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IMVU Credits – How to Earn Them?

imvu credits

IMVU is a unique platform to socialise virtually. Here you create an avatar and do all sort of things that you do in Social media in real life.

But all the right thing comes with prices, and in IMVU, Credit points are the governing element. As a free to play gamer, you have several ways to collect Credits from IMVU. Following are the list of activities that are essential to receive this vital currency.

IMVU Next! Is the new way to collect Credits

IMVU NEXT is an excellent way to receive IMVU Credits without spending real money. In the search for credits, you can choose whether you want to view a video or do the survey or access different third-party deals. Follow these simple steps and collect huge credits:

  • Enter into IMVU next and go to the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Find the credit icon there and click. Go to the Earn Credits tab.
  • You will find plenty of option that can give you credits. All these options are variable according to your location.
  • Choose the best imvu hack you want to do and earn credits completing them

Take part in various Contests!

IMVU arranges contests regularly through the community. Take part in these contests, and you can get hold huge bonus gifts. You can get the updated news of the competitions following the community forum.

Daily Wheel Spin

Daily spin is the newly added feature in IMVU Next or IMVU mobile. You can spin the wheel once daily and collect excellent rewards. The rewards include credits. Be lucky to get the credit offer.

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IMVU Partner Offers

Get up to hundreds of credits once an IMVU Partner Offer has been completed! Offers are changed continuously and differ according to the area or other demographic. So, search these places periodically if you don’t want to lose some exciting rewards.

Do Surveys

Surveys are also available through third-party associates of IMVU. Completing them will reward you IMVU Credits. But we suggest you be selective in these surveys and do not disclose personal info.

Watching Commercials

Commercial ads are often available in IMVU for promotions of various games and apps. Watching a short commercial, you will earn twenty-five credit points in IMVU. The number of ads available is frequently updated. Even though you do not like watching these videos, still we recommend to do it for the sake of collecting IMVU credits.

Joining the Creator Program

Joining creators programme you can be a part of the app. When you have any idea explore it through IMVU and if the developers like it, you will receive huge credits.


Apart from all these you will have the option to spend money and get the IMVU credit. But the choice is all up to you how you want to play.

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Monster Legends Gems Generator – Complete Tips to Use It

monster legends gems generator

Addictive and high-energy Monster Legends is tough to play, and that’s when monster legends hack tools come to the rescue.

The game happens to be one of the most exciting, innovative, and unique gaming franchises in the digital world, and it has the power to captivate the attention of millions.

The game gives you the opportunity to role-play as monster trainers thus helping them grow, develop, fight, and survive.

Right from choosing the breed to feeding these giants, gamers need to take responsibility for a lot of things.

That’s not all; this particular game offers the best opportunity to polish your competitive skills. You can fight giant squads led by your friends and win them too!

Crucial points

Before advancing to the next levels or beginning to play, gamers must have clear ideas of the features.

With in-depth knowledge of these factors, they can easily use the monster legends cheats for better performance.

  • The game deals with a unique process where players can tame monsters, help them hatch eggs, and offer the best ambience for growth.
  • Resource collection is an integral part of the game, as it empowers players to a great extent. Gold and Gems will increase your power and improve performances.
  • Gems, Gold, and Food help the player survive in the game. That’s not all; it can take them to subsequent levels too.

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Tips to get resources

When it boils down to getting these resources, gamers are always looking for comprehensive tips and useful suggestions. The following points will prove to be the perfect guide.

  • Get authentic online resources as that will preserve the safety. You will come across sites that offer secured download process through safe proxies.
  • At times, players don’t wish to put their device’s security at risk. It’s better to choose the options and get the resources right from the browser. That won’t require downloading them from applications.
  • Most of the useful cheats and valuable hacks come for free. You won’t have to shell out a single penny to get them. Just download them in desired amounts and make sure you get the proper ones.

Steps to perform

When you are planning to download resources and integrate them into the gameplay, it is imperative to follow the right steps. A systematic and step-by-step process will help you achieve the desired goals.

  • You need to visit the generator first. Place a tap or click on the buttons that take you closer to it.
  • The next step requires you to provide your Username. It is a significant step towards authenticating the entire process.
  • Once you offer the Username, it’s time to select a number of resources. Get an idea of the desired amounts, and then you can fill in the fields.

Making the most of the resources

You want to play the game with complete dedication and unmatched excitement. That’s quite justified, and it is here that you need to follow the right tips.

Identify authentic sources, get the best resources, and implement correct strategies. All these factors together will help you master the art of using monster legends hack, thus strengthening your gaming skills.

You will emerge as a seasoned player who knows his game quite well.

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Roblox Studio Shortcuts or Hotkeys

Roblox Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

Using roblox studio for the first time may be difficult for a beginner roblox game developer. But if he/she knows some basic roblox studio shortcuts or hotkeys then operating it becomes very simple.

Roblox Studio is an essential part of Roblox Corporation. All the popular games we play on Roblox are made from Roblox Studio itself. This proves its power of creativity and imagination.

For a beginner roblox game developer, knowing all the Roblox Studio Controls and Shortcuts is must. It will help him creating a roblox game efficiently with minimum efforts.

We have made a full list of roblox studio keyboard shortcuts for those who are operating roblox studio for the first time.

List of Roblox Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

For your convenience, we have categorized a list of keyboard shortcuts in the group of tasks that are done by users.

Roblox Shortcuts to Control Camera

Shortcuts for Selecting and Dragging

Keyboard Shortcuts for Scripting

Roblox Shortcuts for Testing

General Keyboard Shortcuts

These are all the keyboard shortcuts available to use in the roblox studio. You can save lots of time by customizing these for yourself and make it easy to use while creating games. Have fun.

How to Customize Roblox Studio’s Keyboard Shortcuts or Hotkeys?

Now we know that there are lots of keyboard shortcuts we can use while operating roblox studio. As per the given default hotkeys of roblox studio, sometimes we found it critical to understand and use some keyboard shortcuts in the studio.

You know, we can customize roblox studio keyboard shortcuts as per our convenience to save lots of time while playing or creating games in the roblox studio.

Customizing Roblox Studio’s Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

First, in the roblox studio, go to File > Advanced > Customize Shortcuts…” as per shown in the image below.

The new window will open to change or customize keyboard and mouse hotkeys as per your desire in the studio.

Customize Roblox Keyboard

There, all the actions of the studio available to change and make them doing easy by setting short keys for them.

In this window, you can also set shortcuts to even such actions; which are not correlated with any shortcuts or hotkey by default.

To set shortcuts, all you need to do is double-click on the shortcut tab (the middle column) in front of a specific action and then press any of the keyboard keys to set it for that particular action.

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How to Open Explorer in Roblox Studio? Step By Step Guide

Roblox Explorer – What is it?

Roblox Explorer

Explorer of roblox studio helps us finding all the instances available in the space available to use them into the game creation.

The content it has in it can be found in the parenting structure. Means all the specific category wise content will be available in that parenting category. We can see all the content in that particular category by using drop-down arrow shown before the parent category name available in the explorer.

Sometimes, by mistake or unknowingly roblox studio explorer gets disappeared from its place. It can cause lots of time waste when you are working on serious roblox game development.

In this case, finding and re-opening the explorer become a time-consuming task. But don’t worry, this roblox studio tutorial will guide you through this. It’s not really that hard to open the explorer in roblox studio.

Let’s See How to Open Explorer in Roblox Studio Again?

To save the time, just follow the path given below to reopen the roblox explorer:

The Quick Path to Reopen Roblox Explorer:

Roblox Main Menu >> View Tab >> Explorer

Follow the below-mentioned step by step guide with images if you did not understood the above-mentioned path.

In order to open the explorer, just go to the primary menus of the roblox studio and click on the view tab.

steps to open explorer in roblox studio

The starting menu option you will see that “explorer”.

You just need to enable the explorer tab again from that menu. Just click on the explorer option, and it will automatically start showing you the explorer in its place.

How to Open Properties in Roblox Studio?

Follow this quick path given below to reopen properties in roblox studio.

The Quick Path to Reopen Roblox Properties:

Roblox Main Menu >> View Tab >> Properties

Again the step by step guide with images to open properties menu in roblox studio given below:

I see the same issue is happening with the “properties tab” of the roblox studio. People also asking about how to open properties in roblox studio.

Properties menu is also situated beside the explorer menu we just found from the tutorial given above.

From main menu of the roblox studio, select view tab again and the second left option is there for roblox properties menu. Click on it and you will get properties menu re-appears in your studio.

So here is the quick navigation for you to get properties menu in the studio.

Follow this path:

Open Roblox Studio >> Go to View Menu (see image above) >> Click on Properties (second option beside Explorer) if it is disabled, it will get enabled when clicked and you will see your properties menu also appeared below the explorer menu in roblox studio.

The properties menu will show you the internal elements of any object that you have selected in explorer menu above. You can change the particular element conditions as per your needs by working them in properties.

But before that, consider saving the project first in roblox studio; it may cause losing your entire work done.

If you have any questions regarding roblox studio or you are facing any unpredictable issues regarding it, then you can write us about your concern, and we will try our level best solve your problem as a true roblox fan.

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Major Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know to Control Kodi with Ease In 2019

kodi keyboard shortcuts

Kodi is a media center, a free and open source cross-platform entertainment hub. Kodi was formerly known as XMBC. There are some Kodi keyboard shortcuts you must know for operating Kodi with ease.

First I would like to give you all the details about Kodi Software media player. Kodi media center is an open sources cross-platform media center that is awarded online for its best performance. It uses a 10-foot user interface designed to be a media player for the living room, using a Kodi remote control as an input device. Moreover, you may need to know how does kodi work in a detailed information here.
It has a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that allows the user to easily browse and watch videos, photos, podcast and music from the local network, hard disk, optical disc, and the internet by using only a few buttons.

If you are a new user to Kodi and thinking that it includes media contain then I would like to inform you that it doesn’t contain any media instead users have to provide their own content or install any one of the third-party plug-ins.

Kodi has a different structure than the usual native apps have, and it has a different operating system. If you are willing to use the Kodi, then you have to learn the skill for operating its interface.

There are Kodi keyboard shortcuts keys that definitely help you in using the Kodi. Go through the article that helps you out for using Kodi with easy.

Best of Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts and Their Uses Explained Below

Keyboard Shortcuts For Playback

1. Play = P

‘P’ key you can use for playing the audio or video files. Just press it and enjoy your favorite Stuff.

2. Rewind = R

Press ‘R’ key if you want to rewind any of the parts of the scene that you liked. If you click this key for the single time, it will rewind the scene by the 2X pace and 4X pace for two-time clicks and so on. You can even use the left arrow key if you want to rewind for 30 seconds.

3. Stop = X

If you want to stop any video that you don’t want to watch, then simply press the ‘X’ key.
4. Fast Forwarding = F

‘F’ key works for fast Forwarding the video or music file that you are watching.  If you want to fast forward speed by 2X pace, then press this key for a single time and press it twice for 4X pace speed. You can even use the right arrow key for fast forwarding video by 30 seconds.

5. Delay Control = A

‘A’ is the key which can be used for delay control. You may face sync problems while playing the audio or video files occasionally at that time use this key. In such situations press this key that adjust the video and sync the video.

6. Mute = M

‘M’ is the Kodi mute key that helps you to mute audio or video files. Presently there is no need to press minus keyboard volume control keys. Simple press M and you are done with it.

7. Full Screen Hotkey = Tab

‘Tab’ is the full-screen hotkey. You can use this fullscreen keyboard shortcut while you want to continue playing video in the background. Just click this button to exit the full screen and complete your other work or you can play any other video as well. If you want to go back to Kodi full screen again then also press the Tab button.

8. Turn on/off Subtitles = T

Sometimes you may get irritated with the subtitle displaying on the audio or video file in such case you can use ‘T’ button to turn off the subtitles. You can also use this button to on the subtitles.

9. Volume Control = -/+ (keyboard volume controls)

You can use plus or minus keyboard volume control keys for increasing and decreasing the volume, respectively. You have to click these keys for several times to fix the volume according to your requirement.
10. Play/Pause = Space Bar

Space bar is one of the useful Kodi keyboard shortcuts that can be used to play or pause the video or audio files. You might know this shortcut because the same shortcuts are used for Youtube and VLC.

11. Skipping to the Next Media Content = Page Up/Page Down

Page up and page down are the Kodi keyboard shortcuts that can be used to skip to the next video or audio file. This is friendly key if you have queued video in your playlist or at the time of watching TV contents.

12. Zoom Ratio = Z

‘Z’ is the Kodi control key that can be used to adjust the zoom ration as per the determination. Whenever you press this key, your video will adjust to 320x 240, 1024×768, etc. so that it helps you to select the best clarity videos.

13. Information = I

If you want to see the information about the videos or audio file the simply press the ‘I’ on your Kodi keyboard and you can all the details.

Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation

1. Full Screen and Kodi Windowed Mode = I

When you open the Kodi, it always opens in full-screen mode due to default settings. Make use of ‘/’ this key to easily switch between Kodi full-screen mode to windowed mode. By using this short key, you can use other applications simultaneously with Kodi.

2. Previous Menu or Home screen = Esc

If you want to get back to last menu or Kodi Home screen in fewer clicks then, make use of ‘ESC’ tab on your Kodi keyboard. This will save your maximum time.

3. Take Screen Shot = Ctrl+S

Taking a screenshot of the contents that are playing on Kodi Media center is very easy. You can use Ctrl+S, and a window will display on your screen that asks you the storage area to save that particular screenshot.

You can use ‘PrtSc’ tab for taking a screenshot as an alternative that copies your screenshot on the clipboard, and you can easily recover it by clicking Ctrl+V in Paint. Screenshots can be easily available in a printable format so you can take printouts with ease.

4. Shut Down = S

If there is no any video is playing, then you can press the ‘S’ Kodi keyboard shortcuts key to shut down the app.

5. Contextual Menu = C

If you want a shortcut key for searching the contextual menu of add-ons, files, and folders the simply press the shortcut key ‘C’.

For instance, if you select any of the files by pressing C key on the keyboard, it will show you some options that include add to queue, play, watch later, etc.

This key is introduced as the replacement for right click options of the mouse.

6. Live Television Window = H

Wherever you are in Kodi, you can simply navigate to live TV by pressing the ‘H’ key on your Kodi keyboard. This short key will help you when you are tossing into your live Television and local library.

7. Exit Kodi = Ctrl+End

Whenever you want to exit from Kodi simply press the Ctrl+End tab on your Kodi keyboard. While using this short key you should be on Kodi Homescreen.

Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts For Specific Platform

1. Shortcut Keys For Window

You can easily take command of your system for operating other option by merely clicking the windows key while running Kodi.

2. Shortcut Keys For Mac

If you are Mac operating system user, then I have provided you with some of the useful shortcut keys that help you to operate Kodi

  • For quitting just press Cmd+Q
  • To hide and minimize the documents the press the Cmd+H and Cmd+M tabs
  • For switching back to the full-screen press the Cmd+F button.
  • If you want to take a screenshot, then click the Cmd+S button.

We came to an end with the Kodi keyboard shortcuts that you can use to control Kodi with ease. Do you find article useful? Please share your valuable remarks with us.

Stay connected with us for more updates about Kodi. Till then enjoy the Kodi World!

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How to Watch NFL 2019-20 without Cable Legally : Stream Live Football For Free

watch nfl without cable

When I was a kid, I still remember there was no cable connection at my home because my parents thought that my focus from studies would shift to television.

I am a huge fan of Football and I always wanted to watch the football matches on television, but it was not possible for me that time.

But now, things have changed tremendously, and technology makes lots of things easy for us. Having a cable connection might be expensive, and football fans want to know how to watch NFL without cable. National Football League (NFL) 2019-20 fever is going to rise as the matches are scheduled in coming September.

There was a time when streaming services to watch NFL live games without cable were limited. But, now there are plentiful options available for you to watch NFL live games.

US fans can easily watch the NFL matches live online, but those who live outside the US can use USTVNow for watching few games. The NFL fans who stay in other countries like Canada, Germany, Japan, or somewhere else can also watch NFL matches by using different streaming services.

Some of these streaming services also offer free trials that you can use to stream NFL games live free online.

Many peoples are in search of how to watch NFL without cable connection, and if you are also one of them, then this article is ideal for you.

Here we are providing you the list of best streaming services to watch NFL championship online.

List of Legal Streaming Services to Watch NFL without Cable

1. CBS All Access

how to watch nfl without cable

CBS has declared that they will stream the NFL matches online and they will be accessible on and even on their CBS sports application. The CBS will allow you to stream live TV 24/7.

Stream all the NFL matches along with all the local telecasts on CBS. This CBS all access help you to watch your favorite stuff whether it may be Football, Hockey, baseball or basketball, CBS covered all these sports. It helps you to be updated with your favorite Sports.

This service is free now but if you want fewer commercials (ads) then you have to pay the US $ 5.99 every month. However, its commercial-free plan costs the US $ 9.99 per month both the plans will offer one week trials.

(Note: – If you are a student then you will get 25% discounts on selected plan)

How to watch NFL without Cable by Using CBS All Access app?

  • Unlock the CBS app
  • Tap subscribe button from Menu.
  • Select your plan
  • Enter your valid credentials.
  • Confirm the subscription by clicking subscribe button then it will ask for Google play passcode.
  • Enjoy the streaming with CBS all access.

Official Website for CBS All Access


watch nfl live games without cable

Now it is possible to stream Monday night football live on tablets, mobile, computers, or TV connected devices with a paid subscription with ESPN. You only have to visit the or get the ESPN app on your device.

ESPN is the streaming service that allows you to get scores, news, alerts, and live streaming of NFL too. If you miss the live matches, then no need to worry ESPN also provide you with highlights of the games of your favorite sports.

This service is paid, and you have to pay the US $ 4.99/month or the US $ 49.99 for an annual subscription.

How to watch NFL without cable by using ESPN app.

  • Get the app from playstore or app store.
  • Enter your user id and password.
  • Select your plan and get started with live streaming.

Official Website for ESPN

3. NFL Redzone from NFL Network

nfl redzone streaming

NFL Redzone streaming allows you to catch each touchdown of every game Sunday afternoon. The NFL Redzone networks provide HD quality video streaming of every game. Fans can pick their favorite teams and plays from NFL action from throughout the country. With NFL Redzone Network you can get access of channels like Xfinity, fios, Spectrum, dish, Fubo, PlayStation.vue and Sling TV also.

NFL Redzone streaming is the perfect Streaming service for streaming live sports, and it also provides you with highlights of the play. It offers live streaming from Sunday afternoon throughout the NFL season from September 09 to December 30.

Official Website Of NFL Redzone

4. DirecTV Now

how to watch football games without cable

DirecTV now is one more streaming site to watch NFL without cable cord. The DirecTV Now offers the Sunday ticket package that is the out of market sports package. This Sunday ticket provides a telecast of NFL regular season game that is unavailable on local associates.

NFL Sunday ticket is offered by DirecTV only and included with DirecTV choice package. NFL Sunday ticket Max includes all the Red zone streaming channels. Those who subscribe with NFL Sunday ticket max can live stream the games and spot their favorite player by using the free app as well.

For NFL Sunday ticket you have to pay the US $ 45-$ 75+ Sunday ticket charges to DirecTV now provider.

Official Website Of DirecTV Now

5. NFL Game Pass

stream monday night football

NFL game pass is one more online streaming site that helps you to get access of each and every game of national football league for all year and also full telecast replays. Compressed replays that are also ad-free and you can also get command over more NFL programming.

You can stream almost 256 games live across the full season in HD quality, and that is also including regular season, daily season and playoffs and super bowl LIII. NFL game pass has app support for Android and iOS device users.

You can re-live the NFL moments on demand with NFL Game Pass.

Official Website of NFL Game Pass

6. NFL

how to watch nfl games for free

If you have a question about how to watch NFL games for free, then here is your solution, you can install the NFL app. This is the best way to watch Football as it is purely dedicated to the game of Football. This app is boon to all the football lovers.

It has live local, primetime and thrilling videos and highlights and replays of each and every game with subscribed NFL game pass. This NFL app is packed with videos beyond your imagination.

NFL app helps fans to be updated all of the seasons with highlights, stats, breaking news from the NFL, and much more. You can use this app everywhere.

Official website of NFL

7. Yahoo Sports

stream nfl games live free online

A Yahoo Sport is one more option to watch NFL without cable. You can watch local, and peak hours NFL games live on your tablets and smartphones. Get highlights, previews, and recaps by using this app.

In yahoo sports you can even set alerts for your favorite team and get a notification when the match starts. The only dark side is that this app can be used by iOS device users only.

Official website of Yahoo Sports

8. NBC Sports

watch nfl online

NBC Sports is committed to the national sports cable channel. You can watch Sunday night football-Primetime TV #1 show with your cable subscription. The NBC includes live streaming with highlights and best moments from the game.

You can add this channel to your monthly subscription for getting updates about each and every sports including National football league.

Official website of NBC Sports


weekly nfl highlights cover

Many people want to know that whether BBC is available to watch NFL games or not. Let me tell you all that BBC doesn’t cover the live game but it has the weekly highlights covering show named as NFL this week.

This show can be viewed on every Tuesday midnight at 12:15 AM on BBC 2 channel.

Official website of BBC

How to watch the NFL in different countries

How to Watch NFL in Canada?

Football fans in Canada can watch NFL games only on DAZN channel on their TV. You have to pay the US $ 20 for every month and the US $ 150 annually. This is the only way for unlimited access to every NFL game this coming season.

Those who live in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and Japan also use this DAZN channel for streaming NFL live.

How to Watch NFL in Australia?

There are four channels on which you can easily stream the live NFL matches

  1. Kayo

Kayo provides the live streaming of NFL games for NFL fans in Australia along with NFL Redzone telecast. Basic Plans stars with $ 25 but if you want ad-free then it will cost you $ 35 both plans have 14 days of the free trial.

  1. Foxtel

Foxtel covers live and on-demand coverage of NFL games. The Foxtel offers sports pack that begins from the US $ 29 monthly.

  1. NFL on 7mate

NFL on 7mate is the best option for those who want to stream NFL games for free of cost. This offers free to air option.

  1. NFL game pass

If you’re going to jump into the NFL season, the NFL game pass is the excellent choice that includes live streaming, highlights, replays and much more. You can buy full season subscription for the US $ 109.99. It also offers a 7 days free trial benefit.

How to Watch NFL in United Kingdom?

There are three options available for the UK football fans to watch NFL live

  1. Sky Sports
  2. Sky Go
  3. Now TV

Wrapping Up

Finally, we have discovered with all the legal streaming sites to watch the NFL without cable. You can take benefit of free trials and also use the VPNs to watch the NFL live outside the country. Go through the above list and choose the best one that fulfills your requirements. If you know any other streaming sites for NFL games, then let us know about it.

We are waiting for your valuable feedback. Stay tuned with us for more details. Till then enjoy football fever!

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