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Building of Simcity

simcity buildit

SimCity BuildIt has been sweeping the gaming industry with its addictive gameplay and attractive graphics. Their biggest advantage is that they have been in the market for more than 25 years now and know exactly what is expected from them by their users.

With this strategy, they have been developing and providing the users with a hit series of the Sims and the winning streak continues with the SimCity BuildIt. The SimCity developers also take the views of their users into consideration as they interact with them through the community and do what they can to rectify their drawbacks and incorporate new and exciting ideas into the following sequels.

Starting the Game

This type they have gone a step higher with the SimCity BuildIt which has been designed targeting the mobile gamers. The game is available on the Play Store and App Store for free download and can be used by the players on the go.

One of the most addicting aspects of the game is that you will have to check on your city every once in a while in order to ensure that there are no issues that are affecting your citizens. Also users will tend to check in on a daily basis because of the free buildings that they get when they do so.

Building your City

At the initial stage of the game, there are a number of resources that is made available to the users. However, this tends to decrease as you start to move up the level and you will have to earn your resources from the industries.

When a new city is built, there are a couple of buildings that are available by default. However, these buildings such as the airport require that you have enough SimCash in order to be unlocked. As you start building, you will have to provide your people with all the necessities that they require when they live. This includes electricity, plumbing and garbage dumpsters.

Disasters and Special items

When playing the game, you will have to collect special items which will come in handy during various scenarios. There are 6 major disasters that can affect your city and there are also ways to empower against it or bring about its effect.

You can make use of the tax that is paid by the people in order to purchase utilities and other essentials. By default when a new city is being built, it has a random name. This name can be changed by you during the game, any number of times.

Playing the SimCity BuildIt is very addictive and also consumes a lot of time. However, you can progress at a quicker pace if you use simcity buildit hack. This is a strategy based game that will keep you engaged and entertained at the same time.

When building a city you will be able to think about the various ways of running the city and managing the people living in it, which is an interesting aspect of playing the game.