Best Blue Light Filter Apps for Stress-Free Healthy Mobile Surfing

Best Blue Light Filter App
Blue Light Filter Apps

In today’s digital world, we cannot imagine our life without smartphones. Smartphones make our life much more comfortable than we ever think of it.

Smartphones are non-dividable parts of our lives, and we all spent a maximum of our time by using mobile devices. If you are a person who uses a mobile phone continuously and especially for web browsing, texting emailing, then you must have to install one of the blue light filter apps to your android phone.

Blue light filters are one of the easiest ways to reduce blue light exposure as we know that digital electronics devices release the blue lights that can result in eye strain, and if you continue to use your devices, then you may face the eye problems over the time.

There are various blue light filters available in the market that can be used for reducing the intensity of blue lights that are released from multiple electronic devices such as tablets, phone, computers, etc.

There are many other sources of blue light except mentioned above, but if you download the blue app filters for your devices, then it can reduce the release of dangerous blue lights to the maximum extent.

Here in this article, we are focusing on the blue light filter apps that can help you and keep you away from eye problems.

List of Top 7 Best Blue light Filter Apps to Choose From

1. Twilight

best blue light filter app

Twilight is must have an android blue light filter because this app is for healthy day-to-day rhythm. The Twilight is the best solution if you use your Smartphone or tablet in late evenings. You can gain 1 hour of sleep by using this blue filter app.

Features of Twilight

  • It filters the flowing of blue light released by your phone or tablet post sunset and your eyes will get protected with red filters which are dim and lovely.
  • The powerfulness of filter is flexible and you can adjust them according to local timing of sunrise and sunset.
  • This blue light filter app is pleasant, especially for nighttime readings.
  • This filter has gone through the test for 2.5 yrs on AMOLED screens and that is also with no symptoms of overburning or depletion.

2. Dimly-Screen Dimmer

Dimply is one of the best blue light filter app for Android because it is powerful and easy to use screen brightness blocker that gives your eyes a break. You can easily decrease the brightness of your device screen beyond the default lowest settings and block the light that may harmful for your eyes.

Features of Dimly-Screen Dimmer

  • It helps to dim the backlight of your device.
  • It has a blue light filtering function.
  • You can customize the brightness of the screen from minimum to maximum visa versa.
  • You can restore the brightness of your device just by shaking it.
  • It has a timer that automatically stops.
  • It has easy to use interface and handy for new users.
  • This blue filter app is light in weight and has tiny memory footprints.
  • If you have an advanced version of this app, then it provides you the benefit of ad-free and automatic start timer.

3. Darker (Screen Filter)

android blue light filter

If you are searching for the app that reduces the brightness of the screen to the extreme levels, then Darker is one of the best night light apps.

Darker protect your eyes from straining during night time. You can make use of a built-in color filter to adjust the color of your display. This app is perfect for filtering out the harsh white backgrounds at the night times.

Features of Darker App

  • Darker has a tasker support system for sending commands.
  • Automatic on/off functions.
  • You can start this app at boot.
  • This app can lower brightness below 20%.
  • It has customizable notification buttons.
  • It also has a root mode.
  • The darker app contains darker navigator bar.
  • For quick access, you can add up to three buttons.
  • This app has custom filter colors.
  • It has buttons to set specific brightness and also for decreasing and increasing the brightness.
  • It has quick toggle buttons for pause, color filter, stop, and reset.

4. My Eyes Protection

My eyes protection is one of the best blue light filters for android users. This app is considered as the best one for health and wellness because it is beneficial for complex eye health care and protection. This application is strongly recommended for kids. Spend as many hours as you want on reading e-books, playing games, or WebPages by using this app.

Features of My Eyes Protection App

  • Your vision will be protected with electronic paper mode while looking at the screen of phone or tablet.
  • It reminds you if your eyesight is locked on the screen for a long time based on medical recommendations that will help you to avoid eye-strain.
  • You will get notification if the various prevention modes for eyes are activated.
  • Easy to use for everyone.
  • It utilizes very less battery of your phone.

5. Night Screen

night mode app

If you want a simple and effective screen dimmer for conveniently use in the dark, then Night Screen is one of the best night mode apps. Default settings for brightness also reduced to lower level by night screen app. The overlay filter preserves you from eye pain and headache because these filters dim the brightness and make it dark. If you have an android device 4.4 or higher, then this app supports dimming the transparent navigation bar.

Features of Night Screen

  • It has easy to use interface.
  • The default brightness settings can be automatically set to the minimum brightness.
  • Automatically restore the default brightness settings after stop the app.
  • It contains a fantastic blue light filter that helps you to have a better sleep.
  • It also includes the extra features like auto enable/disable and one-click widget.

6. Blue Light Filter and Night Mode- Night Shift

If you are in search on the night mode app, then your search will stop once you install the blue light filter and night mode app. This app has a top-rated blue light filter that prevents your sight and helps to have a sound sleep.

Features of Blue Light Filter and Night Mode

  • It has optimal filters that are created to provide warm light night screen for ensuring eye care from the blue wavelength.
  • It has night light anti-glare to release eye strain and protect eyes from the blue light flux that can disrupt day-to-day rhythm, cause insomnia and restlessness.

7. Low Brightness, Blue Light Filter- Light Delight

best blue light filter app for android

Low brightness is the best filter app to low the intensity of the screen and prevent your eyes and helps to have a peaceful sleep. This app is ideal for all the peoples who are suffering from migraine.

Features of Low Brightness, Blue Light Filter- Light Delight

  • You can choose your favorite color for lowering the screen brightness.
  • It has a temperature control feature to control the intensity of blue light.
  • You can make your own customized night mode filter.
  • It has a simple user interface.
  • You can also dim the color density to the particular darkness mode.
  • It has low brightness filters that dim each color also.
  • This app is small in size and also reduces power usage.
  • It has 10 premade anti-glare, low brightness, and blue light filters for the best care of your eyes.


The medical science has been proven that cold blue light is harmful to eyes and may also the reason for cataract or retina damage after a couple of years. It is also a primary cause of sleep disorders.

Hence go through the above-mentioned list of best blue light filter apps and keep your eyes healthy.

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