8 Best Free Password Manager Softwares in 2019

Are you keeping same passwords everywhere? Or being afraid about forgetting the password which you can’t remember? Then, to solve this situation there are plenty of Free Password Manager Softwares/Apps available for PC, MAC and also for your mobile devices.

In today’s world, security is one of the biggest factors. When it comes to online sources, then everyone is considering the way of password protection.

The main motive behind the use of a password is keeping it safe from others. Sometimes, due to the availability of numerous sources and platforms, individuals are facing lots of issues. They are not able to remember the password, and here Best Free Password Manager Software can become useful.

Password Manager Software – An introduction

Password managers are are really handy tools when it comes to managing them on all of your devices. In today’s era everyone has a online presence over social media, forums, subscription websites, Email accounts, which needs logins, And its very risky situation if you keep same logins for all of them, If someone gets access to your login data. Then he can easily use the same data to login to your other accounts. That is why one should keep different sets of logins for his all the different accounts. And that is when password manager softwares become very helpful to you.

Most of these kind of apps comes with following features. which are very useful.

  • They can Create a strong password and also remember them.
  • Keeping the passwords secure
  • Managing different passwords for different platforms

For the protection of these passwords and essential details, there is a specific master password is applicable. With its services, you need to keep one password in mind. The master password is protecting a specific virtual vault. The vault is available with all essential details related to the following factors.

  • Membership cards
  • Software license
  • Email account
  • Bank details
  • Passport

All these things are becoming useful in several ways. When you are going to log in on these accounts on the device, then you can avail the service of auto fill features. For such a task, you do not need to enter the password separately.

You are required to enter the master password only. Now you have the basic understanding of what passwords manager software are and what they can do. Now lets have a look on them here below.

Top 8 Best Free Password Manager Softwares

When it comes to the search of Free Password Manager Software, then you can get numerous service providers. Due to that many users can get confused hence we have created this list.

Following are some major suggestions related to these types of sources.

1. Enpass Password Manager


The enpass password manager is providing services to users by paying attention to lots of factors. On their website enpass claims to have cryptographic ally ciphered sql which can encrypt your passwords with highest level.

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Their offline data fuction is ease as all the data can be kept locally on your devices. According to them no data is stored on their servers even if you use it as online password manager. Enpass uses 256 bit AES encryption and supports multi platform usage of their software.

Features of Enpass Password Manager

You are able to avail following benefits when using this password manager app.

  • Data import and export for various devices
  • Web form auto filling done automatically.
  • Family support, Share your passwords with your family members using cloud.
  • Strongest Password Generator
  • Easy Backups
  • Fingerprint Support

With all these things, you can find lots of other features of the service provider. When you are going to access its services, then the selection of the device is highly affecting the level of services.

2. Symantec Norton Identity Safe


Symantec Norton identity safe is good password managing software. It is providing services with all required features and qualities of good password manager software. With it, you can access its services without spending any money. The services are completely free of cost.

With all these things, the source is providing services of password generating tool. These services are becoming highly beneficial in generating a strong password with numerous suggestions. Another important factor related to these services is that the users are able to import/export the data from other manager applications.

Top features of symantec norton identity safe

  • Dashboard which provides insights about current passwords if they are safe or weak.
  • Vulnerable passwords automatically get a upgrade to strong passwords.
  • One click sync function can be used to easily sync passwords between two different devices.
  • Never fill the form again manually.

3. LogMeOnce


Logmeonce is another great software developer in this field, They are known for their latest innovations and software updates, They claim to have superior skills and quality with them to create a perfect software which can be used to manage peoples passwords. They claim to have a password less photo login feature which no one has currently in the market.

Features of LogMeOnce Password Manager

  • Digital Wallet with Photo Login Feature.
  • Biometrics support
  • Secure password sharing
  • Cross-device sync
  • Password strength report
  • Two-factor authentication options

All these features are becoming useful in setting up good password protection and avoiding lots of negative factors. The report feature can help you in getting that your password is strong or weak. In case your password is appearing weak then it can be detected by anyone. Try to create some strong ones.

4. TrueKey

true key

If you are finding one of the Best Free Password Manager App, then TrueKey is part of that particular result list. The software is working on various factors when it comes to access its services. Mainly the way of signing in the account is playing an important role. For such a task, you have various options such as –

Features of TrueKey

  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Two-step verification
  • Facial recognition
  • Windows hello

With these features, you are able to set up a good protection channel.

5. Dashlane


Dashlane is providing numerous beneficial services as password manager software for free. The users need to keep one thing in mind that they are able to access its services on a single device. In case anyone wants to access software on multiple devices then he/she needs to access premium services.

With it, there is a specific digital wallet available in the software. The wallet is considered for keeping details related to lots of things such as – debit cards, credit cards, and some other payment-related information. The complete information is fully secured here.

Special Features of Dashlane

  • Autofill and Easy Password Management
  • Secure Documents and Notes
  • DarkWeb Monitoring for Leaked Passwords
  • Easy sync of passwords in family and friends.

6. Roboform


The users of MacOS, Windows, Android, and iOS are able to consider the way of Roboform. It offers different types of services to the users. The users never face any kind of restrictions when it comes to access its services.

They can easily store numerous passwords. In case you are interested in some additional benefits such as – cloud sync then you should consider premium services.

Features of Roboform as below

  • Fast and easy one click logins
  • Passwords get automatically captured and saved while user is browsing.
  • Multiple platform support including, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
  • Organized passwords, Easy to access and mange folders.

7. Sticky Password


Sticky Password is another great option if you are looking to manage your passwords by softwares. This tool is developed by Lamantine Software and they provide great support on their website. They also have discussion forum where users can ask questions and get them resolved by team members of this software company.

Known features of Sticky Password As Below

  • Keeps your credit card data safe and ready for checkout without filling them online at any point of time.
  • Military grade security for all passwords and vault.
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Supports all kind of devices with 16 types of browsers.

The option of premium services can be useful for individuals those want to avail the following services.

  • Cross-device sync
  • Priority support
  • Cloud backup

8. KeePass


Keepass is an awesome password manager it has many features to offer. Mainly the source is offering services for the desktop, Linux and MacOS users. By choosing it, you are able to avail all basic features and services for free.

Top features of KeePass

  • Completely Free for Everyone
  • OpenSource and LightWeight Coding.
  • Installation is not required can be used at portable.
  • Easy Exports and Imports available.

9. LastPass


Lastpass is one of the most popular and widely used software to keep your passwords safe. According to the 81% of security breaches causes due to unsafe passwords. So keeping them strong should be one of the top priority for everyone. They have more than 13.5 Million Active users currently and increasing.

Best features of LastPass

  • Three plans available according to your requirement, Free , Premium And Families.
  • One to One Sharing without sharing real passwords.
  • 1 GB Enctrypted file storage for premium users.
  • Multi factor authentication

Facts You Should Know About Password Managers

Free Password Manager Software can help you in managing and keeping all passwords secure. With it, you should try to create some strong passwords that cannot be estimated by anyone. Mainly the individuals are choosing common things when it comes to create passwords such as –

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Contact details
  • Any kind of combination of these

These types of passwords can be detected with ease. If you want to set up a strong password, then you should be focused on the following things.

  • Alphabets with upper and lower case
  • Addition of numbers
  • Specific symbols

If you are creating a password with the combination of these elements, then you can avail lots of benefits.

Free Vs Premium Password Manager Difference

When it comes to avail these types of services, then the interested ones have two types of options such as – free & premium. According to the experts, it does not matter what kind of password manager software you are using.

The password protection service of both free and premium sources is completely similar. Those who need additional features can opt in for premium versions of these softwares.

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