux to others using a simple donation trick available in roblox trade.

You cannot transfer robux to anybody without getting something against robux in roblox. That means you need to get something back in exchange for giving people robux. There is a clothing trick available for such users who wanted to donate robux to others. There is a shirt called Donation T-Shirt and Pants too. You can buy these donation shirts and pants in an exchange with your donated robux with the user who will receive your robux donation.

If you wanted to receive robux donations from other users, firstly you have to be a member of builders club as this trade will only happen if you (the receiver) and donor (the sender) both are the members of builders club. Secondly, you should have the donation t-shirts or pants available in your inventory to buy for the donor. If you don’t know how to make clothes in roblox, then read this guide on creating a shirt on roblox and uploading it from roblox studio.

I hope now you understood how to donate robux in roblox and how to give people robux. The above guide showed you the best way to transfer robux to your friends easily. Now you can help that one friend who is short in robux and you can fill up his robux stock very easily.

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Top 10 Best Android Games To Play In June 2019

best android games to play in june 2019

Android gaming world is getting bigger by each passing day. Games are becoming non-dividable part of Smartphone users. Playing games on mobile always help to improve co-ordination, problem-solving skills, improves attention and concentration, enhances multitasking skills, and also a great source of learning.

There are multiple games available in Google Playstore, and Playstore update this game list every month. So you can find new games with each passing month.

Many people’s blames that playing video games makes a person antisocial, depressed, and overweight. But it is not true. Researcher’s claims that games can improve both mind and body. Now a day’s numbers of game lovers are increasing, and they are always in search of new and addictive games.

The primary purpose of this article is to introduce you all with the top 10 latest games that are popular to play in June 2019.

List of 10 Best New Android Games for June 2019

1. Stick Warriors: Super Battle Fight

best android games to play

Stick warriors super battle fight is also known as stick Z Super dragon fight. ONESOFT develops this zero gravity combat game. This is the best action game available on Google playstore.

Ratings: 4.4/5

Space Requires: 35MB

Genre: Action

Price: Free

Stick Warriors Gameplay

In this game, you are playing the role of stickman Z and have to fight opposite substantial dragon bosses and the most threatening rivals in the universe. You have to be aware because with each passing level, your opponents will upgrade their powers, and that helps the game to stay challenging and exciting. You have to collect as many coins as you can because you can use these coins to get powerful stick warriors to your team.

2. Pokémon Rumble Rush

ppopular android games

Pokémon Rumble rush is next in the list of games to play in June 2019. , and The Pokémon Company has published it. Pokémon rumble rush is introduced as the fifth installment of Pokémon Rumble series

Ratings: 3.7/5

Space Required: 65MB

Genre: Action

Price: Free

Pokémon Rumble Rush Gameplay

Pokémon Rumble Rush game allows you to explore islands with the assistance of Pokémon and a spirit of journey and discovery through unexplored islands that have numerous Pokémon. This game is full of excitement in which you can attack opponents by tapping on the screen if you see them. You have to earn rewards, and you need various types of Pokémon to win every super boss rush. Make use of the power of Pokémon that have been gathered from different islands.

3. Archero

Archero is the action based video game published by Habby. The game mainly focuses on beating all the levels. A game is all about the lone archer who is fighting against your enemies and help yourself to survive for a long time in the game.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Space Required: 82MB

Genre: Action

Price: Free

Archero Gameplay

The game takes you into the universe where existence itself is eliminating you! You are the solo archer and the only force that is able to counter and beat the oncoming waves of evil. So, boost up with amazing skills and make war like your life is depend on it, for endless waves coming from opponents. Enjoy generating unlimited combinations of unique skills that are developed to help you to survive in the game. Just remember that once you die, the only way is to begin all again.

4. Flip Runner

best running game for june 2019

Flip Runner is the physics-based parkour video game that is fire developed by MotionVolt Games. Flip Runner gives you the most powerful and entertaining parkour experience with its custom physics engine and animated Ragdoll physics.

Ratings: 4/5

Space requires: 82 MB

Genre: Action

Price: Free

Flip Runner Gameplay

The game is about running at the rooftops, make the jump from antennas, slide over the roofs and solar panels. Learn the new hack to be a fast runner ever. Each character has its own distinctive features; you have to improve the character for increasing parkour performance.

5. Animal Rescue 3D

best rescue game

As the name suggests, Animal rescue 3D is the game based on saving the animals on the road. Voodo develops this fun-filled game. Animal Rescue 3D becomes the top trending game because of its positive reviews.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Space Requires: 92 MB


Price: Free

Animal Rescue 3D Gameplay

The game is about tapping and holding of the screen makes animals walk on the road, and you have rescued them by stopping the cars or any other vehicles on way. The main focus is on saving the animals and advise them to go to the farm as a method of rescuing them. The only thing to keep in mind is to be careful while crossing the road, especially when it has several lanes.

6. Durango: Wild Lands

Durango Wild Lands is the dinosaur MMO game developed by What! Studio and published by Nexon. This game has introduced wholly new standards in the mobile gaming industry. The game is focusing on discovering and building a society from nothing. This game gives you a liberty to play in the way you want.

Ratings: 4.6/5

Space Required: 91 MB

Genre: Action MMORPG

Price: Free

Durango: Wild Lands Gameplay

The game is about discovering and flourishing the land filled with dinosaurs in the enormous open world MMO. Adventure through the wild lands, discover, craft, civilization, forge a new life, and play in your way. This MMO role-playing game takes you into the supernatural world of dinosaurs where you are distorted from your world into Durango. Tame dinosaurs, fight in long wars against clans and generate a new culture with your fellow colonizers. Chase and collect new and local resources nearby you for your survival.

7. Idle Theme Park Tycoon: Recreation Game

best park simulator games

The Idle theme park tycoon: Recreation game is launched by Condigames. As the name suggest it about creating the best theme park and manage the roller coaster to become a tycoon. This game offers you to rule your theme park and becomes the wealthiest manager.

Ratings: 4.3/5

Space required: 63 MB

Genre: Adventure

Price: Free

Idle Theme Park Tycoon: Recreation Gameplay

You have to start with a small park at the beginning and have to work on it hard to make it large. Open new attractions for generating beautiful fun area for visitors to ride a roller coaster, the log ride, the Ferris wheel, and visit the horror house.

Organise the food lounge and ticket counter cleverly to obtain money. Develop a theme park to get the most breathtaking rides. Hire security guards to manage public order and protecting your theme park. Make tourist comfortable, happy, and welcome. This game allows you to become a theme park lord and hire employees and improve the rides and control the business.

8. WWE Universe

latest wwe game

WWE Universe is a game launched by WWE and Glu Mobile Inc. jointly, which is a leading developer and publisher of mobile games. Players begin the WWE journey to build a list of superstar and try to command their opponents. WWE Universe proposes the genuine WWE experience on mobile.

Ratings: 4.2/5

Space Required: 85 MB

Genre: Action

Price: Free

WWE Universe Gameplay

WWE universe allows you to play the role of your favorite superstar from each generation. Make an ultimate game for WWE universe with real moves, real voices, real music, and authentic chants, and real story lands you right in action.

9. Talion

Gamevil launches Talion the massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for iOS and Android users. This game has impressive graphics, beautiful story fairness, and well balanced and much more to explore.

Ratings: 4.1/5

Space Required: 81 MB

Genre: Action

Price: Free

Talion Gameplay

It is one of the best games to be played in June. The Talion are at battle. Reply the call and pick your side and join your community in this new MMORPG. For claiming the win against opponents, you have to use your speed and strength. The destiny of your people is at stake. You have to prove that you are a Talion who will put the full stop on many wars between realms.

10. The Warrior Superb

best android games for the month of june

The Warrior Superb game is developed by an excellent game company. The game has a cool animation effect and easy to use interface. Only the downside of this game app is that it contains too many ads.

Ratings: 4.1/5

Space Required: 26 MB

Genre: Action

Price: Free

The Warrior Superb Gameplay

The bravo Spartan warriors throw the spears to punch the enemies. The game is straightforward; you have to simply drag and drop your finger for fixing the goal and throw a spear. Finish as many enemies as you can to earn coins.

Final Words

So these are the best Android games to play in June 2019. Go through the above list and share your experience with us. If you know any other games that you think will deserve to be in our list, then comment us with the same so we will add it too.

Till then, enjoy gaming!

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How do You Change Your Name in Roblox for Free

Roblox Name Change

Let’s learn the legit method about how you can change your name on roblox for free. Yes, it is possible to get new roblox name for yourself without losing 1000 robux.

It is obvious that sometimes we can make spelling mistakes in our names while registering for platforms like roblox. Or maybe we don’t like the name which we just registered.

It doesn’t mean that you need to give one thousand robux for the mistake you just did.

There is actually an efficient way to change your roblox name for entirely free.

But what if your roblox account is old one with lots of progress happened in it? In this case, check out the below mentioned step by step guide to change your name in roblox for free.

Also, try the below-mentioned method only if your account is newly created, and the progress you have made in your account is not that important for you.

How to Change Your Name in Roblox For Free Without Spending 1000 Robux?

See, if you are new to roblox and did not explore much in the roblox studio yet, then this method is only for you.

  1. Log out of your existing roblox account.
  2. Create a brand new email address to use for roblox.
  3. Then simply Create New Roblox Account with your desired name (username).

You may be thinking that this is not a proper solution to change your roblox name for free. But believe us, it is the only solution you can do if your roblox account is not too old or if you haven’t explored much with your roblox account.

Think about it, I mean if you can save your valuable money by not purchasing 1000 robux; isn’t it’s a great idea to switch your just created roblox account with the new one? (Also, try to cancel your old roblox account if possible.)

This method will surely save your robux which you will be investing in much important things rather than wasting them on just changing your roblox name.

If you are really short on robux then why not earn some free robux utilizing our guide which explains top 8 ways to get free robux in roblox.

I mean at the beginning of your roblox journey, I don’t think you will find the better idea than this one.

Overall, if you are ready to sacrifice your progress of the account, then and only then you should go with this working method to change your roblox name for free. Because, in this method, you are simply creating a new roblox account with your new name, and that’s it.

Keep in mind that you cannot import your old account roblox data into your new account. So, think twice before doing it with your account. However, for new roblox account holders, it is still an ideal way to change username for roblox account. Isn’t it?

How to Change Your Name on Roblox? A Free Guide

When it comes to saving your all the account progress, you should follow the standard process given on the Roblox’s official site for changing your username or just read the same given below.

  • Login with your existing roblox username and password which you are using currently.
  • On the top right side of your roblox dashboard, you will see a settings icon (can be recognized by the picture of a gear), click on it to go to your account settings.

Login to Roblox and Go to Settings

  • Now you can see your existing username with the hidden password in your account information section.
  • Now click on the Edit icon visible in front of your username to edit your roblox name.

Click to Edit Your Username

  • If your roblox account is not email verified, then you may see the email verification message asking you to verify your email first, before changing your name in the roblox.

Verify Your Email or Phone Number

  • Once you verified your email and phone number (if needed), then you can continue changing your roblox username. You can also use roblox password reset option available right below of the username of yours if you want to reset your password available with roblox. Keep your roblox password safe and don’t share it with anyone. There are lots of people use various roblox password guessing techniques to try to get access to your account.

Change Your Name

  • As I said before, this is a standard procedure to change your name in roblox, so you need to spend 1000 robux in order to change your name on roblox if you go through this method.

We know that it is not really necessary for roblox to charge that much robux for the little mistake in the name we did back in or to change the entire name with new one.

Users are too frustrated about this situation today; they cannot even change their simple roblox usernames, while it should have been like a piece of cake.

Even while searching for this issue online, I found some of the user reactions regarding this problem over the internet. Usually, they were not satisfied with this rule of spending robux.

Is it really that hard to change your roblox username for free once submitted?

Is it because they don’t want to miss this opportunity to get your valuable earned robux?

But if you really don’t want to spend the robux, then what would be the best option for you?

Don’t you worry; we know how to change your name in roblox for free. In fact, we have tried this one successfully.

Just follow the above mentioned methods to save 1000 robux while changing your roblox name.


So in our study, we found that you can change your roblox name for free in your roblox account. And the method we studied is 100% legit and working one.

However, we are totally agree that we cannot change a roblox name for an old account and keep the progress it has in it as it is without paying a name change fees to roblox.

It is impossible for anyone to change the username of the same roblox account without spending robux currency as name change fees.

So, the better (free) option for any new user is to simply register again in the roblox with his correct desired name and simply delete the old (which contains wrong/miss-typed username) roblox account.

Now that we know how to change our name in roblox for free, it is time to implement this method and tell your friends that you have a working method to change your roblox name for free.

Let your friends know how you change your name in roblox for free with a legit way.

If you found this information helpful, then please share it with your friends and help us grow our website. You can comment your thoughts on this article if you want. (We will feel better) Negative or Positive whatsoever, it means a lot to us.

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Homescapes Hack: Top 7 Legit Cheats To Earn Free Coins In 2019

homescapes hack

Homescapes is free to play puzzle video game and almost every casual game player knows about it. Playrix have developed Homescapes for Android and iOS devices.

The gameplay of this game is based on designing the old mansion by solving the puzzles along with it. You require game currencies like coins and stars to design your home.

So, in this article, we are learning about various legal Homescapes hack and cheats but before we start with it, let me give you the short intro of the game first.

In Homescapes game, you have to help the character named Austin Butler to bring back the comfort and tenderness to his old family mansion. In this big and beautiful mansion, you have to discover all its secrets.

Give the complete makeover to this old mansion, and sharpen your home designing skills. Homescapes contains thousands of designs of various household stuff through which you can select what will best suit for Austin’s mansion.

You can also change the designs as many times as you want and help Austin to build his dream home.

All the adventure of decorating the mansion requires coins and stars which you have to obtain from the game by using different tricks. What are you waiting for? Make yourself into the home!

List Of Top 7 Best Homescapes Hack & Cheats In 2019

1. Beat Exciting Match 3 Levels

Match 3 levels are most crucial Homescapes cheat as it is the primary source of obtaining the stars in the game. You can earn stars by completing the renovation task of the mansion. You get one star for every match 3 level you beat and also 2 stars if you fulfill the super hard level.

You can beat match 3 levels by completing more than one goal. These goals are displayed before you start with each level. There are many obstacles that you have to remove in minimum moves; because the rewards you get will depend on the moves, you left by the end of the level. So try to earn as many stars as you can by this way because this method is the most used Homescapes hack.

2. Try To Match Four Or More Pieces

homescapes free coins

This is one of the most useful Homescapes coin hacks because matching four or more pieces help you to generate power-up. For instance, matching four pieces gives you Rockets, matching five or six pieces gives you Bombs, matching four pieces of the same type in square shape gives you Paper Planes, and by matching four pieces in a line help you to get Rainbow Balls.

These help you to make your gameplay better like Rockets help you to clear all the tiles depending its directions, Bombs helps you to remove the significant number of pieces, paper planes helps you to remove one random piece on the field and rainbow ball removes all pieces of the same type from the area.

3. Join Events

homescapes cheats

Joining events is the useful Homescapes hack as it helps you to get more rewards. Events are the additional game content available for a limited period. There are different events available like Gold reserve special offer event, furry tale event, above the clouds, treasure chest, Team Chest, Star chest, Flint’s Adventure event, Happy times event and team tournaments.

All these events help you to earn set of match 3 Levels, special match 3 modes or special task in the mansion, a set of rewards that may contain stars and coins for finishing job, themed decoration or temporary changes in the palace and also gave you the discounts on in-game purchases and special offers.

The only thing you have to check is that for which event you are eligible. For instance, for joining the treasure chest event, you have to reach level 21, or for joining Flint’s adventure event, you have to enter the 31st level and so on.

NOTE: – If you are willing to restore mansions with these events then it is not possible which is why it is not compulsory to complete the task they include in the game.

4. Join Competitions and League

how to earn free coins in homescapes

Joining competitions is very important because using this Homescapes cheat help you to form leader board out of competitors who have the same levels. You can check your leader board position by tapping the event icon on the left side of the screen, or you can even click on the scoreboard on the other side.

All the participants receive a reward for taking part in the competition, and the game will also offer the special prize for top 10, and in this exclusive rewards, you can earn Homescapes free coins as well.

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On the other hand, leagues are only for competitive events and offer you to win more goodies. The prizes you gain through the leagues depend entirely on the current league and position on the leader board. At present, there are six leagues from which lowest is the Guest league, and Pro league is the highest one. You must have to focus on scoring high in the competitions to level up in leagues.

5. Try to Finish Level in minimum Moves

Now, this is next in the list of Homescapes cheats. Try to finish the levels in as minimum moves as you can because this helps you to earn bonus coins. When you start with the game, your game account will be credited with one thousand coins and with each passing level you earn 50 coins, but if you finish the levels in minimum moves, you can earn bonus coins and star as well. The amount of bonus coins depends on how many steps are remaining after finishing the task.

Remaining cheats are available on the further source.

Does Homescapes Coins Generator Really Work?

If you have a question about how to hack Homescapes and as a solution you are adopting the coin generator, then you must be careful because these generators are fake and don’t work.

Many websites promote such coin generators for Homescapes game and also use coins generator no verification policy to grab your attention, but don’t get trap into such scams. Generators always ask you for your personal information like phone number, email id, etc.

These Homescapes coins generators are harmful to your device as they may contain the virus. Hence, use only legit ways to earn resources in your gameplay.

Final Verdict

Overall we can say that homescapes helps you to explore your designing skills. We have wrapped up with all the legal Homescapes hack and cheats.

Do not get trap into any scams and if you want to earn coins then play the game by using above-listed hacks and cheats. You can even buy coins from the in-app game store by paying real cash.

Go through the above list and share your valuable feedback with us. Stay connected with us for more details.

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Raid Shadow Legends Cheats : Top 7 Best Hacks For Having Free Gems Legally In 2019

raid shadow legends cheats

Raid Shadow Legends is an RPG based game published by Plarium Global Ltd. that is known for creating the best mobile and social experience for casual and hardcore gamers from all over the world. Playing this game must require some legal raid shadow legends cheats and hacks that can help you for survival in this game.

In this article, I am giving you information about all the tips and tricks that can make your gameplay joyful. But before that, I will provide an overview of the game and what the game is all about.

The Raid Shadow Legends is like a boon to the players who love to play RPG based games. The game will take you into the world of Teleria, and you have to save that world by placing the prominent warriors from the forces of darkness and light. You have to give training to these champions for fighting together, shape them into living weapons, and gather the most legendary raiding parties ever seen. You will win the battles by planning master strategies for defeating the dozens of fights, crush enemies and slay dragons in the PVP area.

However, the primary purpose of this article is to help you progress in your game quick and easy by providing you with the legit raid shadow legends hacks and cheats.

List of Top 7 Raid Shadow Legends Cheats And Hacks

1. Level Up Fast at Beginning

The game contains some of the fresh graphics, and if you want to unlock some of the additional features, then you have to finish the level as soon as possible. At the beginning of the game, you are enticed to lots of things because the game is very thrilling.

I will highly recommend you to level up faster as early as possible until you unlock the dungeons. Because these dungeons are filled with rewards and loot that you will require to do progress in your game. Once you open the dungeons then you can level up faster that might be beyond your thoughts. You can even earn summon shards and free gems as early as you pass with the levels.

2. Make use of Sparring Pit

You can have one slot of sparring pit to open, so it doesn’t help you more but still very useful for your gameplay. In short, what you have to do is to choose your favorite hero and start leveling it up. Making use of sparring pit will help you to level up a hero without adding into your party, you only have to select the hero whom you want to level up.

raid shadow legends hack

This method is the best raid shadow legends hack if you get a new hero and want to level up by not wasting a slot in party.

3. For Additional Rewards Complete The Quests, Missions, And Challenges

If you want to get some additional rewards then completing missions, challenges and quests are the best raid shadow legends hack for free gems. If you want to grab some extra loot then grinding and farming is not sufficient, there is much more to explore in this game and obtain additional resources that may contain gems as well.

In case want to boost up your progress in the game quickly, then you must be aware that there are many other things like quests, challenges, and missions through which you can get extra benefits for making your gameplay better. Some items required for your gameplay cannot be gained by any other method. So this is one of the reliable sources of obtaining resources in raid shadow legends.

4. Don’t Forget to Join Time limited Events

There are some events for a limited time period in this game organized by game developers that are beneficial for you. You will be notified whenever these kinds of events are held. You can see an icon and countdown timer for it on the upper side of the screen. Take advantage of such events and also do hard work to achieve predetermined goals. These goals achievement will help you to obtain some of the golden rewards.

5. Get Free Sacred Shards

Raid shadow legends include four types of shards like Void, Mystery, ancient and the last one is sacred shards. Getting sacred shards for free is one of the useful raid shadow legends cheats.

Sacred shards are very useful, and getting them for free is not that much easy, you have to perform multiple tasks for it. You have to do the following tasks to get them for free.

  • You have to log in to the game regularly for a month to get sacred shard for free. If you log in to the game 28 days daily, then you can claim for daily rewards, and it includes sacred shards too.
  • The second one is that you have to solve the monthly quests for five months, and these quests might be having high difficulty level in comparison to daily and weekly quests. But rewards you get it from completion are worth to it.
  • Last but not least, you can get sacred shards through finishing the progress mission. It is challenging to complete it but not impossible. For obtaining sacred shards, you have to finish almost 150 progress missions that include everything like fighting, equipping aircraft and even upgrading them too.

If you are playing this game from a long time and have mastered in it, then you must be knowing that you can also get these sacred shards once you reach 60th level of this game. So try to reach the 60th level as soon as possible.

6. Try To Reach Difficulty Levels Quickly

If you find flop at the beginning stages, then try to make your game reach to harder levels. Raid shadow legends have 12 chapters in campaign mode, and once you finish off with these chapters, then you can get access to the more stringent levels that are named as brutal mode and hard mode. For finishing these levels, you need more efforts and energy too, but the rewards you will get against it are more valuable.

Being quick to complete the campaign mode is not only for gaining experience points or for being potentially stronger but also to grab some 5-star items from there and these help you to increase the possibilities of getting more excellent rewards from challenging dungeons. For all these benefits reaching to the difficulty levels is most useful raid shadow legend hack to be used in this game.

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7. Try To Open Market Slots As Early As Possible

You can open the market once you make progress in the game on a specific level. It will cost you some amount of gems or silver, but it will be worth to open the market slots. With every opened slot you will get a new reward but you have to pay some silver for it, and the reward can be anything like shards to aircraft.

These markets refresh per hour for free hence, make sure you will check it hourly. You can even restore the market forcefully by paying 5 gems, but it’s of no use because the reward you get through it doesn’t have a guarantee to provide the item you required.

One more thing. There are multiple options available openly in the market like raid shadow gun mod apk and many others who promise you to provide you free gems and other resources. I am strongly recommending you all not to use such kinds of site. Instead, use only legit raid shadow legends hack and tricks provided above.

Final Words

Finally, we have analyzed and presented all the legit raid shadow legends cheats tricks. All we can say is that the game is full of fun in which your main goal is to gather heroes and create the best team for quick progress in the game.

The only thing you should keep in mind is to go through the above list and make sure to use only legal tips and guides that are available in the game itself for making your gameplay better.

Furthermore, if you know any other tips and tricks, then feel free to share them with us. We will include your suggestions in our next article update.

For more details and updates stay connected with us. Till then, Happy Gaming!

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My Story Choose Your Own Path Cheats: Top 7 Legit Hacks to Earn Free Diamonds

my story choose your own path cheats

My story choose your own path is a narrative style game published by Nanobit. This game gives you a chance to take part in the story of Mona’s life, she is young women with many stories to share.

In this game, you have to help Mona to take individual decisions. You have to help her very carefully because these decisions may affect on the outcome of the story. All these decisions fix Mona’s destiny. In this game, there are two currencies tickets and diamonds, out which diamonds are a primary currency.

Diamonds are difficult to get so you must know the legit my story choose your own path cheats and tricks to get free diamonds. First I would like to introduce you all with the game.

The game my story choose your own path allows you to live different lives. You can experience to be an aspiring movie star, New York socialite, college drama, or a rich heiress. You can personalize your character; choose your hairstyle and clothes etc.

The story of the game is entirely depend on your decisions that determine how popular you are, how well you get along with your friends, and who you fall in love with.

There are multiple genre of stories like drama, romantic, comedy, etc. from which you can choose your favorite genre. This game keeps on adding new stories so one cannot get bored of playing the same story.

Well, not its time to learn all the My Story Cheats and guides for getting free diamonds. So let’s take a look!

List of Top 7 Actionable My Story Choose Your Own Path Cheats & Hacks

1. Finish The Chapters Quickly

Finishing the chapters quickly is one of the best My story choose your own path hack. This is the main gateway if you want to obtain the diamonds. When you start with the game, you will get 25 diamonds in your account and once you start to finish the chapters you account will be credited with one diamond for every chapter completion.

You can use these diamonds to change the outfits or change hairstyle of the character. So be fast and make use of such my story cheats to obtain as many diamonds as you can. On the other hand, if you finish the task without a single mistake, then you can even get the bonus ticket as well.

2. Watch Ads

This is one more important my story hack that helps you to earn diamonds for free. If you exhausted with diamonds from your game, then you can go to the settings and click on the watch add tab and once you finish with watching add your game account will be credited with the one diamond.

Now, this hack might use your extra mobile data, but you can use this method as many times as you want and watching these ads inform you about the new games available in the market. So take benefit of these my story choose your own path cheats for getting free diamonds.

3. Connect with Social Media

If you want to obtain more my story cheats for free tickets and diamonds, then connecting social media is the excellent source for it. What you have to do is to keep tracking of the Facebook page of this game.

If you get connected with the official Facebook page of the My story choose you path game then you can take benefits of earning bonus tickets and diamond through regular contests that are arranged by the developers of the game.

The social media pages inform users about the new offers for getting my story free tickets and diamonds.

4. Rush To Finish 4 Chapters

This is the excellent my story choose your path cheats as it helps you to earn diamonds and ticket as well. As I have already told you all that getting diamonds and ticket is a challenging task in this game.

You have to work hard for it and finish the chapters. Try to reach the 4th chapter as early as possible because this will help you to open the reward box. This reward box may contain diamond or even tickets.

For obtaining tickets, you have to wait for 50 minutes timer to finish. So if you play a game for 5 hrs a day, then you may get approximately five tickets in a day. Hence, instead of waiting, you can utilize this time to play the game and finish chapters to open a reward box.

5. Invite Friends through Social Networking Sites

Inviting friends through social media is one of the important my story choose your own path cheats because this helps you to earn some more diamonds and tickets as well. You can send invites to your friend list via Facebook and Whatsapp.

You just have to go on your Facebook page, and in the notification bar, you will get the notification as send invites click on it and send invites to your friends. The number of diamonds and tickets you are getting depends on the number of friends who accepts the invite and join the game.

Hence, try this my story cheats to get additional diamonds and tickets in your game.

6. Stay Updated With The Game

Staying updated with the game is one of the beneficial my story choose your path cheats because this helps you to earn resources quickly. This game updates its features on a regular basis that might help you to gain more resources.

There are lots of offers in the game which allows you to get diamonds and tickets quickly; the only thing is that you should be updated with the game.

7. Upgrade Your Character

Upgrading the looks of your character is included in the beneficial my story choose your own path cheats because this helps you to get more tickets in your game. You will get extra diamonds too if your character looks good.

This my story cheats help you to make your character look stunning, and if you don’t upgrade looks of your character, you cannot get the ticket as well.

If a thought of how to hack my story is striking to your mind, then go through the above list of my story choose your path cheats, you will get an answer to your question.

Final Verdict

Finally, we have wrapped up with all my story choose your own path cheats and hacks that help you to get the free resources from the game. If you ever imagined living the life of a doctor or an actor, then you can fulfill that imagination by playing this game.

We hope that the list of my story hacks and cheats will help you to make your game easy to play. If you know any other hacks and cheats that you think we should add in this article, then please do share with us. We are eager to know your valuable Feedback.

We will come back with some more updates as we go into the depth of this game. Stay connected with us. Till then, enjoy gaming!

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Clash of Clans Hack : Top 10 Best Cheats To Get Free Gems Legally

clash of clans hack

The Clash of Clans is an epic combat strategy game developed by Finnish Developer Supercell. Android and IOS users can play this fantasy based mobile game.

In this game, the player will play a role of head of the village and build his own clan and get ready for the battle. For playing this game, you must have a good knowledge of legit clash of clans hack for getting free resources that help you to survive in the game.

Before I start with the methods of getting free gems, I would like to introduce you all with the game first.

Clash of clans is the online game that allows you to join the millions of players from all over the world. These players are called clans, and they have to build their own village, give training to their armed forces and fight with opponents to gather the resources.

This game has four currencies such as gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems. Out of these four currencies, gems are the premium currency. These currencies help you in building your village and also protect you from the opponent’s attacks.

The length of the attack is for three minutes, and it will be rated on 3-star scale.

This game has introduced the event in the year 2017, where all clan members have to work together for completing the mission which helps you to earn clan points. When your account is filled with sufficient points, then you can unlock the exclusive rewards.

So let’s get started with the clash of clans cheat and hacks that help you to make your gameplay better.

List of Top 10 Clash of Clans Hacks and Cheats

1. Remove Rocks, Plants And Other Obstacle In Your Village

Removing obstacle is one of the best Clash of clans free gems hack. Wherever you want to build your building, you have to remove the rocks, plants, or any other obstacle on that place. In the begging of the game, you will find almost 40 things surrounded by your village.

Removing these obstacles will help you to obtain the gems between 0-6. Removing vegetation and rocks will cost you a small amount of elixir but don’t worry about it because you are getting primary currency against it.

When you remove plants, keep in mind that you have to leave some space free because rocks do not grow, but plants will rise again. This is not a fast process of obtaining gems but an endless source of earning gems. The only thing is that you have to check regularly for the removal of obstacles.

2. Try To Unlock Achievement

Unlocking achievements is the best COC hack for obtaining the free gems in the game. You can get these achievements as you go on in the game. No any special efforts to obtain these achievements you play genuinely, and you will unlock it simply.

Once you understand you will achieve it fast. Generally, there are three tiers of achievements. For instance, you will obtain two gems if you unlock bigger coffers achievement, but for this, you have to enhance your gold storage to level 2, you will get 5 and 10 gems on improving it to level five and level 10 respectively.

3. Gem Mine For Free Gems

Gem mine is one of the best clash of clans cheats for earning free gems in this game. Whenever you reach level three, don’t forget to upgrade builder hall because doing this helps you to get gem mine in the builder’s base.

Building gem mine will cost you some elixir, but once you finish building it you will get two free gems daily even if you play or not it really doesn’t affect it.

Always keep upgrading the gems mine for increasing its production and gem storing capacity. If you enhance the gems mine, the production of gems could increase from 2.16 on the 1st level to as much as 3.84 gems per day on 7th level up-gradation.

4. Get on Raiding with your Buddies

Raiding with your buddies is one of the best and legit clash of clans cheat that help you in obtaining resources. Once you get perfect in the game, you can go through the organized clan play. This helps you to socialize your gameplay and also help you to make coordinated attacks which help you to get some handsome loots.

However, this is a combined mission of multiple clans, so you also have to contribute your forces and also get in touch with the senior players for your game plan.

5. Spend Your Gems Cleverly

Now, this is a more important Clash of clans hack that helps in saving your gems. At the beginning of the game, your account will be credited with 500 gems, and after that, the game will prompt you to spend gems for tutorials.

You can spend that gems on builder’s hut that is important for your game. But you should not spend those gems on purchasing any small things in this game or for speeding up timer in any situation.

This game will suggest again and again spending those gems, but you must ignore those notifications and save your gems for future use.

Gems are hard to get in this game, and you must be clever while using it. If you buy resources through these gems, then it might be considered as a poor use of it.

6. Shields Up

If you are playing this game from a long time, then you must be aware this shielding up a clash of clans cheats. The game has a shield for 12 hours, and in these shield hours, no one can attack you.

You can enhance your buildings, upgrade your armed forces, and also plan to improve your economy in this safe time. You have to spend some trophies and some other resources, but the time you are getting for preparing yourself is worth it.

7. Punch Your Weight In Clan Battles

Whenever you plan to battle then firstly attack the unstarred villages. Doing so may help your clan to grab more resources from them. When you start picking up the targets for attacking, then you must choose the good opponents for you.

If you select the opponents who are having higher abilities, then you will lose the battle. Hence, select the opponents who are equal to you so the battle will be challenging and you can punch your weight and win the clan.

8. Gem Box

This the very important clash of clans cheats for getting free gems in this game. Generally, the gem box will appear one time in a week, but sometimes it will take more time as well.

If you want gem box to appear soon, then you must have to wait for 48 hrs before removing it. It’s been proved many times that, if you don’t open the gem box for the early 48 hrs then this box will start to appear in 5 days instead a week.

Hence, you must have to keep your patience level high for collecting more gem boxes.

9. Obtain Elixir and Dark Elixir

If you want to get elixir and dark elixir, then the clash of clans game conducts an event every week. From these events, you can easily obtain the elixir and dark elixir. These currencies may get stolen even though your village is well-designed.

Hence, you must hide elixir and dark elixir in the training queue.

10. Earn As Much As 13000 Free Gems Legally in Your Whole COC Lifetime

You can get as much as 13000 free gems if you will be succeeded in managing all the achievements and completing all the challenges in the tasks in a proper way within an average gaming life of a player.

These gems will cost you about $100 if you purchase them from the game store.

Bonus Method

If you want to earn 50 gems immediately, then you can get them through connecting your game to social media accounts of the game and Google play store or a game center.

Clash of Clans Gems Generator and Mods: The Reality

Make sure that you won’t be banned from the clash of clans before downloading any clash of clans hack no human verification tool.

Clash of clans generator is FAKE, and you should not go for these generators for earning free gems.

Generators always ask for your personal information and game account details.

clash of clans hack tool exposed

Many sites promote clash of clans hack no survey tools, but you must be aware of such sites and cross verify it twice and confirm about what they are asking against giving you resources.

You must take utmost care while using any hack tool in clash of clans game. If you want to gain the gems faster and don’t want to wait then buy it from the game store by paying real cash.

As per the information from Supercell the developers of the clash of clans game, they are the only source of getting gems from their game store, and they will not help you if you don’t get gems from such mods and generators.

Hence, before you think of such COC mod and generators go through the above list of legal hacks and cheats for clash of clans for earning gems legally. If you go through any wrong way of collecting gems in clash of clans game, then you may get trapped in scams.

Wrapping Up

Overall, what we can say is that the clash of clans is a beautiful game only if you use the legal clash of clans hack and cheats. Make use of above-listed real hacks to make your gameplay fast and more joyful. Become an expert in your game by using these legit methods.

If you know any other new clash of clans cheats that helped you to be faster in the game and should be mention in the article, then do share it with us. We always welcome your valuable feedback.

Stay connected for more updates. Till then, enjoy gaming!

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