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Klondike Adventures Cheats & Hacks For Free Emerald Diamonds Legally in 2019

Klondike Adventures Cheats

Hacks and cheats sound fishy, and when you play games, there are numerous ways you will find to manipulate the game.

Klondike Adventure is the most trending simulation game of current time, and serious game players are into it. But whenever any game is energy controlled that call for some additional advantage of playing it continuously.

This article is aiming to provide you with some game plan hacks in the way of Klondike Adventures Cheats. All these are a legit methods to give you the fresh air that you need before you start over to Klondike adventure.

What is Klondike Adventures Emerald Generator?

Before you land to our article, it is definite that you have tried some cheats that claim to generate energy and emeralds through their generator site.

If you are convinced about their wrongdoings, you can skip this section, But for new gamers, this warning is seriously imposed.

Always stay away from any hack or klondike adventures cheats site that tries to convince that they know how to hack klondike adventures game server and can present you some emeralds for free in few seconds.

All these sites are a cheap trick to manipulate your attention and get some personal information from you.

These are nothing but a bad practices performed by some scammers. Do not use these generator tools as they are absolute FAKE and never works.

klondike adventures free coins and emerald diamonds generator

For your legal help, we have sorted out a complete list of legit cheats and hacks for this game which will give you free coins and emerald diamonds in klondike adventures legally.

Top 20 Klondike Adventures Hacks and Cheats

#1. Complete your tasks to earn more level:

Klondike adventure is a mission-based game wherein every phase you will be allotted with certain specific tasks.

As you complete one you might be finding another villager with a new job. Complete the tasks as early as possible to unlock new level and areas.

The Klondike adventures energy cheats for this is to use your energy consistently. So focus on the task only, and you will not run out of energy.

#2. Seek random boxes for energy:

Take a glance at the arbitrary boxes in the whole region. These boxes usually are concealed; there are very tiny boxes behind the rocks, shrubs and all.

These boxes comprise energy points. You can tap and open the boxes, they cost no energy, and many of them carry even considerable bonus power.

So klondike adventures hack say whenever you come back and start the game the first task is to look for boxes and gain energy.

#3. Open the box and get precious items:

There are so many valuable items required to continue the game. Every time you return from a lengthy leave, look for crates or boxes.

If you leave for more time instead of energy, you can get all sorts of precious jewels and other kinds of stuff inside these containers, such as moon rocks and malachite.

#4. Try your luck with bags:

Bags are not always found easily, but they contain a source of energy and valuable items sometimes. So whenever you get to see a bag check out the detail and you may be the owner of some precious things for free.

#5. Level up by farming:

When you run out of energy, you can gain them by Farming. As you engage yourself in agriculture, you can earn experience points.

Collect your experience points consistently, and you can raise your level. On level up, the energy bar is refilled.

So when you are in deep trouble, you can come out from them through this hack.

#6. Manage your animal:

Animals are a great way to earn and trade in Klondike adventure. As you raise the animal after eating a portion of food they are converted to a golden statue.

These golden statues are a great trade item and can give you massive rewards. So trade the statue and buy new animals in rotation to make a steady income.

#7. Play mini game:

As you reach level 7 of the game, you can build your sweet shop. It is a mini-game that gives you energy and XP to increase your level.

The game is pretty straightforward, and a simple tutorial is also provided. Based on your level you are provided with the number of moves.

The cheats for Klondike adventures is there is no loss of game. Playing efficiently you can store more energy.

#8. Cauldrons are a source of energy:

The cauldron can convert some of the items into energy. As you feed animals, you get milk chocolate and sweets.

These items are used in the cauldron to convert them to energy. The hack regarding this you have to make a balance of your coins spend and energy gained in this part.

#9. Buy a Furnace from market:

Similar to cauldron Furnaces also creates an energy pool. You can get the furnace from the market. However certain items are required to produce energy in the furnace.

Collect the items as follows:

  • Plum: As you cut bush and grass you collect plums
  • Chanterelle: Obtain from chanterelles or else from grass, and bushes
  • Apple: As you cut bush and grass you receive Apple
  • Honey: Honey can be acquired at exploration sites or by performing the tasks.

#10. Cut off the bush and open up new areas:

By clearing the grass and the shrubs, you can acquire plenty of valuable assets. Find out New regions for the concealed treasure and boxes is primary klondike adventures cheats.

Leftover articles are present on the further  source.


Fellows, here we conclude our article for Klondike adventures cheats. By the time you might have understood that the real hack of the game is in your game-play and above hacks are the most efficient way to achieve your goal. Give them a try and enjoy playing Klondike adventure. Cheers!

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Video Gaming

Toy Blast Cheats: Top 3 Toy Blast Hacks for Free Coins And Lives Legally

toy blast cheats

Toy blast is the ultimate matching puzzle video game introduced by Peak Games for Android & iOS users.

Due to its simplicity and popularity, it is available for both the platforms and played by millions of users every day.

Toy blast is the matching puzzles game and this game will be more fun if you know legit toy blast cheats. Let me tell you first what the game is all about.

Toy blast is the game in which you have to help a kid named Amy for obtaining her favorite toys by matching blocks of the same color.

It is unique and simple game to play with the fascinating puzzle you have ever solved. If you have good knowledge about Toy Blast hacks then solving puzzles will be key in mastering Toy Blast.

Are you ready to experience the best adventure through unlimited episodes in the most joyful and colorful world of the Toy Blast.

Here is the list of best hacks and cheats that help you in the game.

List of Top 3 Best Toy Blast Cheats and Hacks To Get Free Coins & Lives Legally in 2019

1. Getting More Coins

Coins are the major currency, and you must have to hold the coins without wasting it on buying any unique things in the game.

Use your coins when you are stuck on any level because getting coins is difficult in the game. Here are the two ways through which there is a possibility of acquiring coins.

  1. You can spin the wheel once in a day through which you can get special abilities and also 10+ coins. However, the chances of getting coins are less in this but trying to spin the wheel daily is one the good toy blast coin hack.
  2. Connect your game to Facebook and earn 25 coins but this is a toy blast cheat that you can use only once.

You can earn coins by leveling up in the game or else you can buy them from the game store by paying real money.

The game store also contain different offers like buy 300 coins and get 2 hrs of unlimited lives and much more. But, if you don’t want to spend the real money then play the game and level up or use the above-mentioned hacks for getting toy blast free coins.

2. Use Time Lapse for Getting Your Life Back

If you are willing for the toy blast unlimited lives and you don’t know how to get it, then there are 3 ways through which you can get your lives back and enjoy the game

  1. If your device is Android or iOS, then you can get your lost lives back by doing changes in the date and time settings of the game and get back your lives in no time, and you can use this toy blast free lives hack as many times as you want.
  2. Connect your game with Facebook then you can ask lives to your friends who are playing the Toy Blast game.
  3. The third way to get the lives back is to wait for 30 minutes. The game will take 30 minutes for restoring per life.

If you don’t want to wait for 30 minutes, then you can go for other 2 ways mentioned earlier. Do not go for any fake toy blast lives generator they are not workable and only a bluff.

3. Create Combos By Using Two Tiles Next To Each Other

Creating combos of using two tiles next to each other is the best toy blast cheat for the special effect.

Just like any other matching game use of unique tiles is effortless, make sure that they go next to each other from where you tap to make combos.

Tiles which you tap might be turned into the unique piece so make sure you are making combos of those tiles that are next to each other.

If you don’t need the unique pieces the live them as they will automatically explode when you complete the level. By doing this helps to earn even more points and almost three stars some time.Paying attention to blocks may help you to play the game in fewer moves.

When you play the game, it will instruct you about what blocks can do. You have a tap on possible combinations that will transform your blocks in a unique piece, for example, if you combine 5 blocks together it will convert in the rocket so you can use this tool to clear the map in lesser moves.

You can earn 3 stars and more points if you finish the level in a few steps.

Toy Blast Coins Generator: Real Fact

Coin generators are nothing but a Scam. Do not go for such illegal ways to generate coins or lives. These Toy blast Coins generators are designed to get your attention and ask for your personal information like email Id and all.

toy blast coins generator - fake tool

These generators may contain viruses and can be harmful for your mobiles.

Generators are just a fraud and illegal so don’t use them.

How Do People Get Fall Into Toy Blast Hack Tool Scam?

People are always in search of toy blast coins generators and hack tools because these generators seems to be very easy thing to get free resources for your and this is the reason that they get attention of players.

By promising game players to give unlimited coins and lives, they create the greed in players to obtain more coins and lives while playing the game. So they try it, then end up giving their personal information during the process and unknowingly invite scams on their mailbox.

On the other hand, peoples are in search of these generators because in-app-purchases are very expensive and cannot be affordable for every player. Hence People are in search of free solutions to earn coins.

I will strongly recommend you all for do not fall in wrong ways to earn coins and lives in toy blast. Only go for the above mentioned legal toy blast cheats and hacks and make your game more enjoyable.

Finally, we come to an end with the Toy blast cheats and hacks. Have you all gone through the list? If you know any other hack tools then do share with us in the given comment box.

Till then enjoy the most fabulous adventure by playing Toys Blast. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Empires and Puzzles Cheats: Top 4 Empires and Puzzles Hack for Free Gems Legally

empires and puzzles cheats

Empire and puzzles is a brand new game in the world of RPG (Role Playing Game) based games.

Small Giant games have introduced this amazing game for Android-based platforms. Epic heroes, action, and monsters are waiting for you in this thrilling, tactical battle RPG!

There are plenty of empires and puzzles cheats available for playing this game, but for this, you must know the basics of the game.

This game is all about mixing 3 battles and constructing an extreme stronghold that is topped with electrifying PVP duels.

There are lots of things you can do with alliances, raids, daily quests, and regular campaign. You can send your troops charging by making combos and can rebuild an immense war fortress.

You have to collect summon hundreds of powerful heroes and troops. You must have a good knowledge about empires and puzzles hack for playing this game smartly.

The purpose of this article is to introduce you with legit hacks and cheats for empire and puzzles game so you can improve your game play performance.

Gems are very important currency in this game and we will be hitting the hammer directly on the nail. So let’s take a look at legit ways to earn gems easily.

List of 5 Best Empires and Puzzles Cheats and Hacks to Get Free Gems Legally

1. Complete the Daily Quests

Completing the daily quests is one of the essential and easy empires and puzzles hack. You will take on quests once you reach at the player level 10.

You will get command over these quests through quest map. You need to be patient as these quests are accessible only when you reach 10th level. Once you arrive here then you will get these quests daily and on its completion also get guaranteed loot of specific kind on resources like troops, food, etc.

You must have to wait for that challenging quests which may give you rare resources like free gems.

2. Join an Alliance

One of the best social features of this game is that you can join the alliance once you reach the fourth level. Joining alliance is considered as great empires and puzzles cheat as it comes with a distinct advantage and there is no harm to join alliance.

You require the multiple alliance members for taking benefit of hunting titans, and this is the point when the real fun starts. At this point, you need to work as a team to win the fight and distribute the loot (that may also contain gems) with everyone who has participated.

This game has rich social features so take benefit of it.

3. Fulfill Requirement of Chests

This is the best empires and puzzles hack for obtaining the gems in a legit way. The chests in the game always come with some of the loot, including gems as well, and if you fill the progress bar beside the chest, then they can be yours.

You will be rewarded with the monster chest as a part of the bonus, but if you want to obtain Heroes Chest, then you have to construct the Watchtower. Being part of alliance help you to get Titan Chest.

Overall, if you wish to receive some significant currency and want to obtain some free, there are different requirements of every chest, and you have to fulfill it.

4. Raid on Your Enemies

This is the forever great empires and Puzzles cheat. Raid is the set up in PvP mode that helps to gain trophies and various materials. Creating a strong defense team is the primary idea of this setup.

This team helps you to fight against the opposing teams when they attack you in the raid. The best venture is to have a neutral defense team that is neither so strong nor weak as well. Your raid rounds are mostly done by clicking revenge button, and you will get trophies back via using revenge button a lot faster than you think even you lose the battle against the opposing team.

5. Building Your Own City for More Gains

We know that RPG games like Empire and puzzles mostly depend. Establishing Your Own City for More Gains is considered as the great empires and puzzles cheats to obtain food and iron.

You can build your city as per your wish. When you start building your own city, you will not realize that your requirement for food is higher than iron. At the first time, there are only 5 farms and 3 mines, but these are not sufficient.

Hence you have to add more farms and mines later. You need food to upgrade some buildings and for training heroes from recruits, craft battle items, level and ascend heroes and also to take part in raids.

For building your own city, you need iron mines too so construct and update the mines as well.

If you build your own city, it will help you to add farms and mines as many as you want as per your requirements.

Empires and Puzzles Gems Generators: The Reality

As we have discussed earlier in this article that there are plenty of empires and puzzles cheats and hacks available in the market through which you can gain the gems, but the ways you are using must be legit and workable.

If you are using empires and puzzles gems generator, then I must tell you that these generators are fake and they do malpractices.

empires and puzzles hack tool - fake tool

You should not go for generators to obtain gems as the generators are designed to grab your attention for collecting your personal information.

These generators commit you to provide the gems instantly, but it’s fake and wasting your time on such hack tools.

These generators can be harmful to your device and may contain the viruses. Always prefer empires and puzzles hacks that are workable and legit. Be aware of such scams and play the game cleverly.

Wrapping up

Finally, we have wrapped up with the legit Empires and puzzles cheats and hacks that plays a vital role in obtaining gems and other resources legally.

I will strongly recommend you all to use the hacks and cheats mentioned above to get the resources through legal methods in the game. Also, keep yourself far away from the fake hack tools. You must have to learn the technique of knowing the difference between real and fake empires and puzzles hack on your own.

I hope that you enjoyed the hacks and cheats for empires and puzzles that are legal and helpful. If you have any other suggestions or any new hacks and tricks you know, then do share with us.

Your feedback always inspires us to do our work more effectively. Stay connected with us for more details. Till then enjoy the gaming with Empires and puzzles.

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Skype : Top 12 Best Skype Alternatives In 2019

skype alternatives

The world is getting closer day by day. All thanks goes to several social media and free VoIP services.

When the thought of online video call or chatting strikes in our mind, the first thing that comes into mind is Skype. In the year 2011 Skype was introduced by Microsoft, ever since then, it is growing very fast.

Skype is providing superior service to all the peoples related to business and personal users; still, peoples are in search of Skype alternatives because they might require some extra features that Skype doesn’t have.

There are many free online calling services available in the market but only some of them are best, and here in this article, we are giving you information about what other options are available for you except Skype.

List of top 12 Best Skype Alternative to use in 2019

1. VSee Messenger

free voip

VSee provides you with free group video calls, instant messaging and screen sharing. This app offers you a free 4-way screen sharing, video calls and quick messaging within a polished interface. Secure and low-bandwidth calls on 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi, are possible with VSee Messenger.

Pros & Cons of Vsee Messenger:-


  1. Ad-free with a clean interface.
  2. 4-way group video calling and chatting.
  3. The desktop app is available on Mac and PC.
  4. Switching between front and rear camera
  5. Institutions like Shell, IBM, the US Congress and the number of small and medium-scale industries are served by this app.


Uplifting of screen share limit comes only with the paid version.

Official Website of Vsee Messenger

2. Viber

Viber is another option in the list of skype alternatives for free online calling. You can call anyone anywhere free and securely. Viber is a free and straightforward calling app. You can do crystal-clear voice calls to anyone by using Viber.

Pros & Cons Of Viber Messenger:-


  1. Viber is fully synced to your tablet app and desktop.
  2. Make entirely free audio and video call that is also with crystal clear voice.
  3. You can make low-cost calls to a landline with Viber out call landline.
  4. Send free messages and open group chat.
  5. It provides 100% security to calls and conversations.


  1. Limited video file size can be shared
  2. Contact number is required if you want to use this app.

Official Website of Viber Messenger

3. Amazon Chime

alternatives to skype

Amazon chime is the new free calling app in communications service that converts meeting with protected, easy to use application that you can trust. Amazon chime can easily carry all your voice traffic seamlessly on the internet. This service lets you chat, meet, and take a business call inside & outside of the organization.

Pros And Cons Of Amazon Chime:-


  1. Only one tap to join meetings, long PINs not required.
  2. Easy to control meetups and visual roaster.
  3. Just tab to Share content and see on any device.
  4. Chat and chat rooms along with attachments.


  1. Design of this app is lean towards business and not for casual users.
  2. Only the 30-days trial period.

Official Website of Amazon Chime

4. Facetime

Facetime a free VoIP service is designed only for iOS users and can be used on devices like iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can use Facetime over Wi-Fi or any iOS device that is connected to the internet.

Pros And Cons Of Facetime:-


  1. You can make a call to a person’s mobile number or email id.
  2. Call waiting will be shown at the time of the audio call.
  3. You can use memoji in the running call to express your reaction.
  4. You can click moments with family and friends by using live photos during calls.


  1. This app only designed for iOS users.
  2. No support for group conferences.

Official Website of Facetime

5. OOvOO

best free calling app

OOvOO offers things like free, high-quality video calling and messaging service that helps to keep in touch with the loved ones.



  1. Live video chat with anyone all over the world and send messages via images, text or video.
  2. Chains are the collection of small size video, photos, and texts.
  3. By using chain, u can create great content for the global OOvOO.
  4. It has cutting edge technology.
  5. This app comes with cross-platform, cross-device support that helps you to call all your friends from the phone, computer, and tablet.


  1. Though it has 180 million users community, it is not as popular as other apps.
  2. Contain ads.

Official Website for OOvOO

6. Google Hangouts

Google hangout is next in the list of apps like Skype. Google hangouts are used to keep in touch with messages and video or voice calls. You can use this app as an alternatives to skype for personal as well as group conversations.

Pros And Cons Of Google Hangouts:-


  1. Group chat can be done up to 150 people.
  2. You can add status with photos, emojis, messages and many more to express yourself.
  3. You can turn the discussion into video calls up to 10 contacts.
  4. You can connect with Google voice account for SMS texting, voice mail integration, and phone calls.
  5. Online or offline doesn’t matter; you can message your contacts anytime.


The only dark side of this app is that it is not as popular as other Skype alternatives.

Official Website for Google Hangouts

7. GoToMeeting

free voip

GoToMeeting is made for making online meeting easy. Just like a Skype video call, this app also allows you to do video calls and also becomes a premier mobile meeting app on the android market.

Pros And Cons Of Gotomeeting:-


  1. Attend and host a meeting on any android device or tablet.
  2. Crystal clear full band VoIP audio.
  3. You can share the entire device screen with everyone in the meeting.
  4. You can see you’ve all lined up in the meeting and join in a single tap.
  5. Get alerts when the meeting is about to start.
  6. Chatting with individual attendees or everyone in the meeting.


The trial period is free after that you have to purchase the packs.

The official website for GoToMeeting

8. Talky

Talky is the best free calling app as it makes our huge world little tiny. It is known as the truly simple video chat. No downloads, signup, or payment required.

Pros And Cons Of Talky:-


  1. You can add anyone’s screen to the conversations.
  2. For added privacy, you can add a shared key to a room.
  3. It has SimpleWebRTC so you can add video, voice and screen sharing to your app.


  1. The talky app supports only iOS-based devices.
  2. Internet users are only available.

Official Website for Talky

9. Facebook Messenger

free video calling

Facebook messenger is the best alternative to Skype as it helps to be together wherever with an easy way of massaging, video chats and meet-ups with the group.

Pros And Cons Of Facebook Messenger:-


  1. Share images and videos through messenger.
  2. Many stickers and emojis to express your reaction.
  3. Send voice messages and hop on video chats & calls.
  4. You can Share your location.
  5. Play games with a friend are possible with the Facebook messenger.


The only downside of the app is that it has sent and receive money benefit to the peoples who leave in the US, UK, and France.

Official Website for Messenger

10. WhatsApp

Whatsapp is next in the list of Skype alternatives and also one of the popular and Free messaging apps that may help you to connect with your loved ones.

Pros And Cons Of Whatsapp:-


  1. Free to use no any charges applicable.
  2. You can share a multimedia file with ease.
  3. Free audio & video calls with group chats.
  4. You can use your desktop to send and receive messages from Whatsapp.
  5. No, any user name and password required to operate.
  6. You are always logged in so you can connect with friends quickly.
  7. You can share your location; customize wallpaper, exchange contact and much more.


  1. The phone number is necessary to use the app.
  2. Limitation on video file sizes to share.

Official Website for WhatsApp

11. IMO

alternatives to skype

IMO is the best choice for Skype alternative as it allows you to message and video call to your family and friends no matters what device they are on.

Pros And Cons Of Imo:-


  1. High-quality voice and video calls.
  2. Free and limitless messages and voice calls.
  3. Group video calls with friends and family or with others.
  4. It contains hundreds of stickers and quick images & Video sharing.


Contain ads and in-app-purchases.

Official Website for Imo

12. Wire

The Wire is the next best alternative to Skype and most secure collaboration platform. This app keeps your information private that helps you to share messages, video files & do conference calls easily and securely.

Pros And Cons Of Wire:-


  1. You can merge Wire with your corporate services & applications.
  2. One click call conference button helps you to start meetings on time.
  3. Collaborate different guest room by inviting suppliers, partners, and customers.


Free for personal use but extra features will be unlocked with the paid version.

Official Website for Wire

Authors Remark

As far as Skype is concerned, it has its own status among all its alternative applications and websites. Skype is still more preferable on desktop and mac rather than mobile devices. Still, it is up to the mark for grabbing its consumers on smartphones too.

Let us know what do you think about the skype alternatives we have mentioned about. Also, suggest your picks that we may have missed in our list. Stay tuned for more upcoming alternatives.

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Video Gaming

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack : Top 7 HP Cheats to Get Gems Coins

harry potter hogwarts mystery hack

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack Cheats To Get Free Gems, Coins & Energy Bars Legally: Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is a role-playing video game based on J.K Rowling’s wizarding world; released in the year of 2018 for Android and iOS devices.
Jam City is a developer cum publisher of this game whereas the license provider is Porkey Games.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game set in the Harry Potter Universe where your magical journey starts there you can explore; learn Spells and many more in this New RPG Story.

In this article, I am going to introduce you with some of the legit Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack and Cheats that you can utilize while playing the game, but first, let me introduce you all with the game.

Getting Started Guide

At the start of the game, gamer will be asked to create his own fully customizable character avatar. You can either select to be a witch or wizard. You also have the option to connect your account to Facebook. But be careful here game might fetch your details directly from Facebook and customize your character according to information.

While customizing the characters you have the option to select different skin colors, face customization, some hair customization but some of them can only be used once you get pass through higher levels. Until then you can’t use some of the customization menus.

Players might find this game very extensive as it has lots of options to edit your character as per your look you want. This way you can complete makeover your avatar in the game.

When you start playing the game it might sometime remind you sims mobile. As graphics seems to be like sims mobile version.

The Need of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack

According to recent news from polygon, Wait times are becoming very frustrating for gamers of harry potter hogwarts mystery; As players are unable to complete the challenge of devils snare where they need good amount of energy.
But the only option to get the energy is by using in-app purchases or wait for 7-8 hours. For beginners, the solution for this issue might be Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack No Survey No Download. But, its worthless! Because, these are scams which does not work, and one should stay away from them.

As experience shared by many users they don’t want to invest real money on in-app purchases this much early in the game. First they want to play and enjoy the game to the fullest. But game developers have created an obstacle in front of gamers by adding a high amount of in-app currency requirement to complete the challenge.

If you want to know about how to get free gems in Hogwarts Mystery or how to earn unlimited energy, then we are here to give you all the information you needed.

List of Top 7 Legit Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack & Cheats For Free Gems, Coins and Energy.

1. Earning Free Gems:-

Earning gems is one of the precious harry potter hogwarts mystery gems hack as you can use these gems to obtain energy and to play the quests.

If you are thinking about how to get free gems in hogwarts mystery, then don’t worry here are some ways through which you can earn gems

a) Level up and collect free gems.

b) Winning of house cup will also get you free gems.

c) Completion of quests gives you gems as rewards.

d) Learning of new spells and portions also help you to earn gems.

e) Raising the level of friendship gives you a chance of winning free gems.

2.Your First Wand from Ollivanders:-

Every Wizard or Witch can get their first wand from the Ollivanders, There you can see lots of different kind of wands such as Apple wood Wand, Maplewood Wand, Hornbeam Wand, Dragon Heartstring Wand. But as always said you won’t choose the wand. Want itself will choose the wizard. So by trying few wands you will finally get your own wand from ollivanders and then again you can meet to your friend to talk about it.

And the Chapter 1 will be completed here. And you will get 50 coins 100 XP as a reward for this achievement. According to the game there are total 10 chapters available to complete in this series. So there’s much more to go ahead. And one need to complete all of them one by one. Also if you are interested in Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack & Cheats For Free Currency then you can check out the linked source for legit cheats.

3. Attend the lectures carefully:-

Attending lectures becomes the best harry potter hogwarts mystery hack because attending the lecture may help you to earn the house point by answering to the quest correctly. If you don’t do this, then you lose your house points. If you succeed in learning lessons and performing it well, then you are eligible to get as much as 5 gems for free.

4. Attend Quests Like an expert:-

Attending Quests like an expert is the next in the list of Hogwarts Mystery energy cheats. As we know the energy is the primary source of playing the game, so check your energy points before starting the quests because if the quest is long and you don’t have enough energy, then there is no point in playing the quest. For earning energy, the only option is to get back to your classes and collect energy points to play the quest.

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5. Read all the dialogues:-

Reading all the conversations may help you to collect attribute points because sometimes you have a choice of presenting your opinion and if it is perfect then you will get attribute points.

6. Earn Extra Energy:-

Earning extra energy is one of the best harry potter hogwarts mystery cheats because if you will feel exhausted at the peak point of your game, it might give you frustration.

Energy is the key to winning the game, and there are a handful of options available that gives you additional energy points.

  • East Tower: – The two ways of earning energy from here is to tap the second picture from the entrance that is next to the classroom of Charms and tap peeves when he floats into the tower.
  • Dungeons: – You can touch the house Elf near to Potions Classroom.
  • Hogsmeade: – At the end of the first alley the boy holding the sled tap him.
  • Lower Floor-West: – Tapping the torch on the right side of the great wall’s entrance and the middle statue are the two ways to earn energy.
  • Lower Floor-East: – Get even more enegergy by just tapping on books while sitting on the bench.
  • Castle Ground: – You need to tap on the stick on the floor accompanied with the second route you see.
  • West Towers: – Tapping is a key, go for the portrait you see on the entrance of west tower to get free energy bars.

You can even earn the harry potter hogwarts mystery unlimited energy during the first year by taking flying lessons. This way, earn extra energy bars by learning as much lessons as you can do.

7. Avoid Paying for Micro-transactions:-

This is one of the best Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hacks because this game throws you in the situation where you are forced to make Micro-transactions for playing continuously. Buying energy is not an ideal way when we are specially hunting for harry potter hogwarts mystery cheats and hacks for free resources. It doesn’t have any value because having patience and waiting for energy bars is the only legit way.

Further More Hogwarts Mystery Cheats and Hacks:

  1. When you exhausted by energy, you can set the alarm so that it will remind you whenever your energy refills.
  2. Saving of coins is the best Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack because you can spend them on duels, leveling up a friendship and on lessons as well.
  3. During focusing on the class, place your finger on the screen. Raise your finger only when the focus ring is within the circle outline. It is just like tapping the finger, but the only thing is that you don’t have to be fast.

Final Verdict

Here in the above list, we have tried to give you all the possible legit harry potter hogwarts mystery hack and cheats that help you to begin with the game.

Use only legal ways to earn resources like energy, gems, coins etc. Play skillfully and utilize your resources cleverly to make your game enjoyable.

Also, If you do know any other harry potter hogwarts mystery cheats that you think should be a part of this list, then do share it with us and we will mention it with your name before it.

Share your experience and Keep in touch for more details. Till then enjoy the mysterious world of Harry Potter.

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iPiccy : Top 10 Best iPiccy Alternatives In 2019


Photos are non-dividable part of our memories, and good photos to the album are like icing on the cake.

Photo editing software’s are the best tool to edit our photos as per our requirement and make our picture look more beautiful and attractive. If you are looking for the photo editing tool, then you must try iPiccy as it is the creative web-based image editing application including 110 tools, effects and filters.

You can use iPiccy for basic editing that includes rotation, cropping, resizing and even for advanced photo manipulation here.

This image editor has all the tools that is required for everyday photo editing. This allows you to upload a photo from your webcam, Flickr, remote, URL and even create a new image in a few clicks.

Here I am introducing you all with the best iPiccy alternatives that you can use as a replacement for iPiccy.

List of 10 best iPiccy Photo Editor Alternatives


GIMP is known as free and open source raster graphics editor that is utilized for photo redesigning and editing, transforming into various photo formats and more specialized tasks. This image editor provides you with sophisticated tools to illustrator, photographer or scientists to perform their job.

Supporting Platform of GIMP

macOS (10.6 and newer), GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows (XP SP3, 7, 8, Vista), Chrome Browser, FreeBSD, Sun OpenSolaris.

Features of GIMP

  1. GIMP offers you the customizable interface so that you can change colors, widget sizes and icon sizes the way you like.
  2. This software helps you to enhance the quality of your photo.
  3. It offers advanced digital photo retouching techniques.
  4. GIMP supports all the file formats that include JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PSD and many more.

2. Capture One Pro

Capture one is the professional level photo editing software and a complete iPiccy alternative that give you a perfect image editing experience. It has powerful tools for color grading, organizing, layer editing and much more. It gives you full control over your workflow and your images.

Supporting Platforms of Capture One Pro

Windows, macOS.

Features of Capture One Pro:-

  1. It has supported over 500+ cameras including all major brands.
  2. It has online technical support.
  3. Better color, faster performance and more innovative tools.
  4. It has a customizable interface and powerful tools for organizing, layer editing, color grading and many more.

3. Krita

Krita is a painting too that is similar to iPiccy photo editor that is based on open source. It is designed for professional concept artists, matte and texture artists, the VFX industry, and illustrators. From last 10 years this photo editor is in development and had an ignition in growth presently. It provides us with some of the creative features that help professionals and amateur.

Supporting Platforms of Krita

Windows, Linux, macOS.

Features of Krita:-

  1. Krita has intuitive user interface so you can move dockers and panels and customize as per particular workflow.
  2. This software has brush stabilizer for shaky hands that help to smoothen your skills.
  3. It has a pop-up Palette that offers a fast capture of colors and brush by right-clicking on the canvas.
  4. The Krita has customization of brush with over 9 different brush engines, and each engine has the huge quantity of setting to personalize your brush.
  5. Krita offers pro-level tools for buddy artists and illustrators.
  6. It has wrap-around mode that makes easy to create smooth textures and pattern.
  7. Krita allows you to export textures and brush from other artists that help you to expand your tool-set.

4. Snapseed

Snapseed is included in one of the best professional quality photo editors. Google develops this photo editor for giving users the feeling of a professional photographer.

Supporting Platforms of Snapseed

Android, iOS

Features of Snapseed:-

  1. Snapseed has 29 tools and filters that include Structure, Perspective, Brush, Healing and HDR.
  2. It helps you to open JPG and Raw files.
  3. Snapseed helps to save your personal looks and apply them to new photos later.
  4. It has selective Filter Brush.
  5. All style can be squeezed with delicate and precise control.

5. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is the powerful, fast, easy-to-use and full-featured picture editor for Mac users. This photo editing software also has app support. Pixelmator takes entire benefits of the new Mac features and technologies that give you quick, powerful tools that let you enhance the image quality.

Supporting Platforms of Pixelmator

Chrome Browser, iOS, macOS

Features of Pixelmator:-

  1. Pixelmator allows you to fast and easy selection of any part of a photo.
  2. Painting with Pixelmator gives you the experience of painting on canvas. You can use different brush sizes, hardness, shapes, and blending mode
  3. The Pixelmator contains retouching tools that help to correct wrinkles, repair scratches, make flaws vanish from your photo and many more.
  4. This is a real effect machine that allows you to play with over 160 breathtaking effects.
  5. It has drawing tools that offer create, combine, easily add and edit shapes.
  6. The editor has an elegant collection of professional-grade color correction tools.
  7. You can easily add non-destructive layer effect like gradient fills, shadow, color, outlines and reflections.

6. Photoscape

Photoscape is a funny and simple image editing software that enables you to fix and enhance the quality of your photo. Photoscape can be used to combine images and attach multiple photos horizontally or vertically to create one final picture.

Supporting Platforms of Photoscape

Windows, macOS.

Features of Photoscape:-

  1. It enables you to view photos in your folder and to create a slideshow.
  2. It contains several editing tools such as color adjustment, brightness, cropping, filters, mosaic mode, frames, red-eye removal, paint brush, clone stamp and many more.
  3. Photoscape helps to print portrait shots, passport photos and visiting cards.
  4. It converts raw images to JPG format with the help raw converter.
  5. Photoscape slice the picture into several pieces with the help of Splitter.

7. Acorn

Acorn is an image editor designed by flying meat software developers. Acorn is packed with all the tools that are required to be a perfect image editor. Acorn also has App support for iOS users.

Supporting Platforms of Acorn

MacOS, iOS

Features of Acorn:-

  1. Powerful image editing by using non-destructive curves, filters and levels.
  2. It has a circle text tool that allows you to place your text on circle quickly and easily to generate logos or other useful text designs.
  3. Filter panel makes it easy to add effects to your photos.
  4. Acorn contains vector tools like Bezier curves, Stars, Boolean operations, arrows and text tool and also has involvement of path text and circle texts.

8. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is developed by and is extensively used as a raster graphics editor designed for macOS and Windows. Adobe Photoshop makes utilization of layering to allow for depth and flexibility in the outline and editing activity. Photoshop is one of the most popular and well known alternative you can use. However, Photoshop also has several alternatives to it that you may like to know about.

Supporting Platforms of Adobe Photoshop

It supports Windows, macOS.

Features of Adobe Photoshop:-

  1. It offers you with easy editing of your photo anywhere with Lightroom.
  2. Adobe Photoshop has an easy to use interface.
  3. You can turn your photos into 3D objects or painting and pass things around in your photos or delete undesirable content.
  4. It helps to keep a record of your files in the cloud and collaborate on them with the rest of your group members.
  5. It has support to every file format including PD, TIFF JPEG and many more.

9. Ribbet

Ribbet is the image editing software that is easy to use for desktops and mobiles. Ribbet offers you 1000s of incredible effects, pro tools and fonts. You will have fun-loving photo editing experience with Ribbet.

Supporting Platforms of Ribbet

Android, iOS, Chrome Browser

Features of Ribbet:-

  1. Ribbet is a complete editing solution that allows you to rotate, resize, sharpness, color and exposure.
  2. Ribbet will enable you to add watermarks and logos, image layers to your photos with stickers.
  3. You can edit selfies and portraits, and it also has touch-up effects.
  4. This editor allows you to import or export directly from Google photos, Dropbox, Flickr, Facebook, gallery, Instagram etc.
  5. It will enable you to clone or copy one part of the picture to another or erase the background.
  6. The photo editor has app support for Android and iOS users

10. Lunapic

Lunapic is an online photo editor that allows you to give sketch and paint effect to your photos. It offers some of the great tools, filters and effects.

Supporting Platforms of Lunapic

Internet Browsers.

Features of Lunapic:-

  1. It contains editing tools like cropping, resize, drawing and add text to your photo.
  2. Lunapic includes more than 200 effects.
  3. It has art effects like Picasso, fairy, Sketch and more.
  4. Lunapic allows you to color change and you can even add borders to your photo.
  5. Animation effects like reflecting water, Water droplets, groovy rainbow, pouring rain, smoke clouds, rotating cube and much more.

Final Words

In the above article, we have mentioned you the best alternatives to ipiccy that lets you explore the new replacement of the photo editing software you are using currently. Do you find the above list useful? Please share your comments with us.

If you know any other software that offers you the same benefits, then do share with us.

We always welcome your comments and thoughts. Stay connected with us for more details. Till then enjoy being a pro photographer!!

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Free Nintendo eShop Codes : Top 3 Ways Explained

nintendo eshop codes

Nintendo has a pedigree in creating games for the last century. Since the starting age of video gaming, Nintendo has proved its presence through blockbuster games.

At a later stage, Nintendo had invented their own gaming consoles. From 8Bit gaming console in 1985 to current Nintendo Wii Nintendo has won millions of gamer’s heart.

However, competition in the market has placed them currently into the 3rd position of gaming console. Following Microsoft and Sony’s footstep Nintendo has also introduced their eshop to get the games online.

There comes the handy use of Nintendo eshop codes which is the topic of our discussion. In this article, we will let you know about the Nintendo vouchers and codes as well as the legit way to get them.

Here is How to Get Free Nintendo eShop Codes using 100% Legit Ways!

We will explain here the best methods to get Nintendo eshop codes free of charge. In eShop or switch accounts, you are safe to utilize your Nintendo eShop code. For buying online games, you don’t need to share your credit card information, and Nintendo eshop gift codes will make your job confidentially and securely. These codes can also be given to your friends and family as a gift.

Method #1: MyNintendo

MyNintendo is a rewarding service that provides you with points on every game purchase. You need to connect your Nintendo Account with MyNintendo account to avail these offers. In MyNintendo you get two types of points, Gold and Platinum.

You can earn gold points on the purchase of games digitally from the Nintendo eshop. In the offer and deal section, you will find the games that are currently available for digital purchases. You can buy these games by paying gold points also.

Once you purchase these games and it is delivered in your account, you get up to 37 gold points minimum. The purchase gives you 5% of your Purchase amount.

Gold points can be used to buy further games or subscription. The equivalent amount of each Gold point is 1 cent. So, you require 999 points to bet a game worth 9.99$.

Currently, there are some offers on games on the Nintendo site to purchase by paying only 9.99$. This deals in the Nintendo store have started in March’19 and may not last for a long time. So if you have a plan to buy new games, it is the perfect time to explore that idea.

Apart from Gold, there are platinum points also that can be used in multiple purchases.

Following are some way to get platinum points from MyNintendo:

  1. Register in My Nintendo to get 100 platinum points
  2. Avail Newsletters from MyNintendo to get an initial bonus of 30 points and 10 points monthly.
  3. Linking your Google, Facebook or Twitter account, you can get 10 platinum points each
  4. Linking your Nintendo account with MyNintendo account, you get 100 platinum points
  5. Play super Mario Run daily to get 10 platinum points
  6. If you win Super Mario three times weekly, you will get 50 Platinum points
  7. Linking your Super Mario run account to your Nintendo account, you can get 100 points.
  8. Adding 1, 5 10 friends you earn 100 points each.
  9. As you cross World in Super Mario run you get 50 points each time.

The gold and platinum points are not forever. They come with an expiry date. Gold points expire in 12 months and Platinum points in 6 months.

Method #2: Online Giveaways in Social Media

In Current day, Social media is a secure connection to share anything. There are hundreds of gaming community related to Nintendo who creates discussion and contests.

You can get free unused Nintendo eshop codes by following the Social media sites. You might find some competition in Social media sites for winning these codes.

Method #3: Get paid to sites

There are few get paid to sites that require to perform online surveys, watching videos, subscribing newsletters and like works to perform. As you get through with the tasks, you can earn points that are redeemable to get Nintendo eshop codes.

If you search online, you get good sites that are providing such coupons.

Why do you require a Nintendo Gift Card?

Before we go at any other discussion, let us first make it clear what are these gift cards for in Nintendo. If you are a regular Nintendo user, you must know that the majority of the current games are paid versions.

You get to play the demos of these games in the Nintendo. But the full versions come after you purchase the game key. Also, there are multiplayer games that require a gamer id in Nintendo for playing it online.

Nintendo gift cards are used in these two areas to purchase. Following are the details of these two different cards.

Nintendo eShop

Nintendo eshop channel is the online distributor and marketplace for Nintendo games and features for various Nintendo consoles. It was introduced in June 2011, and it functions in a similar way like google play store.

Your complete purchases are logged in this area including your previous downloads. You can redownload your past purchases from eshop.

What is the function of Nintendo Eshop card codes?

Nintendo eShop gift card is equivalent to your actual money and to make it available as a credit in Nintendo account Nintendo eshop card codes are designed. The Nintendo eShop gift card carries a 12digit pin code to attach to your Nintendo account fund.

Usually, the Nintendo eShop Card is available as $10, $20, $35, $50 and you can attach it in seconds for your Nintendo eShop account.

Features of Nintendo eshop codes are as follows:

  • You can purchase digital games using Nintendo eShop code and then send them straight to your Nintendo consoles.
  • Downloads, demo, apps, streaming of videos, reviews on consumer ratings and further details on the new releases can also be enjoyed.
  • Your Nintendo account will have credits for purchasing anything with the Nintendo eShop Card, and you can buy from your Nintendo eShop without a credit card.
  • At no extra cost, you can have an AR Card character and the Photos with Mario application. You can also use unique character cards to play and to pose with Mario.


Guys, after tremendous research we have found the above information which gives you an idea about getting legitimate methods to earn Nintendo eshop codes.

We do not promote any particular site or app in this article but have advised you regarding the possible outcome of each way that is found suitable to get some freebies to support your gaming enthusiasm in Nintendo consoles.

Also, we have discussed all such sites that claim to give you some benefit in a short way through generators. Listen to our recommendation about these Scamming sites.

Even though our methods are a longer path, but they are legitimate and will not lead you to any problem.

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12 Best Streaming Services For 2019 : Watch Live Movies Online

best streaming service

Those days have gone when you have to tune in your TV to watch your favorite movies or serials. Many streaming services have been introduced in present time that may help you to watch your favorite stuff, all you need is a best streaming service.

In today’s era, having the best streaming services are vital as they play our favorite shows and movies on our demand. Day-by-day cable charges are touching the sky, and in this situation, streaming services give some relief by entertaining us in very less amount.

Because of our busy schedules, online streaming of movies and serials is the need of the time. We can watch web series and movies anywhere so that there is no need to come home by leaving your essential work to watch your favorite stuff.

These streaming services provide us with benefits like, instant playback, cheaper service, you can view only those stuff for what you have paid, demoralize content piracy, secure event coverage, and even parents can control over the stuff what their kids are watching online that might not be possible on TV.

Here, we are giving information about the movie streaming sites that may help you to choose the best one for you.

List of Best Streaming Services are as Follows

1. Netflix

Best Streaming Service

Netflix is an American media provider and seventh largest internet company by revenue in all over the world. By using or subscribing to Netflix, you can get command over movie streaming to watch your favorite ones. In compare to other movie streaming sites, Netflix is most popular.

Features of Netflix

  1. You can watch movies, documentaries, award-winning TV shows, and much more on internet connected device.
  2. It provides us with 30 days of a free trial.
  3. It comes with a month to month subscription so you can cancel it without any contract, cancellation charges and commitments.
  4. Provides us with three membership plans, i.e., Basic plan, standard plan, and premium plan so that you can choose as per your requirements.
  5. You can save data, alligator, and watch offline on train, tube or tractor.

One more additional feature is that it provides with DVD plan that can be subscribed only by US customers.

Drawbacks of Netflix

  1. It provides services based on your country.
  2. Limitation of brand new contents.
  3. Netflix is a bit expensive than other apps.
  4. Netflix has the old library they must have to work on it.


With 4.5 Stars out of 5, it becomes the best streaming service from Editors.

You can subscribe the Netflix from the official link given below.


Hulu is the platform that has something for everyone; it might be for kids, teenagers or elders no matter. You can watch shows, stream online movie sites anytime anywhere; it contains current episodes and original series.

Features of HULU

  1. You can get command over a robust library of movies and favorite TV shows.
  2. It contains more than 60 channels including entertainment, sports, and news.
  3. It provides us with quality original programming.

Drawbacks HULU

  1. Subscribers are not able to download contents to view offline.
  2. Contains lots of ads.

Related : – How to Watch Hulu Without Ads


Editor’s ratings to this best streaming service are 4 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe HULU from official subscription link given below.

3. Playstation VUE

online movie sites

Live TV, local news and live sports make this the best streaming service of the present time. Playstation console is not required so better to start TV now and experience extraordinary TV.

Features of Playstation VUE

  1. You can get access over 85+ channels and on demand without an annual contract.
  2. Personal DVR up to 10 profiles and stream up to 5 devices simultaneously without paying any extra cost.
  3. It gives five days free trials to access, core and Elite versions of this service.
  4. It has the highest level of customer satisfaction in the case of TV streaming.

Drawbacks of Playstation VUE

  1. Viacom channels are not present.
  2. It is equal to cable in case of charges.
  3. Strong broadband internet connection and compatible viewing device are needed.


4 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe Playstation VUE from official subscription link given below.

4. Amazon Prime Video

online movie watch

Amazon prime video allows you to watch prime movies online, complete TV shows and award-winning Prime originals as well. You can get access over blockbuster movies by subscribing to Amazon Prime membership.

Features of Amazon Prime Video

  1. You can get 30 days trial of the Amazon prime video.
  2. Get access over unlimited add free music and fast delivery on eligible items.
  3. Experience an online movie watch on big screens by plugging in the Amazon fire stick.
  4. Data usage can be controlled while downloading and watching videos.

Drawbacks of Amazon Prime Video

  1. No brand new videos even though you found it is rare.
  2. Contents of A la carte costs additional.
  3. You cannot operate this service with some platforms.


4 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe Amazon Prime video from official subscription link given below.

5. Sling TV

If you think that cable subscription is expensive, then Sling TV is the best streaming service to gives you the traditional experience of TV. Sling TV is ideal for the sports fans because this offers lots of ESPN sports channels including other channels like, NBC, BBN America, TBS, Food Network, CNN, Cartoon Network, etc. that makes your deal with Sling worth.

Features of Sling TV

  1. Affordable than cable connections.
  2. Sling TV offers the contents with wide breadth.
  3. Download your favorite tv shows, movies and later watch it on on various streaming supporting devices of your choice.

Drawbacks of Sling TV

  1. Cloud DVR does not support On-demand channels.
  2. It contains more piracy than any other of its competitor services.
  3. Sling TV is available only inside the US.


4 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe Sling TV from official subscription link given below.

6. YouTube TV

online streaming

If you are in search of cable-free live TV, then your search will stop at YouTube TV. It will give the best streaming service from 60+ channels, and that is also without a cable box. Just make sure that the service is available in your location before subscribing for YouTube TV.

Features of YouTube TV

  1. You can get unlimited cloud DVR storage by subscribing to this service.
  2. You can operate six accounts from a single membership.
  3. Records are kept for nine months, and streaming of content from anywhere in the US can be done.

Drawbacks of YouTube TV

  1. YouTube TV doesn’t support the Amazon fire.
  2. Channels like food network, HGTV, Discovery, TLC, OWN and much more are missing.


4 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe YouTube TV from official subscription link given below.

7. Crackle

best movie sites

If you are looking for a cheesy action movie streaming site, then Crackle is the choice for you. Sony owns the platform for broadcasting movies, TV shows, and original programming. Subscription and la carte fee do not apply to Crackle. Original shows like Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedian in cars getting coffee are excellent.

Features of Crackle

  1. Entertaining and full of laughter videos.
  2. Best movie sites can be accessed with good quality of videos.

Drawbacks of Crackle

  1. Frequent rotation of the videos.
  2. Contains lots of ads that may reduce the joy of entertainment.


Google Play rating is 3.7 stars out of 5.

You can subscribe Crackle from official subscription link given below.

8. Showtime

You can get access over the latest movies and exclusive hit series with Showtime. Showtime is ads-free service and has something for every mood. This is the American premium cable & satellite television network that gives assistance to its network subsidiaries of CBS Corporation.

Features of Showtime

  1. It shows the latest titles like Homeland, The chi, Ray Donovan, Billions, Shameless, Black Monday, and Kidding.
  2. This service also offers streaming for online movie watch and peoples will find something valuable to watch on Showtime.
  3. You can get access via a web browser over Android, Oculus Go, Xbox one, and iOS devices once you subscribed to Showtime.

Drawbacks of Showtime

  1. You can view offline by downloading your favorite stuff on your phone, but the limitation of resolution is disappointing 720p.
  2. You cannot create your personal profile that may create difficulties to manage per-user basis.


It has 3 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe Showtime from official subscription link given below.

9. HBO Now

movies online

HBO Now is a collection of new movies and this list of movies will updated every week. It has great brand new original content that includes West worlds and game of thrones. HBO is on-demand streaming service including genres like Drama, family, action, horror, comedy, romance and suspense. It also has older series like Deadwood, The Sopranos, six feet under, girls, curb your enthusiasm and The Wire.

Features of HBO Now

  1. You can get access over the library of top original shows and latest movies.
  2. HBO Now Performance and interface are excellent.
  3. It performs best in a combination of other streaming services that offer more diverse and extensive content.
  4. HBO has apps for Androids, PS4, Apple TV, iOS, etc.

Drawbacks of HBO Now

  1. It is expensive than any other streaming services.
  2. HDR and 4K content are not present.
  3. You cannot watch offline, and a web player requires flash.


Editor’s choice ratings to HBO Now are 3.5 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe HBO Now from official subscription link given below.

10. Starz

stream online movies

Starz is dedicated to video and movies, and shows like American gods, Boss, America to me, Outlander, Liberty City, counterparts and Survivor’s remorse are played on this service.

Features of Starz

  1. It is suitable for households as it allows operating four devices at the same time.
  2. Users can download serials & films from online movie sites in their device to watch offline that may be ideal for travelers.
  3. It contains more than 1200 streaming ready sites.

Drawbacks of Starz

  1. It contains limited accessibility options.
  2. Starz does not support 4K and HDR contents.
  3. Shows are not as popular as other services.
  4. Web interface and mobile apps sometimes stammer.


It has 3 stars out of 5.

You can subscribe Starz from official subscription link given below.

11. Philo

Philo is the combination of live shows and on-demand content and highly affordable too. You can get access over 40+ channels including BBC America, HGTV, Food Network, Animal Planet, AMC, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central and Travel Channels.

Features of Philo

  1. Philo has Easy to use interface.
  2. This allows users to save the overall catalog of on-demand viewing shows.
  3. You can operate up to three streams simultaneously.
  4. It has excellent performance and had a good app for iOS users.

Drawbacks of Philo

  1. Nothing included for sports buffs and very fewer news channels.
  2. It contains ads
  3. Offline playback is not supported by Philo.
  4. No apps for mobiles.


It has 3.5 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe Philo from official subscription link given below.

12. ESPN+

live streaming service

ESPN+ is popular for streaming everything related to sports and offers reputed and on-demand sports programming. This is the ideal service for those who want to stay updated with sports news. You can get command over this service through internet or ESPN app for Android and iOS.

Features of ESPN+

  1. The ESPN+ gives excellent performance on PCs and mobiles both.
  2. This service is cheaper than other sports services available in the market.
  3. It supports the five streams simultaneously.

Drawbacks of ESPN+

  1. It doesn’t include lead ship of ESPN shows like, First Take, NFL live, Pardon the Interruption, Around the Horn, Sport nation, Outside the lines and Sportcentre.
  2. Except Monday Night Football Streaming and a live NBA coverage, you can watch anything on ESPN+.


It has 3.5 Stars out of 5.

You can subscribe ESPN+ from official subscription link given below.

Last Words

In today’s busy schedule Streaming services helps us to view our favorite movies and shows anytime anywhere that may help you to be updated about your favorite stuff.

There are lots of movie streaming sites available in the market but to choose the best streaming services from them is a difficult task for anyone.

The above list will help you to select the streaming services that are suitable for your requirements.

Well as always, don’t; forget to share your thoughts on this article and about streaming services mentioned in this list. If you know any other good services available update us with that. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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Free Google Play Codes : Top 10 Ways To Get Google Play Gift Cards Legally

free google play codes

If you are an Android user, then there is no sense of explaining to you about google play codes. But being an exclusive android user also if you haven’t come across with the requirement of any paid app then you might have some questions remaining in your mind about the purchasing capacity of the google play credits.

The Google Play Store is the house of millions of Android apps that are free to use. But also millions of apps are currently developed which has a free as well as a paid version. You will surely not be satisfied with the free version and wish to get the paid ones. There come the free google play codes handy.

So, what can you buy with google play redeem codes?

The android market brings a plethora of objects in your fist that was hard to get previously. All the paid apps, books films, music, newsstand apps, and games are a few of the items that can be purchased from the Google environment through this google currency credit.

The credit never gets expired as it is attached with your google account. You can use them for in-game currency in the most natural way.

You can purchase the google play redeem codes from google store itself spending your real money. But if we say that there are other means through which you can get these gift cards without spending a coin, you might get surprised and start searching the internet and invite confusion about the legitimacy of the methods.

Abstain from such searches and read this article. We are giving you the information that is absolutely legal and free to get the google play credits.

List of 10 Legit Ways To Get Free Google Play Codes & Gift Cards

Method #1: Give Zone

First giveaway site that is issuing hundreds of free google play codes is Give Zone. You can register into it and increase your chances by doing some work to win a google play gift card. To stay updated about the offers and draw, you can follow the site in social media.

You get the latest news of lucky giveaways daily from their page and can be the luckiest person to win the gift card.

Method #2: Cash Crate

A long-lasting app which is giving away rewards for performing specific tasks is Cash Crate. With its Android app you can earn direct cash which you can redeem through gift cards. Taking surveys, completing offers or playing games are some of the works that you have to do to get points.

So what are you waiting for? Download and get the free google play codes from Cash Crate.

Method #3: Junowallet

Junowallet is a favorite app among the Android users which features different sponsored apps and games to download. Once you perform such tasks, you can get rewards which you can use to get a free google play card.

The app features win mystery box for a short time. You get some additional benefit in referring the app to friends or in social media.

Method #4: AppNana

AppNana is another successful app for 400 points per day to log in. It’s a pretty straightforward application that allows you to gain nanas(points) only to download other apps and games. Nanas can even be earned to play your favorite games like Temple Run or to download the Twitter app.

You can also use the Nana award points in Google Play and get free google play credit. Another alternative to reimbursing your point is to use the AppNana Store’s gift cards for paid apps.

Method #5: Google Opinion Rewards

Generally, Google doesn’t require much of its spending on promotions. However, there is a method from google survey team to earn free google play card. Per survey you finish, you will immediately receive the credits up to $1.

As Google cultivates the surveys with third parties, most of them will differ from other GPT websites. Google Opinion Rewards apps for Android can be downloaded from Google Play and from the iOS app store.

Method #6: FreeMyApps

FreeMyApps is the most widely recognized app for downloading sponsored applications and games. FreeMyApps allows free google play codes to be obtained by discovering new apps on mobile devices.

You can earn points each time some of your followers installs their first app and became a partner and promoting more users to join FreeMyApps. By attracting friends towards the app and participating in social media contests, you can make more points.

Now, the unique characteristic that highlights the app is you can also find award points in FreeMyApps for watching YouTube videos.

Method #7: InstaGC

InstaGC is a fantastic site that provides straightforward jobs to earn free google play codes. Watching videos, attending surveys, shopping online or searching the web are the jobs you have to do to earn points.

Although similar to other sites the significant difference that you will find in instaGC is its instant response and easy to find jobs. The conversion ratio of the site is 10$ equivalent to 1000 points. You can redeem 10$, 15$ and 25$ cards.

If you want to use your gift card for google play music, you can do it directly via music cards available in this site.

Method #8: Ibotta

Ibotta is another app that delivers you cash back when shopping in nearby shops for food. After registering with the free app, you can browse the available offers.

There may be a few tasks to perform, and further proposals are received. Go to the shopping area and buy and pay for your required items.

The way to spend your cash back for a free Google play gift card is the manual receipt submission.

Method #9: Achievements

Achievements is another site that provides gift points for performing work on their website. There is some affiliate app available in the site.

On installation of these trusted apps, you get some points. There is research work associated with the website. If you take part in providing data or feedback for these research work you get points.

The site does not provide you with google play gift card, but you get it redeemed via PayPal or cash back which can be further used to get free google play codes.


We conclude our article here with the available legitimate solutions to obtain free google play codes. You might find similar articles on the internet stating many more options to get the codes for free.

We declare that we have visited 20 related sites and individually tested their solutions. Majority of the solutions we found are outdated. There might have been apps or websites providing Google Play codes at any particular time.

But when we tested them, we found those offers expired. Another type of sites found who recommend Google play sites that give you a discounted price. You will find a separate article about those sites, but here we have assured you to provide legit way without spending money.

As we state these sites are currently the way to get the google play code, but we cannot assure about their continuity. Grab them at the earliest time and vote cheers in our comment box.

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Free iTunes Gift Card : Top 3 Best Legit Methods To Earn Free iTunes Codes In 2019

free itunes gift card

When you are an apple user, you must know the importance of a free iTunes gift card. Any purchase from the iTunes store can be made through the iTunes gift card. Whether it is a song from iTunes music or a paid app from iTunes App Store you can redeem the iTunes codes and get these items.

However, you have to loosen up your wallet to get these codes from the Apple website. It would have been great if these codes could be found free online through some means.

Yes, you have heard your friends discussing some online store to get free iTunes gift card. But you might not be sure about it. Therefore you further dig into the subject a lot but found no comprehensive article that can solve your issue. Don’t worry we assure you that your search will end up in this article.

We take the burden to do all the research on your behalf and present you with the best possible way to get free iTunes codes through which you can enjoy in your iDevice.

Top 3 Legit Methods To Get Free iTunes Gift Card Codes In 2019

Method #1 Online Reward Sites

Genuinely speaking, getting an iTunes card is only possible if you purchase it from some store. But there are some means to earn free iTunes gift card codes for which you do not have to spend any hard cash. Be assured this is an entirely legit way.

Now as we said, you might not have to spend money behind it, but you have to perform some tasks according to those online sites. These sites are called online reward site, and the process it works is named get paid to or GPT. You must be worrying about which reward site you will visit to get iTunes codes free. To get the answer, continue to read the next section.

Here are the Top online reward sites to earn iTunes card for free:

1. Swagbucks

The famous in most site that works in the principle of getting paid to is Swagbucks. With unlimited options of earning swag rewards, the site gives various gift cards among which iTunes gift card is present. The working principle of swag Buck is the same as others, but this site is not dependent on surveys only which the other sites are.

Swagbucks give various other options to gain points. It has also referred benefit point’s which is a significant point earner. The different ways are through online shopping from certain stores. Swag bucks even provide points on purchase from Apple Store.

2. Grab points

Another alternative site that gives you free iTunes gift card is Grabpoints. Similarly, you can find different tasks on the website to complete. As you go on completing jobs, you count on earning points. Starting from the registration in the site you start receiving works to do.

Watching videos, taking part in surveys, doing the online task or downloading apps are a few of them what you do through this site. You can directly get iTunes gift card which you can redeem or gift to other friends.

3. ebonus gg is another site that provides you with a free iTunes gift card but in a different way. As you enter the site, you will find that there is location wise iTunes card displayed of varying value. Once you want to claim it redirects to specific websites for performing some job. Nonetheless, you can finally grab an iTunes gift card doing the job.

4. Prize Rebel

Prize revel is another similar site like prize points which gives you the opportunity through the same process. In this site also you will find surveys, watching advertisements or streaming sites as a part of the task. Once you complete them, you are rewarded with points which are redeemable in the form if iTunes card. Prize rebel is graded among the best survey sites which means you can get unlimited surveys to earn points.

The site works in a collaborative method as well and you get significant points as referring bonus. Prizerebel has iTunes codes starting from 5$. So once you earn points equivalent to 5$, you can redeem them and directly attach with your iTunes account. That’s how to get free iTunes codes for free.

5. Points Prizes

PointsPrizes is one of the best websites through which you can earn iTunes codes free. As the name says, you get rewarded with points for completing various tasks in this site. The works include performing the survey, watching video advertisements or signing up for different newsletters of companies.

Apart from that, there are daily bonuses for completing daily tasks. If you are from USA or UK, you need not worry about earning points. People logged in from these places are flooded with surveys. However, if you are from another location, still you can make through a daily task or video watching.

Points are added to your account once your tasks are complete. As you collect enough points to redeem you can convert the points to get a free iTunes code that is usable to the iTunes Store. For a 20$ code, you have to earn 3000 points. PointsPrizes promote legit companies, meaning you need not worry regarding any hush business.

Important Note:

So these are the top five sites that allow you to earn iTunes gift card by earning points. The process is entirely legal and genuine. However, there is a practical suggestion to avail the process. Create a separate email account and register in these sites through it.

The reason is once you log in these kinds of reward sites you will be flooded with emails newsletter and other promotional items. So it is better to keep them separate from your primary email id.

Method #2 Earn through Social Media

One reliable way to begin the journey is to follow gift card companies in social media. Nevertheless, you will need to know which one of these places offer easy points or gift cards in return for a subscription just by following their official page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

These companies also arrange competitions on their social media, and you may be rewarded with free iTunes gift card codes for re-tweeting or liking posts. Next, you can follow Twitter and Facebook deal hunters. These groups track many of the continuing deals and send their followers in closed community groups through their social media platform.

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Method #3 Earning cash back from apps

Many apps provide you cash back in terms of money or reward points after making purchases through them. You can use such cashback or points to get a free iTunes gift card. Following are a few examples:



Ibotta is a mobile app that provides you with cash back when shopping foods in your nearby stores. You will be credited in 48 hours to your account. You can browse the available offers after registering on the free app. A few tasks can be taken, and more offers can be received.

Go to the shopping section, buy your necessary items and pay. Manual receipt submission is the way you can redeem the cash back for a free iTunes gift card.



You get a $10 credit when you log into Ebates, which can be used to buy an iTunes gift card. Also, online cash back offers are available in Ebates consistently for brands of all kinds. You receive $25 on your account when referring to a friend.

Ebates also reveals continuous deals, convenient to your area. You can get a gift card with these credits.


Folks here comes to an end of our article. Now you have gathered enough information about the points as mentioned above which are tried and tested way to earn a free iTunes gift card without spending money.

All the sites mentioned in reward points are offering to gain iTunes cards at current times. Don’t blame us if you miss grabbing the opportunity.

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